The Life of a Boy, Volume 1

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G. and W.B. Whittaker, 1821 - 885 pages

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Page 109 - To enrich thy walls: but thou didst hew the floods, And make thy marble of the glassy wave.
Page 364 - Slow from his seat arose the Pylian sage, Experienced Nestor, in persuasion skilled : Words, sweet as honey, from his lips distilled : Two generations now had passed away, Wise by his rules, and happy by his sway ; Two ages o'er his native realm he reigned, And now the example of the third remained. All viewed with awe the venerable man ; Who thus with mild benevolence began...
Page 338 - I've held my warfare through a troubled world, And borne with steady mind my share of ill ; For then, the helpmate of my toil wert thou.
Page 131 - A book made by order of William the Conqueror, in which the estates of the kingdom were registered. DOOR, d6re.
Page 14 - In narratives where historical veracity has no place, I cannot discover why there should not be exhibited the most perfect idea of virtue; of virtue not angelical, nor above probability — for what we cannot credit we shall never imitate — but the highest and purest that humanity can reach...
Page 290 - First the flaming red Sprung vivid forth; the tawny orange next; And next delicious yellow; by whose side Fell the kind beams of all-refreshing green. Then the pure, blue, that...
Page 278 - Wide and wider spreads the vale, As circles on a smooth canal : The mountains round, unhappy fate! Sooner or later, of all height, Withdraw their summits from the skies, And lessen as the others rise : Still the prospect wider spreads, Adds a thousand woods and meads; Still it widens, widens still, And sinks the newly-risen hill.
Page 412 - fore the king, The throne he sits on, nor the tide of pomp That beats upon the high shore of the world...
Page 154 - O, ye winds and waves ! Waft the glad tidings to the land of slaves ; Proclaim on Guinea's coast, by Gambia's side, And far as Niger rolls his eastern tide,* Through radiant realms, beneath the burning zone, Where Europe's curse is felt, her name unknown, Thus saith Britannia, empress of the sea, " Thy chains are broken, Africa, be free...
Page 226 - There was not, on that day, a speck to stain The azure heaven ; the blessed Sun alone In unapproachable divinity Carcer'd, rejoicing in his fields of light.. How beautiful beneath the bright blue sky The billows heave ! one glowing green expanse, Save where along the bending line of shore Such hue is thrown, as when the peacock's neck Assumes its proudest tint of amethyst, Embathed in emerald glory.

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