The Love of Gain: A Poem. Imitated from the Thirteenth Satire of Juvenal ...

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J. Bell, 1799 - 51 pages
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Page 47 - Canft thou not minifter to a mind difeas'd ; Pluck from the memory a rooted forrow ; Raze out the written troubles of the brain ; And, with fome fweet oblivious antidote, Cleanfe the ftuff'd bofom of that perilous ftuff. Which weighs upon the heart ? DOCT.
Page 43 - ... hideous yell Their prey to seize the Denizens of hell! Headlong they hurl him on some ice-rock's point, Mangle each limb, and dislocate each joint; Or plunge him deep in blue sulphureous lakes; Or lash his quivering flesh with twisted snakes; Or in his brain their burning talons dart; Or from his bosom rend his panting heart To bathe their fiery lips in guilty gore! — Then starts he from his couch, while dews of horror pour Down his dank forehead — wrings his hands, and prays to sleep no...
Page 23 - Who robb'da nation, and who robb'da shop. Rascals alike, by Fortune's wayward sport One goes to Tyburn, t'other goes to Court; And while this rogue is doom'd in air to swing, That for a peerage kneels to thank the King.
Page 10 - Nulla super nubes convivia Cœlicolarum : Née puer Iliacus , formosa née Herculis uxor Ad cyathos , et jam siccato nectare tergens Brachia Vulcanus Liparaea nigra taberna.
Page 48 - Criminibus : tamen ad mores natura recurrit Damnatos , fixa & mutari nefcia. Nam quis Peccandi finem pofuit fibi ? quando recepit Ejeiftuin femel attrita de fronte ruborem ? Quifnam hominum eft , quem tu contentum viderisna...
Page 43 - Now ghaftly phantoms dance before his fight ; And now he fees (and fcreams in frantic fear) To fize gigantic fwell'd thy angry...
Page 42 - No<5te brevem fi forte indulfit cura foporem, Et toto verfata toro jam membra quiefcunt, Continu6 templum, &: violati Numinus aras, Et (quod praecipuis mentcm fudoribus urget) Te videt in fomnis.
Page 4 - Stupet hasc, qui jam poft terga reliquit Sexaginta annos, Fontejo Confule natus ? An nihil in...

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