Heat and Thermodynamics

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McGraw-Hill, 1911 - 346 pages
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Page 9 - Specific Heat. The ratio of the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of a given mass of...
Page 9 - ... to the quantity of heat required to raise an equal mass of water through the same temperature interval, is called the specific heat of the substance.
Page 328 - The dry vacuum pump is of the singlestage type, 12-in. and 29-in. by 24-in., fitted with Corliss valves on the air cylinder. The whole condensing plant is capable of maintaining a vacuum within 1.1 in of the barometer when condensing 150,000 lb. of steam per hr. when supplied with circulating water at 70 deg. fahr. 17 The electric generator is of the three-phase induction type, star-wound for 11,000 volts, 25 cycles and a speed of 750 rpm The rotor is of the squirrel-cage type with bar winding connecting...
Page 8 - The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water from 0°C. to 1°C., called the 2ero calorie.
Page 90 - If the junction b is cooled below the other parts of the circuit, a current will flow in the opposite direction, that is, from the iron through the contact b to the copper wire, etc., that is, in the opposite direction to the arrows i. In either case energy in the form of heat is converted into energy in the form of electricity. This phenomenon is known as the Seebeck effect, after the man who discovered it.
Page 74 - Substituting, in equation (15), we have finally ie, the speed of propagation of a disturbance through an elastic medium is numerically equal to the square root of the ratio of elasticity to density.
Page 328 - ... 7500-kw. (maximum rating) unit, as by this means we would not only get an increase of 100 per cent in capacity, but at the same time give the engines a new lease of life by bringing them up to a thermal efficiency higher than that attained by any other type of steam plant. 15 The turbine installed is of the vertical three-stage impulse type having six fixed nozzles and six which can be operated by hand, so as to control the back pressure on the engine, or the division of load between engine and...
Page 328 - ELEVATION AND PART SECTION OF LOW-PRESSURE TURBINE UNIT breaker on the condenser, is the only form of governor used. The footstep bearing, carrying the weight of the turbine and generator rotors, is of the usual design supplied with oil under a pressure of 600 lb. per sq. in. with the usual double system of supply and accumulator to regulate the pressure and speed of the oil pumps. 16 The condenser contains approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of cooling surface arranged in the double two-pass system of...
Page 325 - ... further consideration of this plan was abandoned. 8 The gas engine, while offering the highest thermo-dynamic efficiency at the same time required an investment of at least 35 per cent more than an ordinary steam-turbine plant with a probable maintenance and operation account of from four to ten times that of the steam turbine. 9 The reciprocating-engine unit of the same type as those already installed, was rejected in spite of its most satisfactory performance, on account of the high first cost...
Page 330 - The net results obtained by the installation of lowpressure turbine units may be summarized as follows : "a. An increase of 100 per cent in maximum capacity of plant. " b. An increase of 146 per cent in economic capacity of plant. " c. A saving of approximately 85 per cent of the condensed steam for return to the boilers.

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