William Hogarth: mit 47 Abb. nach Gemälden, Zeichngn u. Kupferstichen

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R. Piper & Company, 1907 - 115 pages

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Page 29 - I found most suitable to my situation and idle disposition. Laying it down first as an axiom, that he who could by any means acquire and retain in his memory, perfect ideas of the subjects he meant to draw, would have as clear a knowledge of the figure, as a man who can write freely hath of the twenty-four letters of the alphabet, and their infinite combinations (each of these being composed of lines), and would consequently be an accurate designer.
Page 29 - Sometimes, but too seldom, I took the life for correcting the parts I had not perfectly enough remembered, and then I transferred them into my own compositions.
Page 76 - After this admirable artist had spent the greater part of his life in an active, busy, and, we may add, successful attention to the ridicule of life ; after he had invented a new species of dramatic painting, in which probably he will never be equalled, and had stored his mind with infinite materials to explain and illustrate the...
Page 104 - Upon the whole of this account we find, that the utmost beauty of colouring depends on the great principle of varying by all the means of varying, and on the proper and artful union of that variety; which may be farther proved by supposing the rules here laid down, all or any part of them reversed.
Page 29 - I therefore endeavoured to habituate myself to the exercise of a sort of technical memory ; and by repeating in my own mind the parts of which objects were composed, I could by degrees combine and put them down with my pencil.
Page 22 - In song and dance about the sacred Hill — Mystical dance, which yonder starry sphere Of planets and of fixed in all her wheels Resembles nearest; mazes intricate, Eccentric, intervolved, yet regular Then most when most irregular they seem; And in their motions harmony divine So smooths her charming tones that God's own ear Listens delighted.
Page 23 - ... zittrige Bewegung der mikroskopischen Kurven mit und vermittelt dem Geist nur ein wohliges Vibrieren von Formen. Zu dem Bankett — dem Entwurf zur achten Platte — scheint ein Kind die Feder geführt zu haben. Alles tänzelt in dem Blatt, sogar die Linien der Architektur. Die Umrisse der Tafelnden könnten, wenig verändert, auch den waldigen Hintergrund auf einer Bothschen Zeichnung ^darstellen.
Page 14 - ... geht. Wir folgen kaum den einzelnen Abschnitten in den grossen Serien der Nationalgallery und des Soane Museums. Es hat im achtzehnten Jahrhundert nicht an Kommentatoren gefehlt, unter denen sich natürlich die Deutschen an erster Stelle finden.*) Der Effekt konnte nur negativ sein. Der Wert steckt just in dem Unkommentierbaren, das sich der Auseinandersetzung mit dem Geschichtlichen, mit dem Witz und der Satire entzieht. Dass alles das wirklich so geschah, wie es in Hogarths Bildern vorgeht,...

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