The Mountaineering Handbook : Modern Tools and Techniques That Will Take You to the Top: Modern Tools and Techniques That Will Take You to the Top

Front Cover
Mcgraw-hill, 2004 M12 10 - 384 pages

Modern Mountaineering on Alpine Rock, Snow, and Ice

If your experience as a backpacker or rock climber is drawing you higher; if the cold, remote alpine environment calls you nearer, this book is for you. The Mountaineering Handbook will teach you the skills that will take you to the top. Even if you’re already an experienced mountaineer, you’ll find detailed descriptions of the newest and most effective techniques to refine and organize your methods and equipment. The Mountaineering Handbook isn't mired in outdated traditionalism; its new-school techniques are safer, more effective, and more fun for mountaineers at every level. With constant emphasis on light, fast, and efficient mountaineering, Craig Connally shows you how to:

  • Move quickly up and down rock, snow, and ice with appropriate safety systems
  • Manage mountain hazards, including rockfall, avalanche, lightning, and high-altitude illness
  • Select the best equipment for your personal style and objectives
  • Maintain sound nutrition and training according to the most up-to-date science
  • Understand the human factors of mountaineering--the social and psychological forces that influence critical decisions

Connally’s passion for mountaineering is evident in his writing--The Mountaineering Handbook is clever, insightful, and entertaining. He intends to move mountaineering into the twenty-first century, but he’s also determined to turn the traditional how-to book on its ear by injecting personality, humor, and thoughtfulness into every page.

About the author (2004)

Craig Connally is in his third decade of mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and climbing rock and ice. He climbs with instructors and guides and has mentored beginning climbers. A contributor to the Sierra Clubs Leader Reference Book, he has given presentations on GPS, ski mountaineering, avalanche avoidance and rescue, map and compass use, and other trekking and mountaineering topics. An engineering manager in the entertainment industry, he brings an analytical eye and a clear and entertaining writing style to this handbook of mountaineering. Hometown: Alhambra, CA

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