The History of the Life of King Henry the Second: And of the Age in which He Lived, Volume 3

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Page 328 - And touching an heir being fourteen years old or above, unto his full age, if he marry without licence of his lord to defraud him of the marriage, and his lord offer him...
Page 155 - King ; as to carry the banner of the King, or his lance, or to lead his army, or to be his marshal, or to carry his sword before him at his coronation, or to be his sewer at his coronation, or his carver, or his butler, or to be one of his chamberlains of the receipt of his Exchequer, or to do other like services, &c.
Page 51 - Ang^"*" that the befiegers, among other machines Ricard. which had been ufed by the Romans, had ^r6tJi moveable towers, built of wood, and of fuch a height, that the tops of them overlooked the battlements of the city. They were...
Page 313 - ... or of other kings before him, exprefly faving his prerogative of the time of his grandfather, father, and of his own time. It will be well worth the reader's while to fee all that is faid by the abovementioned writer concerning the reftraint laid by Magna Charta, c. 32. on the practice of alienating fo much of a fief, as not to leave enough for the performance of the fervice due to the lord from his vaflal, and afterwards by the, ®uia emptores tcrramm, and De prerogattva regis.
Page 357 - Engenier, an excellent Musician, or any other Artificer of extraordinary fame, that made not himself known to this famous Spirit, and found him his true friend without hire; and the common Rende-vous of Worth in his time.
Page 55 - but I find no mention thereof in the times of which I write ; and that they were not ufually fo armed in the reign of Henry the Firft, may be proved...
Page 236 - ... belonged to it ; what had been added to it or taken away from it ; what was the value of the whole together in the time of King Edward, what when granted by William, what at the time of this furvey ; and whether it might be improved, or advanced in its value.
Page 496 - It this book is kept overtime, a fine of two cents a day will be charged. If sent for by messenger, the fine and twenty cents additional will be charged. Borrowers finding this book mutilated or defaced will please report it.
Page 42 - ... or walked. Thus he kept down a difpofition to corpulency which would have otherwife incommoded him, and preferved the alacrity of youth to old age. From the continual habit of exercife he was fo indefatigable, that he would perform in one day (if occafion required it) a journey of throe or four to an ordinary traveller ; by which...
Page 58 - Henry, furnamed the Fowler, who died in the year nine hundred and thirty fix ; and who, among other ordinances relating to thofe fports, forbad the admitting of any perfon to jouft, who could not prove a nobility of four defcents. Soon afterwards they were brought into England by King Edgar ; and, in the following century, were elhiblifhed all over France. Geoffry de Preuilly, a baron of Anjou, is mentioned, in fome of the hiftories' or chronicles of that age, as the firft who introduced them into...

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