The Observatory, Volume 24

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Editors of the Observatory, 1901
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"A review of astronomy" (varies).

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Page 444 - The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on : nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, „. x Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.
Page 114 - our astronomical observer" at a salary of £100 per annum, his duty being "forthwith to apply himself with the most exact care and diligence to the rectifying the tables of the motions of the heavens and the places of the fixed stars, so as to find out the so much desired longitude of places for the perfecting the art of navigation.
Page 113 - Such spring migrants as the swallow, cuckoo, and nightingale were also later than usual in reaching these shores. Taking the British Isles as a whole, the crops of wheat, barley, and oats were all more or less under average ; the yield of hay was poor in the southern half of England, but elsewhere varied from a fair to an abundant crop. Turnips and swedes were almost everywhere deficient, but there was a heavy crop of mangolds. Potatoes were generally under average. This was a bountiful year as regards...
Page 434 - Wight, and he now makes a comparison of these records with the weather conditions prevailing during the first six months of 1901. He says that assuming that a locality can be chosen where the diurnal wave and effects due to rain and desiccation are small, which his observations indicate as possible, records of what appear to be the effects due to barometrical gradients may be obtained. When these are large and appear suddenly, the movements of the pendulum may be marked. At Shide the westerly displacement...
Page 394 - ... provided its amount is so small a fraction of unity that its diminution by eclipses, total or partial, may be neglected. In this formula, N is a number of globes of radius a uniformly distributed within a spherical surface of radius r. For the same quantity of matter in N...
Page 260 - Barometer," was also read by the Secretary. A Milne seismograph was installed in 1898 at the Meteorological Office, Victoria, BC, and the author has since that time compared its movements with the changes of atmospheric pressure recorded by his aerograph. He finds that when the barometric pressure is high over the Pacific slope from British Columbia southward to California, while off the Pacific coast the barometer is comparatively low, the horizontal pendulum of the seismograph tends to move towards...
Page 338 - What two numbers are those whose sum, multiplied by the greater, is equal to 77 ; and whose difference, multiplied by the lesser, is equal to 12 ? Ans.
Page 11 - Year 1881 there will be two Eclipses of the Sun and two of the Moon, and a transit of Mercury across the Sun's disc.
Page 396 - ... of density in the primitive distribution. To come to reality, according to the most probable judgment present knowledge allows us to form, suppose at many millions, or thousands of millions, or millions of millions of years ago, all the matter in the universe to have been atoms very nearly at rest* or quite at rest; more densely distributed in some places than in others ; of infinitely small average density through the whole of infinite space. In regions where the density was then greater than...
Page 391 - ... vacuum — no ether and no matter. We admit that that is something that one could think of; but I do not believe any living scientific man considers it in the slightest degree probable that there is a boundary around our universe beyond which there is no ether and no matter. Well, if ether extends through all space, then it is certain that ether cannot be subject to the law of mutual gravitation between its parts, because if it were subject to mutual attraction between its parts its equilibrium...

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