Monthly Journal of Science, and Annals of Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Industrial Arts, Manufactures, and Technology, Volume 6

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James Samuelson, William Crookes
J. Churchill and Sons., 1869

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Page 325 - The POLAR WORLD; a Popular Description of Man and Nature in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions of the Globe. By Dr.
Page 126 - Stand with your back to the wind, and the barometer will be lower on your left hand than on your right.
Page 395 - This was not the beauty — oh, nothing like this, That to young NOURMAHAL gave such magic of bliss ! But that loveliness, ever in motion, which plays Like the light upon autumn's soft sha'dowy days, Now...
Page 584 - ... highly probable, though not completely demonstrated, the applicability to living beings of the laws which have been ascertained with reference to dead matter, I feel constrained at the same time to admit the existence of a mysterious something lying beyond, a something sui generis, which I regard, not as balancing and. suspending the ordinary physical laws, but as working with them and through them to the attainment of a designed end. What this something which we call life may be is a profound...
Page 172 - When the durion strikes a man in its fall, it produces a dreadful wound, the strong spines tearing open the flesh, while the blow itself is very heavy ; but from this very circumstance death rarely ensues, the copious effusion of blood preventing the inflammation which might otherwise take place. A Dyak chief informed me that he had been struck down by a durion falling on his head, which he thought would certainly have caused his death, yet he recovered in a very short time.
Page 586 - Were it not unbecoming to dilate on one's personal experience, I could tell a story of almost romantic interest about my own latest researches in a field where Geometry, Algebra, and the Theory of Numbers melt in a surprising manner into one another, like sunset tints or the colours of the dying dolphin, "the last still loveliest...

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