Commercial Organic Analysis: Proteids and albuminous principles, proteoïds or albuminoïds. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1898

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J. & A. Churchill, 1898 - 330 pages

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Page 252 - Certain substances and compounds shall be known and designated as "filled cheese," namely: All substances made of milk or skimmed milk, with the admixture of butter, animal oils or fats, vegetable or any other oils, or compounds foreign to such milk, and made in imitation or semblance of cheese.
Page iv - ALLEN. Commercial Organic Analysis. A Treatise on the Modes of Assaying the Various Organic Chemicals and Products Employed in the Arts, Manufactures, Medicine, etc., with Concise Methods for the Detection of Impurities, Adulterations, etc. 8vo. Vol. I. Alcohols, Neutral Alcoholic Derivatives, etc., Ethers, Vegetable Acids, Starch, Sugars, etc. 3d Edition.
Page 374 - Liebig, has called attention to this great molecular energy of the cyanogen compounds, and has suggested that the functional metabolism of protoplasm, by which energy is set free, may be compared to the conversion of the energetic unstable cyanogen compounds into the less energetic and more stable amides. In other words...
Page 305 - Soc., 1861, p. 143), in describing the characters of a liquid essence of beef which had been prepared according to his instructions, states that it exerted a rapid and remarkable stimulating action on the brain, and proposed it as an auxiliary to, and partial substitute for, brandy in all cases of great exhaustion or weakness attended with cerebral depression or despondency. Similar stimulating effects have been observed as resulting from a copious employment of Liebig's extract. The effect of a...
Page 252 - with the milk. This emulsion consists of from two to three parts of milk to one of lard ; it can be made at one factory and taken to another to be used for cheese, but it is usually run at once into the cheese vat. In making the cheese a quantity of this emulsion containing about 80 Ibs.
Page 279 - ... like jelly or wet parchment. 4. It should have little or no odour, and the odour should not be disagreeable ; for diseased meat has a sickly cadaverous smell and sometimes a smell of physic. This is very discoverable when the meat is chopped up and drenched with warm water. 5. It should not shrink or waste much in cooking.
Page 279 - It should be firm and elastic to the touch, and should scarcely moisten the fingers — bad meat being wet, and sodden, and flabby, with the fat looking like jelly or wet parchment.
Page 170 - ... can be brought forward in a subject which has been so well ventilated, and which before all others has engaged the attention of Public Analysts, as milk analysis. But from some statements which have recently been made before us (see Mr. W. Johnstone's paper in No. 72 of THE ANALYST) and elsewhere, it appears that not a few analysts have forgotten, that the results obtained by the analysis of milk are not results laying claim to absolute scientific accuracy, but are only comparative ones, and...
Page 374 - In other words, ammonium cyanate is a type of living, and urea of dead nitrogen, and the conversion of the former into the latter is an image of the essential change which takes place when a living proteid dies.
Page 279 - It is neither of a pale pink colour nor of a deep purple tint, for the former is a sign of disease, and the latter indicates that the animal has not been slaughtered, but has died with the blood in it, or has suffered from acute fever.

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