The Theory of Environment: An Outline of the History of the Idea of Milieu, and Its Present Status. Pt. I, Part 1

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George Banta Publishing Company, 1918 - 104 pages

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Page 45 - Sans une base géographique, le peuple, l'acteur historique, semble marcher en l'air comme dans les peintures chinoises où le sol manque. Et notez que ce sol n'est pas seulement le théâtre de l'action. Par la nourriture, le climat, etc..., il y influe de cent manières. Tel le nid, tel l'oiseau. Telle la patrie, tel l'homme.
Page 47 - With Additions by Professors AGASSIZ, PIERCE, and GRAY; 12 Maps and Engravings on Steel, some Coloured, and copious Index.
Page 63 - ECONOMIC Geography may be defined as the study of the influence exerted upon the economic activities of man by his physical environment, and more especially by the form and structure of the surface of the land, the climatic conditions which prevail upon it, and the place relations in which its different regions stand to one another.
Page 20 - Bodin's serious, sustained, and elaborate attempt to apply it over a wide area and to a vast number of cases. Dividing nations into northern, middle, and southern, he investigates with wonderful fulness of knowledge how climatic and geographical conditions have affected the bodily strength, the courage, the intelligence, the humanity, the chastity, and, in short, the mind, morals, and manners of their inhabitants ; what influence mountains, winds, diversities of soil, &c., have exerted on individuals...
Page 103 - To-day a certain peculiar type of climate prevails wherever civilization is high. In the past the same type seems to have prevailed wherever a great civilization arose. Therefore, such a climate seems to be a necessary condition of great progress.
Page 90 - Even the school children were frequently provided with dangerous weapons. In studying the distribution of simple and aggravated homicides in Europe, we find the highest figures in Italy and the other southern countries, and the lowest in the more northerly regions, England, Denmark, Germany. The same can be said of political uprisings in all Europe.* We see, in fact, that the number of crimes increases as we go from north to south, and in the same measure as the heat increases.
Page 31 - Es würde das allgemeine Naturbild, das ich zu entwerfen strebe, unvollständig bleiben, wenn ich hier nicht auch den Mut hätte, das Menschengeschlecht in seinen physischen Abstufungen, in der geographischen Verbreitung seiner gleichzeitig vorhandenen Typen, in dem Einfluß, welchen es von den Kräften der Erde empfangen und wechselseitig, wenngleich schwächer, auf sie ausgeübt hat, mit wenigen Zügen zu schildern.
Page 85 - Weather influences, an empirical study of the mental and physiological effects of definite meteorological conditions.
Page 30 - Denn durch eine höhere Ordnung bestimmt, treten die Völker wie die Menschen zugleich unter dem Einfluß einer Thätigkeit der Natur und der Vernunft hervor aus dem geistigen wie aus dem physischen Elemente in den alles verschlingenden Kreis des Weltlebens.
Page 23 - ... intelligently when studied as what they really are, historical phenomena ; and that, like all things properly historical, they must be estimated not according to an abstract or absolute standard, but as concrete realities related to given times and places, to their determining causes and condition, and to the whole social organism to which they belong, and the whole social medium, in which they subsist. Plato and Aristotle, Machiavelli and Bodin, had already, indeed, inculcated this historical...

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