A Long Vacation Ramble in Norway and Sweden

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Macmillan and Company, 1857 - 222 pages

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Page 8 - MR. NAPIER has had access to many documents unknown to former biographers, and next, because he...
Page 8 - THRUPP.— Antient Jerusalem : a New Investigation into the History, Topography, and Plan of the City, Environs, and Temple. Designed principally to illustrate the records and prophecies of Scripture. With Map and Plans. By JOSEPH FRANCIS THRUPP, MA 8vo. cloth, 15*.
Page 10 - MASSON.— Essays, Biographical and Critical; chiefly on the English PoetS. By DAVID MASSON, MA Professor of English Literature in University College, London.
Page 3 - With an Introduction, explanatory of his position in the Church, with reference to the Parties which divide it. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1 11*.
Page 222 - Mr. Masson has succeeded in producing a series of criticisms in relation to creative literature, which are satisfactory as well as subtile, — which are not only ingenious, but which possess the rarer recommendation of being usually just...
Page 10 - Christ and other Masters. A Historical Inquiry into some of the Chief Parallelisms and Contrasts between Christianity and the Religious Systems of the Ancient World.
Page 4 - We cannot assent to all the positions laid down by this writer, but he is entitled to be spoken respectfully of, both because of his evident earnestness and reality, and the tender mode in which he deals with the opinions of others from whom he feels compelled to differ.
Page 1 - Of the dialectic and physics of Plato they are the only exposition at once full accurate, and popular, with which I am acquainted : being far more accurate than the French, and incomparably more popular than the German treatises on these departments of the Platonic philosophy.
Page 178 - Rise the blue Franconian mountains, Nuremberg, the ancient, stands. Quaint old town of toil and traffic, quaint old town of art and song, Memories haunt thy pointed gables, like the rooks that round them throng: Memories of the Middle Ages, when the emperors, rough and bold, Had their dwelling in thy castle, time-defying, centuries old; And thy brave and thrifty burghers boasted, in their uncouth rhyme, That their great imperial city stretched its hand through every clime.
Page 5 - has striking beauties, and its suggestions may meet half-way many a latent doubt, and, like a light breeze, lift from the soul clouds that are gathering heavily, and threatening to settle down in misty gloom on the summer of many a fair and promising young life.

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