Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Volume 23

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Page 402 - Crown 8vo. gr. 6d. GRAVITATION: an Elementary Explanation of the Principal Perturbations in the Solar System.
Page 386 - The Ordinary Meetings shall be held on the first and third Mondays of each month from November to March, and from May to July, inclusive ; with the exception that when there are five Mondays in January, the Meetings for that month shall be held on its second and fourth Mondays.
Page 414 - ... We had keen differences (much more frequent agreements) on every conceivable subject, — quaternions, energy, the daily news, politics, quicquid agunt homines, etc., etc. We never agreed to differ, always fought it out. But it was almost as great a pleasure to fight with Tait as to agree with him. His death is a loss to me which cannot, as long as I live, be replaced. The cheerful brightness which I found on our first acquaintance forty-one years ago remained fresh during all these years, till...
Page 413 - Challenger' thermometers which gave way at the bottom of the sea, but they also give a hint explanatory of the very remarkable effects of dynamite and other explosives when fired in the open air. (It is easy to see that, ceteris paribus, the effects of this impulsive pressure will be greater in a large apparatus than in a small one...
Page 402 - Mathematical Tracts on the Lunar and Planetary Theories. The Figure of the Earth, Precession and Nutation, the Calculus of Variations, and the Undulatory Theory of Optics.
Page 168 - NX23.e = (2,0)^+02,1)?*! + * + . . . . where (0,0)= -(1,0) and generally (o,/J) + (/3,a) = 0. This form of his own he frankly characterises as "elegant and completely symmetrical"; but the same description would apply equally appropriately to the solution which he gives. Unfortunately, the method by which the latter was obtained is not indicated, and we can only hazard a guess in regard to it. The balance of probability would seem to be in favour of the method of devising a set of multipliers which,...
Page 200 - ... (7). § 5. As a first and very simple illustration, suppose the atom to be spherical, of radius unity, with concentric interior spherical surfaces of equal density. This gives, for the direction of the resultant force on any particle of the ether, whether inside or outside the spherical boundary of the atom, a line through the centre of the atom.
Page 142 - A larger proportion of subnormal cases occurred in this group, fully 41 per cent., giving a proportion of sugar lower than the normal average. In one case of cerebral tumour, the saliva, though copious in amount, contained practically no converting ferment ; whereas in a case of locomotor ataxia, though the secretion was equally copious, the salivary enzyme produced the large amount of 0 '111 gramme.
Page 400 - Lectures on Phrenology; with Notes, an Essay on the Phrenological Mode of Investigation, and an Historical Sketch, by A.
Page 134 - ... 148 (7) Both the general identity, however, and the special cases acquire new significance if we make use of a recently discovered theorem regarding Pfaffians in order to alter the form of the righthand side of the identity. This theorem, in so far as it concerns the present subject, may be described as giving an expansion of a special Pfaffian in the form of a series of terms, each of which is the product of a determinant and an element of the Pfaffian, the specialty of the Pfaffian being that...

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