The Liverpool and Manchester Medical and Surgical Reports, Volume 5

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Page 170 - We are still only on the threshold of the inquiry, and it may be questioned whether the time has even yet arrived for an attempt to explain the mechanism of the brain and its functions. To thoughtful minds the time may seem as far off as ever...
Page 30 - Where is the particular importance in just telling us that once, twice, or even oftener, this disease has yielded to that remedy? We are overwhelmed as it is, with an infinite abundance of vaunted medicaments, and here they add a new one.
Page 30 - ... remedies which he employs in the cure of disease. I grant, too, that he may lay up his experiences for use, both in the way of easing his memory and of seizing suggestions. By so doing he may gradually increase in medical skill, so that eventually, by a long continuance and a frequent repetition of his experiments, he may lay down and prescribe for himself a METHODUS MEDENDI, from which, in the cure of this or that disease, he need not deviate a single straw's breadth.
Page 165 - I will say that in my judgm'. they are good, so far as they go; but they do not go far enough if intended as a basis of a political organization separate from existing parties.
Page 54 - ... pulse as before, had vomited once this evening ; repeated half grain of morphia. On the fourth day, at 9 pm, injected half grain of morphia; symptoms present during this day, pulse no change, no vomit, tongue furred, slight tenderness and distension, less than had hitherto existed, temperature 102°. In the afternoon he passed suddenly a very copious liquid stool. No food was allowed until the fourth day; a little arrowroot and water and beef tea was allowed this day in response to the patient's...
Page 168 - ... The cases, therefore, which I shall adduce further — of lesions of different parts of one hemisphere causing paralysis of motion on the corresponding side of the body instead of the opposite — will not be disposed of (to suit his theory) by Dr. Ferrier, on the ground that they are exceptional, "just as there are exceptions to the rule that the heart is situated to the left and the liver to the right.
Page 24 - castor oil was administered, and repeated with some croton oil, until very large evacuations were produced. These were followed by great improvement in all the symptoms. Mild aperients and the antiphlogistic regimen were the only means required during the process of cure, which was complete in the fourth week after the operation.
Page 24 - During this process, the ends of the intestine were held by assistants. The angular incision in the mesentery was first united by ligature ; and then the extremities of the divided intestine, by means of separate threads, so inserted as to bring the peritoneal coats alone into connection.
Page 195 - Banks, what the results would be if all cancers were thoroughly excised when they were no bigger than peas, or, as I would prefer to say, when the disease is in its very early stage.
Page 145 - ... structure after death. It is by no means improbable, therefore, as paralysis may be induced without leaving any traces, that, in those few cases where the palsy and the lesion in the brain were in the same side, it was really caused by undetected changes in the opposite hemisphere of the brain; and, as is sometimes the case, that the disease found in the hemisphere of the paralysed side had not occasioned the loss of motion.

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