Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science, Volumes 15-16

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Chemical news office., 1867
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Page 89 - The force required to move the machine will be far greater, showing a great increase of magnetic power in the horse-shoe ; and the existence of an energetic current in the wire is shown by its action on a galvanometer, by its heating 4...
Page 243 - Royal will and pleasure, that no resolution, or bye-law, shall on any account or pretence whatsoever be made by the said body politic and corporate in opposition to the general scope, true intent, and meaning of this our Charter, or the laws or statutes of our Realm...
Page 74 - It may be worthy of notice here, that the fish froze as they were taken out of the nets, and in a short time became a solid mass of ice ; and by a blow or two of the hatchet were easily split open, when the intestines might be removed in one lump. If in this completely frozen state they were thawed before the fire, they recovered their animation.
Page 1 - Commission should forthwith issue for the purpose of ascertaining what supply of unpolluted and wholesome water can be obtained by collecting and storing water in the high grounds of England and Wales, either by the aid of natural lakes or by artificial reservoirs at a sufficient elevation for the supply of the large towns ; and to report, firstly, which of such sources are best suited for the supply of the Metropolis and its suburbs ; and secondly how the supply from the remaining sources may be...
Page 314 - The gradual removal, in the form of carbonate of lime, of the carbonic acid from the primeval atmosphere, has been connected with great changes in the organic life of the globe. The air was doubtless at first unfit for the respiration of warm-blooded animals, and we find the higher forms of life coming gradually into existence as we approach the present period of a purer air. Calculations lead us to conclude that the amount of carbon thus removed in the form of carbonic acid has been so enormous,...
Page 314 - It is very instructive, in this connection, to compare the composition of the waters of the modern ocean with that of the sea in ancient times, whose composition we learn from the fossil seawaters which are still to be found in certain regions, imprisoned in the pores of the older stratified rocks.
Page 90 - ... much greater proportion, the resultant effect is greater. I must observe that a certain amount of resistance in the cross wire is necessary to produce the maximum effect. If the resistance be too small, the electro-magnet does not acquire sufficient magnetism ; and if it be too great, though the magnetism becomes stronger, the increase of resistance more than counterbalances its effect. But the effects already described are far inferior to those obtained by causing them to take place in the cross...
Page 251 - Its objects are defined to be "the promotion of chemistry and of those branches of science immediately connected with it, by the reading, discussion, and subsequent publication of original communications.
Page 109 - Life and Work at the Great Pyramid. With a Discussion of the Facts Ascertained. By C. PIAZZI SMYTH, FRSS.L. and E., Astronomer-Royal for Scotland. 3 vols. demy 8vo, price 56s.
Page 313 - ... suspended in the still dissociated vapors, become intensely luminous and form the solar photosphere. The condensed particles, carried down into the intensely heated mass again meet with a heat of dissociation, so that the process of combination at the surface is incessantly renewed, while the heat of the sun may be supposed to be maintained by the slow condensation of its mass ; a diminution by...

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