Popular Science Monthly, Volume 61

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McClure, Phillips and Company, 1902
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Page 283 - All pupils in the above-mentioned schools below the second year of the high school and above the third year of school work...
Page 460 - ... the light tending to the other end. And so the true cause of the length of that image was detected to be no other, than that light consists of rays differently n frangible, which, without any respect to a difference in their incidence, were according to their degrees of refrangibility. transmitted towards divers parts of the wall.
Page 89 - I direct that in the election of a student to a scholarship regard shall be had to (i) his literary and scholastic attainments; (2) his fondness for and success in manly outdoor sports such as cricket, football and the like; (3) his qualities of manhood, truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship; and (4) his exhibition during school days of moral force of character and of instincts to lead and to take an interest in his schoolmates...
Page 6 - The unit of force is that force which, acting for one second on a mass of one gramme, gives to it a velocity of one centimetre per second.
Page 96 - General Passenger Agent, New York Central & Hudson River Railroad, Grand Central Station, New York.
Page 249 - The governor, Pascual Andagoya, reported that such a work was impracticable and that no king. however powerful he might be, was capable of forming a junction of the two seas or of furnishing the means of carrying out such an undertaking.
Page 457 - I procured me a triangular glass prism, to try therewith the celebrated phenomena of colours. And in order thereto, having darkened my chamber, and made a small hole in my window-shuts, to let in a convenient quantity of the sun's light, I placed my prism...
Page 463 - Hence therefore it comes to pass, that whiteness is the usual colour of light; for, light is a confused aggregate of rays indued with all sorts of colours, as they are promiscuously darted from the various parts of luminous bodies.
Page 461 - I shall lay down the doctrine first, and then, for its examination, give you an instance or two of the experiments, as a specimen of the rest.
Page 537 - If the account just given of the development of the limb is an accurate record of what really takes place, it is not possible to deny that some light is thrown by it upon the first origin of the vertebrate limbs. The facts can only bear one interpretation, viz., that the limbs are the remnants of continuous lateral fins.

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