The panorama of wit. Exhibiting the choicest epigrams in the English language

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J. Sharpe, 1809 - 357 pages


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Page 176 - Justice pass'd along. Before her each with clamour pleads the laws, Explain'd the matter, and would win the cause. Dame Justice weighing long the doubtful right, Takes, opens, swallows it, before their sight. The cause of strife removed so rarely well, There take (says Justice), take ye each a shell.
Page 24 - Then ventur'd to give him some sober advice — But Tom is a person of honour so nice, Too wise to take counsel, too proud to take warning, That he sent to all three a challenge next morning : Three duels he fought, thrice ventur'd his life ; Went home, and was cudgell'd again by his wife.
Page 242 - The grave Sir Gilbert holds it for a rule, That " every man in want is knave or fool : God cannot love (says Blunt, with tearless eyes) , The wretch he starves " — and piously denies : But the good Bishop, with a meeker air, 105 Admits, and leaves them, Providence's care.
Page 68 - FALSE though She be to me and Love; I'll ne'er pursue revenge! For still the Charmer I approve; Though I deplore her change! In hours of bliss, we oft have met; They could not always last! And though the present I regret; I'm grateful for the past!
Page 125 - In vain, poor sable son of woe, Thou seek'st the tender tear ; From thee in vain with pangs they flow, For mercy dwells not here. From cannibals thou fled'st in vain ; Lawyers less quarter give ; The first won't eat you till you're slain, The last will do't alive.
Page 164 - So when a child, as playful children use, Has burnt to tinder a stale last year's news, The flame extinct, he views the roving fire, There goes my lady, and there goes the 'squire ; There goes the parson, oh ! illustrious spark, And there, scarce less illustrious, goes the clerk.
Page 22 - Tis all a trick, these are all shams, By which they mean to cheat you ; But have a care, for you're the lambs, And they the wolves that eat you. Nor let the thought of no delay, To these their courts misguide you ; Tis you're the showy horse, and they The jockeys that will ride you.
Page 51 - I'll tell the signs by which you may The wandering shepherdess discover. " Coquet and coy at once her air, Both studied, though both seem neglected; Careless she is with artful care, Affecting to seem unaffected. " With skill her eyes dart every glance, Yet change so soon you'd ne'er suspect them ; For she'd persuade they wound by chance.
Page 325 - These times, though many a friend bewail, These times bewail not I. " But when the world's loud praise is thine, And spleen no more shall blame ; When with thy Homer thou...
Page 10 - A plague on Egypt's arts, I say ! Embalm the dead ! on senseless clay Rich wines and spices waste ! Like sturgeon, or like brawn, shall I Bound in a precious pickle lie, Which I can never taste ? Let me embalm this flesh of mine With turtle fat and Bourdeaux wine, And spoil th' Egyptian trade ! Than Humphrey's Duke, more happy I Embalm'd alive, old Quin shall die A mummy ready made 586.

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