Animal Intelligence

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Appleton, 1890 - 520 pages


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Page 171 - Maclaurin, by a fluxionary calculation, which is to be found in the Transactions of the Royal Society of London. He has determined precisely the angle required ; and he found, by the most exact mensuration the subject could admit, that it is the very angle in which the three planes in the bottom of the cell of a honeycomb do actually meet.
Page 359 - ... knee. He was ill three days, during which time I nursed him ; kept him apart from his fellows, that they might not molest him (for, like many other wild animals, they persecute one of their own species that is sick) and, by constant care, and trying him with a variety of herbs, restored him to perfect health. No creature...
Page 302 - ... its load with a jerk, and quite disengaged it from the nest. It remained in this situation a short time, feeling about with the extremities of its wings as if to be convinced whether the business was properly executed, and then dropped into the nest again.
Page 360 - ... repast. I had not long habituated him to this taste of liberty, before he began to be impatient for the return of the time when he might enjoy it. He would invite me to the garden by drumming upon my knee, and by a look of such expression as it was not possible to mis* interpret.
Page 27 - These animals appear also susceptible of some degree of permanent attachment: an accurate observer, Mr. Lonsdale, informs me that he placed a pair of land-snails (Helix pomatia), one of which was weakly, into a small and ill-provided garden. After a short time the strong and healthy individual disappeared, and was traced by its track of slime over a wall into an adjoining well-stocked garden. Mr. Lonsdale concluded that it had deserted its sickly mate; but after an absence of twenty-four hours it...
Page ii - HEILFBIN. $2.00. 58. WEATHER. A Popular Exposition of the Nature of Weather Changes from Day to Day. With Diagrams.

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