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Page 522 - First Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the best means of preventing the pollution of Rivers (River Thames).
Page 92 - Commission appointed to inquire into the best mode of distributing the Sewage of Towns, and applying it to beneficial and profitable uses, dated March, 1858, August, 1861, and March, 1865.
Page 111 - When cut grass was given alone the result was very unsatisfactory ; but when oilcake was given in addition the amount of increase upon a given weight of animal within a given time, and for a given amount of dry substance of food consumed, was not far short of the average result obtained when oxen are fed under cover on a good mixed diet.
Page 464 - ... the sugar itself. My supposition was completely verified by experiment. On treating some pure indigo-blue with alcohol, to which an alkaline solution of protoxide of tin was added until it dissolved, then adding acetate of soda and digesting at a moderate heat, the indigo-blue after some time ceased to be deposited on exposure to the air, or even agitation ; it had entirely disappeared. The same thing occurred when formiate of soda was employed in the place of acetate. It was evident, therefore,...
Page 525 - Reports on the Extent and Nature of the Materials available for the preparation of a Medical and Surgical History of the Rebellion.
Page 473 - A ...... 5. Regarding the rational formulae or probable internal constitution of these compounds I hardly venture to indulge in any speculations. They might be considered as conjugated compounds — compounds of which organic chemistry affords so many examples; and it might consequently be possible to obtain from them, by decomposition, some of the simpler bodies which are known to have entered into their composition. 1 have, however, been unable to discover any facts in favour of this view. Neither...
Page 98 - Wales, we founded an estimate of the average consumption per head of the population, on the calculation of eighty-six different dietaries, arranged in fifteen divisions, according to sex, age, activity of mode of life, and other circumstances; and the result so obtained was compared with that arrived at on the basis of the population, and of the amounts of the available home produce, and of the net imports of wheat, each year. For Scotland, and for Ireland, it was only possible to found an estimate...
Page 521 - Chemistry, Medicine, Surgery, and the Allied Sciences. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of other Sciences.
Page 106 - That considering the great dilution of town sewage, its constant daily supply at all seasons, its greater amount in wet weather, when the land can least bear, or least requires more water, and the cost of distribution, it is best fitted for application to grass, which alone can receive it the year round...
Page 128 - ... of the land to be irrigated. Where the sewage can be conveyed by gravitation, and a sufficient tract of suitable land is available, the town may realize a profit ; but, under contrary conditions, it may have to submit to a pecuniary sacrifice to secure the necessary sanitary advantages.

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