The School newspaper Vol. [2 issues of vols. 31 and 32].

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Page 10 - you have done wrong: you shall repair it by remembering all your life that your father blessed God for giving him a son who spoke truth in spite of fear ! Oh!
Page 10 - Hush! And if he did break it, ma'am, it was quite an accident ; he was standing so, and he never meant it. Did you, Master Sisty? Speak! (this in a whisper) or Pa will be so angry." "Well," said my mother, "I suppose it was an accident; take care in future, my child. You are sorry, I see, to have grieved me. There's a kiss; don't fret.
Page 74 - We thus learn that man is descended from a hairy quadruped, furnished with a tail and pointed ears, probably arboreal in its habits, and an inhabitant of the Old World.
Page 10 - said I, half crying. " My dear boy, I believe you ; but good wishes don't mend bad actions — good actions mend bad actions." So saying, he shut the door and went out. I cannot tell you how puzzled I was to make out what my father meant by his aphorism.
Page 66 - Unloved, by many a sandy bar, The brook shall babble down the plain, At noon or when the Lesser Wain...
Page 108 - DECAUSE you passed, and now are not, — Because, in some remoter day, Your sacred dust from doubtful spot Was blown of ancient airs away, — Because you perished, — must men say Your deeds were naught, and so profane Your lives with that cold burden ? Nay, The deeds you wrought are not in vain ! Though, it may be, above the plot That hid your once imperial clay, No greener than o'er...
Page 10 - I have narrated, he gave me one far exceeding in value those usually bestowed on children, — it was a beautiful large domino-box in cut ivory, painted and gilt. This domino-box was my delight. I was never weary of playing at dominoes with Mrs. Primmins, and I slept with the box under my pillow. "Ah...
Page 6 - O Lord, thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget thee, do not thou forget me.
Page 11 - For truth, that blooms all the year round, is better than a poor geranium ; and a word that is never broken, is better than a piece of delf." My head, which had drooped before, rose again ; but the rush of joy at my heart almost stifled me. " I have called to pay your little bill...
Page 11 - What !" cried my mother, when she had learned all; "and your poor domino-box that you were so fond of! We will go back to-morrow, and buy it back, if it costs us double." " Shall we buy it back, Pisistratus ? " asked my father. " Oh no — no — no ! It would spoil all," I cried, burying my face on my father's breast.

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