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His Majesty's Government in Australia.

His Majesty's Government in India.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

The French Government.

The Italian Government.

British Association for the Advancement of Science.

British Astronomical Association.

British Horological Institute.

British Weights and Measures Association.

Chemical Society.

Geological Society of London.

Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Meteorological Office.

National Physical Laboratory.

Physical Society of London.

Royal Geographical Society.

Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Royal Meteorological Society.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

Royal Society of London.

Royal United Service Institution.

Society of Arts.

Solar Physics Observatory.

University College, London.

Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society.

Birmingham and Midland Institute Scientific Society.

Birmingham Natural History and Philosophical Society.

Cambridge Observatory.

Cambridge Philosophical Society.

Cardiff, Astronomical Society of Wales.

Chatham, Royal Engineers' Institute.

Dublin, Royal Irish Academy.

Dublin, Royal Society.

Edinburgh, Royal Observatory.

Edinburgh, Royal Society.

Lancaster, Astronomical and Scientific Association.

Leeds Astronomical Society.

Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society.

Liverpool Astronomical Society.

Liverpool Literary and Philosophical Society.

Liverpool Observatory.

Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.
Manchester, Municipal School of Technology.

Oxford, University Observatory.

Rugby School Natural History Society.
Stonyhurst College Observatory.
Southport, Fernley Observatory.

Truro, Royal Institution of Cornwall.
Abbadia Observatory.

Adelaide, Government Observatory.

Algiers Observatory.

Allegheny Observatory.

Amsterdam, Royal Academy of Sciences.

Antwerp Astronomical Society.

Arcetri, Royal Observatory.

Basel University.

Basel, Society of Naturalists.

Batavia, Royal Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory. Batavia, Royal Society of Sciences.

Berlin, German Physical Society.

Berlin, Institute of Computation of the Royal Observatory.

Berlin, Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences.

Berne University.

Besançon, National Observatory.

Bologna Observatory.

Bologna, Royal Academy of Sciences.

Bombay Brauch of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Bombay, Government Observatory.

Bordeaux Observatory.

Bordeaux, Society of Physical and Natural Sciences.

Boston, American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Brazil, Sociedade Scientifica de São Paulo.

Brussels, Belgian Astronomical Society.

Brussels, Royal Academy of Sciences of Belgium.
Buda-Pesth, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Buda-Pesth, Royal Hungarian Institute for Meteorology
and Terrestrial Magnetism.

Calcutta, Asiatic Society of Bengal.

Canada, Geological Survey.

Canada, Royal Society.

Cape of Good Hope, Royal Observatory.

Cape Town, South African Philosophical Society.

Catania, Italian Spectroscopic Society.

Catania, Royal Observatory.

Cherbourg, National Society of Sciences.

Colorado College Observatory.

Copenhagen, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences.

Cracow, Academy of Sciences.

Dijon, Academy of Sciences.

Egypt, Survey Department.

Geneva Observatory.

Geneva, Society of Physics and Natural History. Göttingen, Royal Observatory.

Göttingen, Royal Society of Sciences.

Granada Observatory.

Groningen, Astronomical Laboratory.
Halle, Imperial Lepold-Caroline Academy.
Hamburg Observatory.

Harvard College Astronomical Observatory.
Heidelberg, Astrophysical Observatory.
Heidelberg, Astronometrisches Institut.
Helsingfors, Central Meteorological Institute.
Helsingfors, Finnish Society of Sciences.
India, Survey Department.

International Bureau of Weights and Measures.
Italian Geodetic Commission.

Kasan, Imperial University.
Kasan, University Observatory.
Kodaikanal Observatory.

Von Kuffner Observatory.

La Plata Observatory.

Leiden Observatory.

Leipzig, Astronomical Society.

Leipzig, Prince Jablonowski Society.

Leipzig, Royal Society of Sciences of Saxony.

Lick Observatory.

Lisbon, Geographical Society.

Lowell Observatory.

Lund, Astronomical Observatory.

Madrid Observatory.

Madrid, Royal Academy of Sciences.

Manila, Philippine Weather Bureau.

Mauritius, Royal Alfred Observatory.

Melbourne Observatory.

Meudon, Physical Observatory.

Mexico, Socieda Cientifica Antonio Alzate.

Milan, Royal Observatory.

Missouri University.

Moncalieri Observatory.

Montpellier, Academy of Sciences.

Moscow, Imperial Society of Naturalists.

Moscow Observatory.

Mount Wilson, Solar Observatory.

Munich, Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Munich, Royal Observatory.

Naples Observatory.

Naples, Royal Academy of Sciences.

Natal Observatory.

Neuchâtel Observatory.

Nova Scotian Institute of Science.

Oporto, Polytechnic Academy.

Ottawa, Dominion Astronomical Observatory.

Ottawa, Literary and Scientific Society.

Paris, Academy of Sciences.

Paris, Astronomical Society of France.

Paris, Astrophotographic Congress.
Paris, Bureau of Longitude.

Paris, Depôt of Marine.

Paris, École Polytechnique.

Paris, Mathematical Society of France.

Paris Observatory.

Paris, Philomathic Society.

Pennsylvania, Lehigh University.

Perth Observatory, Western Australia.
Philadelphia, Americau Philosophical Society.
Philadelphia, Franklin Institute.

Pola, Imperial Hydrographic Office.

Potsdam, Astrophysical Observatory.

Potsdam, Central International Geodetic Bureau.

Potsdam, Royal Prussian Geodetic Institute.

Prague, Imperial Observatory.

Pulkowa Observatory.

Pulkowa, Physical Observatory.

Queensland Geographical Journal.

Rio de Janeiro Observatory.

Rome, Italian Society of Sciences.

Rome, Royal Academy dei Lincei.

St Petersburg, Imperial Academy of Sciences.

San Fernando, Observatory of Marine.

San Francisco, Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Stockholm Observatory.

Stockholm, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Tacubaya National Astronomical Observatory.

Toronto, Royal Astronomical Society.

Toronto University.

Tortosa, Observatory of the Ebro.

Toulouse, Academy of Sciences.

Toulouse, Meteorological Commission.

Toulouse Observatory.

Turin, Italian Astronomical Society.

Turin, Royal Academy of Sciences.

Turin, Royal Observatory.

Uccle, Royal Observatory of Belgium.

United States Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Upsala Observatory.

Upsala, Royal Society of Sciences.

Vienna, Austrian International Geodetic Commission.

Vienna, Imperial Academy of Sciences.

Vienna, Imperial Geodetic Bureau.

Vienna, Imperial Military Geographic Institute.

Wanganui Astronomical Society.

Warsaw, Observatory of the Imperial University.

Washburn Observatory.

Washington, Bureau of Standards.

Washington, Carnegie Institution.

Washington, Navy Department.

Washington, Philosophical Society.

Washington, Smithsonian Institution.

Washington, United States Naval Observatory.

West Point, U.S. Military Academy.

Yerkes Observatory.

Zi-Ka-Wei Astronomical Observatory.

Zürich, Central Meteorological Institute of Switzerland. Zürich, Geodetic Commission of Switzerland.

Zürich, Natural History Society.

Editors of the "American Journal of Mathematics."

Editors of the "American Journal of Science."

Editor of the "Astronomical Journal."

Editor of the "Astronomische Nachrichten."

Editor of the "Astronomisches Jahresbericht."

Editors of the "Astrophysical Journal."

Editor of the "Athenæum.".

Editors of the "Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques."

Editor of the "English Mechanic."

Editor of "Himmel und Erde."

Editor of "Indian Engineering."

Editor of "Nature."

Editor of "Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau."

Editors of "The Observatory."

Editors of "Popular Astronomy."

Editor of "Sirius."

Dr. L. de Ball.

Prof. E. E. Barnard.

Francis Bashforth, Esq.

Count de la Baume Pluvinel.

F. E. Baxandall, Esq.

Sr. Bentabol y Ureta.

F. A. Black, Esq.

Dr. Karl Bohlin.

M. Bosson.

Prof. M. Brendel.
Herr Leo Brenner.

Messrs James Brown & Son.

W. W. Bryant, Esq.
S. W. Burnham, Esq.
Prof. C. V. L. Charlier.
Padre R. Cirera.

J. C. Clancey, Esq.

Hugh Clements, Esq.
T. Colby, Esq.

Sir G. H. Darwin.
M. Henri Deslandres.
P. E. Dowson, Esq.
Herr A. Drescher.
Prof. N. C. Dunér.
Herr S. Enebo.
Herr Erik Fagerholm.
M. Maurice Farman.
A. T. Flagg, Esq.
M. Camille Flammarion.
Herr J. J. Fric.
Prof. R. Gautier.
H. B. Goodwin, Esq.
M. L. J. Gruey.
D. E. Hadden, Esq.
Prof. G. E. Hale.
Prof. Asaph Hall.
Maxwell Hall, Esq.
Rev. R. Harley.

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