On the Connection of the Physical Sciences

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Harper & brothers, 1846 - 460 pages

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Page 392 - Bacon, that the words of prophecy are to be interpreted as the words of one 'with whom a thousand years are as one day, and one day as a thousand years.
Page 399 - The squares of the periods of revolution of any two planets are proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the sun.
Page 25 - But, in the midst of all these vicissitudes, the length of the major axis and the mean motions of the planets remain permanently independent of secular changes. They are so connected by Kepler's law, of the squares of the periodic times being proportional to the cubes of the mean distances of the planets from the sun, that one cannot vary without affecting the other.
Page 372 - Post 8vo. Price 9s. cloth. Results of Astronomical Observations Made at the Cape of Good Hope. By Sir John Herschel. 4to, with Plates. Price 4/.
Page 237 - That this heat possesses a peculiar chemical quality which is not possessed by the purely calorific rays outside of the visible spectrum, though far more intense; and, 3dly. That the heat radiated from obscurely hot iron, abounds especially in rays analogous to those of the region of the spectrum above indicated.
Page 7 - is to inspire the love of truth, of wisdom, of beauty — especially of goodness, the highest beauty — and of that supreme and eternal Mind, which contains all truth and wisdom, all beauty and goodness. By the love or delightful contemplation and pursuit of these transcendent aims, for their own sake only, the mind of man is raised from low and perishable objects, and prepared for those high destinies which are appointed for all those who are capable of them.
Page 292 - ... were distinctly visible. Day broke very slowly, and the sun rose of a fiery and threatening aspect. Rain followed. Captain Bonnycastle caused a bucket of this fiery water to be drawn up ; it was one mass of light when stirred by the hand, and not in sparks as usual, but in actual coruscations.
Page 386 - ... whence it has been supposed that meteorites have been projected from the moon by the impetus of volcanic eruption. It has even been computed, that if a stone were projected from the moon in a vertical line, with an initial velocity of 10,992 feet in a second, — more than four times the...
Page 386 - ... earth's attraction, and revolve about it like a satellite. These bodies, impelled either by the direction of the primitive impulse, or by the disturbing action of the sun, might ultimately penetrate the earth's atmosphere, and arrive at its surface ; but it is much more probable that they are...
Page 399 - If a right cone with a circular base be cut at right angles to the base by a plane passing through the apex, the section will be a triangle. If the cone be cut through both sides by a plane parallel to the base, the section will be a circle.

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