Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 74

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Priestley and Weale, 1914
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Includes lists of additions to the Society's library, usually separately paged.

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Page 234 - ... diameter ; the star is perfectly in the " centre, and the atmosphere is so diluted, faint, " and equal throughout, that there caji be no surmise " of its consisting of stars ; nor can there be a doubt of the evident connection between the atmosphere
Page 338 - Observatory, shows that we must attribute the changes to the sun itself and not to the interposition of matter between the earth and the sun. Thus we may conclude that the sun is variable, having not only a periodicity connected with the periodicity of...
Page 280 - Architects, a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, a Member of the Institution! of Mechanical Engineers, a Member of the Iron and Steel Institute, and a Member of Council of the Institution of Engineer» and Shipbuilders in Scotland.
Page 269 - In 1887 he was bracketed senior wrangler with three others, and in the following year he was placed in the first division of the first class in part ii of the mathematical tripos.
Page 259 - ... the total membership (including 132 libraries) at 579. As the number has now fallen for the fourth year in succession, the Council would remind members that, unless this process is stayed, the activities of the Society must soon be curtailed, and would urge them to co-operate in increasing the roll. The Council desire to record their sense of the great loss which has been sustained by the Society in the death of Mr. JRN Macphail, KC, Sheriff of Stirling, Dumbarton and Clackmannan, which took...
Page 380 - I have found that I generally detected them in certain directions rather than in others ; that the spaces preceding them were generally quite deprived of their stars, so as often to afford many fields without a single star in it ; that the...
Page 156 - Collated List of Lunar Formations named or lettered in the Maps of Neison, Schmidt, and Madler. Compiled and annotated by Mary A.
Page 380 - ... telescope, in expectation of meeting with many nebulae. But how far these circumstances of vacant places preceding and following the nebulous strata, and their being as it were contained in a bed of stars, sparingly scattered between them, may hold good in more distant portions of the heavens, and which I have not yet been able to visit in any regular manner, I ought by no means to hazard a conjecture. The subject is new, and we must attend to observations, and be guided by them, before we form...
Page 385 - Herschel as an element of whatever speculation a closer attention to this subject, and a more perfect classification of nebulous objects, may lead us to indulge in, that the most condensed portion, and what may fairly be regarded as the principal nucleus of the region of Virgo, is situated almost precisely in one pole of the Milky Way.
Page 338 - ... but also an irregular, nonperiodic variation, sometimes running its course in a week or 10 days, at other times in longer periods, and ranging over irregular fluctuations of from 2 to 10 per cent of the total radiation in magnitude.

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