Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Volume 63

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Taylor & Francis, 1898
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Page 259 - NN liquefaction of air to that of hydrogen is relatively as great in the thermodynamic sense as that from liquid chlorine to liquid air, the fact that the former result has been achieved in one-fourth the time needed to accomplish the latter proves the greatly accelerated race of scientific progress in our time.
Page xv - February, 1821, Mr. Baily was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. He was also a Member of the Linnean and Geological Societies, but I am unable to state the precise date of his election in either. In 1825 he retired from the Stock Exchange, after a career in which his consummate habits of business, his uprightness, intelligence, and prudence, had established his fortune, and might, if continued...
Page 420 - ... surface it instantly curves strongly away from the transpiring surface. In the hygroscope the degree of curvature is read off on a graduated quadrant, and in this way a numerical indication of the condition of the stomata is obtained. The instrument makes no claim to accuracy, but has proved extremely useful when used comparatively to indicate and localise small changes in the transpiration of leaves, and therefore, by implication, changes in the condition of the stomata. By observing under the...
Page 74 - ... the two magnetic curves, it would seem, in the face of such evidence, that the supposition that such agreement is probably only accidental coincidence can scarcely be maintained, and there would appear to be no escape from the conclusion that such close correspondence, both in period and activity, indicates a more or less direct relation between the two phenomena or otherwise the existence of some common cause producing both.
Page 422 - In other cases there is a slow rise up to the highest point, which occurs between n am and 3 pm The hygroscope generally sinks to zero within an hour after sunset. The effect of heat has not been fully studied, but enough has been done to confirm previous observers who find that heat opens the stomata. • As regards the visible spectrum, I find that the red rays are decidedly most efficient, but I am not able to find any evidence of a secondary maximum in the blue, such as Kohl (Bieblatt air Leopoldina,...
Page 260 - Institution, the invaluable aid of Mr Robert Lennox has been at my disposal, and it is not too much to say that, but for his engineering skill, manipulative ability and loyal perseverance, the present successful issue might have been indefinitely delayed.
Page 95 - Maxwell's equation, expressing that the line integral of the electromotive intensity round a closed circuit is equal to the rate of decrease of the magnetic induction through the circuit, needs no modification when the propagation of disturbances through the above medium is considered.
Page 412 - In order to determine as far as possible which lines belong to the argon spectrum, and which to the new gas, both spectra were examined at the same time with the grating, the first order being employed. The lines which were absent, or very feeble, in argon, have been ascribed to the new gas. Owing to their feeble intensity, the measurements of the wave-lengths which follow must not be credited with the same degree of accuracy as the three already given, but the first three digits may be taken as...
Page 423 - ... irritability. Some observers insist on the preponderant influence of the guard; cells, while Leitgeb in the same way exaggerated the importance of epidermic pressure, whereas the two factors should, as far as possible, be considered as parts of a whole and as correlated rather than opposed in action. I have also attempted to show how the stoma, like other parts of the plant, may be supposed to react adaptively to those signals, which we usually call stimuli. The attempt which I have made to rank...
Page 137 - Volta-condenser, becomes positive to another platinum disc which had not been so treated, but had simply been left undisturbed in the apparatus. The positive quality thus produced by the hydrogen diminishes gradually, and becomes insensible after two or three days. PS — On December 24, 1880, one of...

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