Bell's English History Source Books, Issue 7

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Page 27 - The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit : A broken and a contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise. Do good in Thy good pleasure unto Zion : Build Thou the walls of Jerusalem.
Page 106 - ... failing, they gave up to God their innocent souls into the joys of heaven, leaving to the tormentors their bodies dead in the bed. Which after that the wretches perceived, first by the struggling with the pains of death, and after long lying still, to be thoroughly dead, they laid their bodies naked out upon the bed, and fetched Sir James to see them.
Page 54 - Calais ward, &c. and they said, he must speak with their master ; and so he with two or three of his men went forth with them in their boat to the Nicholas ; and when he came, the Master bade him, 'Welcome Traitor,
Page 53 - Son, alway as ye be bounden by the Commandment of God to do, to love, to worship, your Lady and Mother ; and also that ye obey alway her commandments, and to believe her counsels and advices in all your works, the which dread not but shall be best and truest to you.
Page 22 - As he was coming to the place of execution, and was taken from the hurdle, he fell down devoutly upon his knees, desiring Almighty God to forgive his enemies.
Page 106 - Sir James Tyrell devised that they should be murdered in their beds. To the execution whereof, he appointed Miles Forest, one of the four that kept them, a fellow fleshed in murder before time.
Page 35 - ... whereby manslaughters, riots, batteries, and divisions among the gentlemen, and other people of the same counties, shall very likely rise and be, unless convenient and due remedy be provided in this behalf...
Page 52 - ... fall, beseech his mercy soon to call you to him again with repentance, satisfaction, and contrition of your heart, never more in will to offend him. Secondly, next him above all earthly things, to be true liegeman in heart, in will, in thought, in deed, unto the king our...
Page 98 - I was with mine hostess and also desired by the gentleman himself, called William Swan, whose dwelling is in Eton. So it fortuned that mine hostess reported on me otherwise than I was worthy; so that her mother commanded her to make me good cheer, and so in good faith she did. She is not abiding where she...
Page 12 - At length, when he was coming to himself, not knowing where he was, he freyned (asked) of such as then were about him, what place that was ; the which shewed to him that it belonged unto the abbot of Westminster ; and for he felt himself so sick, he commanded to ask if that chamber had any special name ; whereunto it was answered, that it was named Jerusalem. Then said the king, ' Praise be to the Father of Heaven, for now I know I shall die in this chamber, according to the prophecy of me beforesaid,...

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