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Santa Clara, Ca!.
Los Gatos, Cal.

320 Sansome Street, S. F., Cal.
Traver, Cal.

Nevada Block, S. F., Cal.

969 Washington Street, Oakland, Cal.

224 California Street, S. F., Cal.

234 Sutter Street, S. F., Cal.

32 Manor Street, Clapham, London, 1 England.

J Care of Fauth & Co., Maryland Avenue, Washington, D. C.

1320 Market Street, S. F., Cal. Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, Cal. Malaga, Spain.

Pacific-Union Club, S. F.,


507 Harrison Street, S. F., Cal.
Care Turnbull, Howie & Co., Shang-
hai, China.

Catholic University of America,
Brookland, D. C.

Box 37, Oakland, Cal.

8 Middagh St., Brooklyn, New York. 303 California Street, S. F., Cal. University of California, Berkeley, Cal. 24 Winthrop Street, Augusta, Me. 2426 Pine Street, S. F., Cal. Observatory, Berkeley, Cal. 328 Montgmery Street, S. F., Cal. 957 Market Street, S. F., Cal. Willamette University, Salem, Oregon. Berkeley, Cal.

71 Broadway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 220 Market Street, S. F., Cal.

30 Post Street, S. F., Cal.

74 Montgomery Block, S. F., Cal. 204 California Street, S. F., Cal. J Caracas, Venezuela, or 234 E. 116th Street, New York City.

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Redaction Berliner Jahrbuch, Berlin, Germany.

Royal Observatory, Berlin, Germany.

Gesellschaft Urania, Berlin, Germany.

Observatory, Berne, Switzerland.

University Observatory, Bonn, Germany.

Observatory, Bordeaux, France.

Royal Observatory, Uccle, Brussels, Belgium.
University Observatory, Cambridge, England.
Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Mass.
Royal Observatory, Capetown, Africa.

Astronomical Society, Chicago, Illinois.
University Observatory, Christiania, Norway.

University Observatory, Cincinnati (Mt. Lookout), Ohio.
Litchfield Observatory, Clinton, New York.

National Observatory, Cordoba, Argentine Republic.

University Observatory, Dorpat, Russia.

Trinity College Observatory, Dublin, Ireland.

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lick College, Fredericksburg, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania. Observatory, Geneva, Switzerland.

College Observatory, Georgetown, District of Columbia.

Morrison Observatory, Glasgow, Missouri.

University Observatory, Glasgow, Scotland.

Ducal Observatory, Gotha, Germany.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England.

Observatory, Hamburg, Germany.

Shattuck Observatory, Hanover, New Hampshire.
University Observatory, Helsingfors, Russia.
Ducal Observatory, Karlsruhe, Germany.
University Observatory, Kasan, Russia.
University Observatory, Kiel, Germany.
University Observatory, Koenigsberg, Germany.
Royal Observatory, Kopenhagen, Denmark.
Observatory, La Plata, Argentine Republic.
University Observatory, Leyden, Holland.
Astronomische Gesellschaft, Leipzig, Germany.
University Observatory, Leipzig, Germany.

Royal Observatory, Lisbon, Portugal.
Astronomical Society, Liverpool, England.

British Astronomical Association, London, England.

British Museum, London, England.

Royal Astronomical Society, London, England.

The Nautical Almanac, London, England.

Observatory, Lund, Sweden.

Observatory, Lyons, France.

Washburn Observatory, Madison, Wisconsin.

Observatory, Madras, India.

Royal Observatory, Madrid, Spain.

Observatory, Marseilles, France.

Observatory, Melbourne, Australia.


Publications of the Astronomical Society, &c.

Stanford University, Menlo Park, California.

Royal Observatory, Milan, Italy.

University Observatory, Moscow, Russia.

Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, California..
Royal Observatory, Munich, Germany.

Royal Observatory, Naples, Italy.

Observatory, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Winchester Observatory, New Haven, Connecticut.
Observatory, Nice, France.

Observatory of Carlton College, Northfield, Minnesota.

Chabot Observatory, Oakland, California.

Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, England.
University Observatory, Oxford, England.
Royal Observatory, Palermo, Italy.
Bureau des Longitudes, Paris, France.
Astronomical Society of France, Paris, France.
National Observatory, Paris, France.

Lord Rosse's Observatory, Parsonstown, Ireland.
Astrophysikalisches Institut, Potsdam, Germany.
University Observatory, Prague, Austro-Hungary.
Halstead Observatory, Princeton, New Jersey.
Imperial Observatory, Pulkowa, Russia.
Observatory, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Observatory of the Roman College, Rome, Italy.

Italian Spectroscopic Society, Rome, Italy.

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, Cal.

Mercantile Library, San Francisco, Cal.

Mechanics' Institute Library, San Francisco, Cal.

Technical Society of the Pacific Coast, 408 California Street, San Francisco, Cal.

Observatory, Santiago, Chile.

University Observatory, Stockholm, Sweden.

University Observatory, Strassburg, Germany.

Observatory of Sydney, New South Wales.

National Observatory, Tacubaya, Mexico.

University Observatory, Tokio, Japan.

Observatory, Toulouse, France.

University Observatory, Upsala, Sweden.

McCormick Observatory, University of Virginia, Virginia.

Imperial Observatory, Vienna, Austro-Hungary.

The American Ephemeris, Washington, District of Columbia.

Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia.

National Academy of Sciences, Washington, District of Columbia.

Naval Observatory, Washington, District of Columbia.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, District of Columbia.

U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, District of Columbia.
Library U. S. Military Academy, West Point, New York.
Field Observatory, Williamstown, Mass.

Observatory, Zurich, Switzerland.

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