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Bamberger, E., and O. Boekmann,
B-naphthyl-derivatives, 675.
Bamberger, E., and W. Lodter,

aromatic nitriles, 719.

Bamberger, E., and R. Müller, so-
called carbonylcarbazole (carbazole-
blue), 959.

Bamberger, E., and M. Philip,
acenaphthene and naphthalic acid,


pyrene, 271, 496.

Bandrowski, F. X., bases in Galician
petroleum, 979.

Bannow, A., pure butyric acid, 29.
Barataeff, S., action of allyl and
ethyl iodides on ethyl oxalate, 361.
methoxydiallylacetic acid, 359.
Barataeff, S., and A. Saytzeff, tri-
ethyl carbinol, 353.
Barbaglia, G. A., action of sulphur
on aldehydes, 462.

isobutaldehyde and its polymer-
ides, 461.

Barnes, J., valuation of zinc powder
and testing of carbonates, 80.
Barr, A., nitrophenols and phenyl-
hydrazine, 722.

Barth, M., estimation of glycerol in
wines, 184.

Bartoli, A., and E.


relation between the critical tempera-
tures of substances and their thermal
expansion as liquids, 429.
Bassett, H., and E. Fielding, action
of hypochlorous anhydride on iodine
trichloride, 106.

Battut, L., ammonia in beetroots, 71.
Baubigny, H., artificial formation of
alabandine, 781.

Schweizer's reagent and "eau
céleste," 773.

Baudoin, testing copper sulphate, 1139.
Bauer, F. See Elbs.

Bauer, R., apparatus for estimating
carbonic anhydride and all similiar
gases, 398.

estimation of fatty acids as fats,

Bauer, R. W. See Haedicke.
Baumann, A., estimation of ammonia-
cal nitrogen in soils, 82.
Baumann, E., compounds of aldehydes
and ketones with mercaptan, 126.
disulphones, 123.


preparation of ethereal benzoates,

[blocks in formation]

Bayer, K. J., basic aluminium sul-
phate, 448.

detection of free sulphuric acid,
and of aluminium hydroxide in alum-
inium sulphate, 530.

Bayley, W. S. See Remsen.
Béchamp, A., causes of the alteration
of blood in contact with air, oxygen,
and carbonic anhydride, 609.
Becker, A., chemical constitution of
barytocalcite and alstonite, 18.
Becker, G. F., natural solutions of
cinnabar, gold, and associated sul-
phides, 555.

Becker, P., chlorination by means of
acetic chloride, 932.

Beckmann, E., cracking glass with
certainty, 105.

isonitroso-compounds, 826.


titration with Fehling's solution,

Beckurts, H., ptomaïnes, 385.
Beckurts. See Holst.

Becquerel, E., effect of manganese on
the phosphorescence of calcium car
bonate, 190.

phosphorescence of calcium sul-
phide, 540.

phosphorescence of alumina, 191,

Becquerel, H., variations in the ab-
sorption spectra of didymium salts,

variations in the absorption
spectrum of didymium, 537.

Béhal, A., capraldoxime and methyl-
hexylacetoxime, 795.

caprylidene: constitution of capral-
dehyde, 788.

preparation of allyl iodide and
allyl alcohol, 905.

Behla, G., substituted anthracenecar-
boxylic acids: action of carbonyl
chloride on anthracene dihydride, 593.
Behrend, R., formation of dibromo-
and dichloro-barbituric acids, 129.

synthesis of compounds of the
uric acid series, 919.

Beketoff, N. N., change in volume
during the formation of metallic
oxides, 1073.

Belky, J., action of gaseous poisons,


Belloni, C. See Menozzi.
Belluci, A., formation of starch in
chlorophyll granules, 1136.
Bender, F., and G. Schultz, diamido-
stilbene, 268.

Bender, G., bismuth thiocyanate, 566.
ethereal carbonates, 37, 245.

- non-existence of chromium hepta-
sulphide, 553.

[blocks in formation]


phenazoxine, 665.

pyrogenic formation of phenazine,

Bernthsen, A., and A. Goske, me-
thyl-orange and ethyl-orange, 666.
Bernthsen, A., and H. Mettegang,
reactions of quinolinic acid, 737.
Bernthsen, A., and F. Muhlert, acrid-
aldehyde and acridinecarboxylic acid,
Bernthsen, A., and H. Schweitzer,

phenazine-derivatives, 139.
Bernthsen, A., and A. Semper, syn-
thesis of juglone, 674.
Berry, N. A., copper slag, 447.
Berthelot, ammonium magnesium
phosphate, 202.

direct absorption of nitrogen from
the atmosphere by vegetable soils,
395, 617.

metals and minerals of ancient
Chaldea, 443.


phosphates of the alkaline earths,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

tension of dissociation of dry
ammonium hydrogen carbonate, 10.
Berthelot, and C. Fabre, heat of
formation of hydrogen telluride, 1010.
tellurium, 761.

Berthelot and Louguinine, heats
of combustion, 762.

Berthelot and Recoura, heats of
combustion, 761.

passage from the benzene to

the acetic series, 1011.

the calorimetric bomb, 627.
Bertoni, G., ethereal salts of nitrous
acid, 458.

Betelli. See Pesci.

Bettel, W., separation of gold from
the platinum metals, 1084.
Beutell, A., prehnite from Silesia, 223.
Beyer, C., quinoline-derivatives from
B-diketones, 849.

Beyer, C., and L. Claisen, introdue-
tion of acid radicles into ketones, 943.
Biedermann, J., parahydroxybenzyl
alcohol, 38.

Biedert, albuminoïds of human milk
and of cow's milk, 388.
Biginelli, P. See Guareschi.
Bikfalvi, K., hæmin crystals, 165.
Billeter, O., action of thiocarbonyl

chloride on secondary amines, 822.
Billeter, O., and A. Steiner, thiocar-
bimides of bibasic aromatic radicles,

Bird, F. C. J., a filter tube for use in
the estimation of alkaloïds by Mayer's
reagent, 1002.

Bird, G. B., mercurous hydroxide, 447.
purification of zine, 446.
Birukoff, W., dimethylanthragallol,



carboxylic acid, 1049.


none, 964.
Bischof, sodium felspar from Krage-
roe, Norway, 453.

Bischoff, C. A., and A. Hausdörfer,
action of iodine on derivatives of ethyl
sodomalonate, 916.

Bischoff, C. A., and H. Siebert,
benzyl and benzoyl compounds, 951.
Bladin, J. A., dieyanphenylhydrazine
compounds, 138.

[blocks in formation]

saturation of normal arsenic acid
with barium hydroxide, 7.

saturation of selenious acid by
bases, 106.

Blarez, C., and G. Denigés, estima-
tion of uric acid by potassium per-
manganate, 621.

solubility of uric acid, 919.
Blau, F., action of sodium methoxide
on bromobenzenes, 242.
Blochmann, R., action of aniline
hydrochloride on ethyl cyanide, 931.
carbonic anhydride in the atmo-
sphere, 214.

Block, J., and B. Tollens, salts of
levulinic acid, 800.

Blomstrand, C. W., oxy-acids of
iodine, 327.

Blount, B., calcium borate, 108.
Bloxam, C. L., calcium ammonium
arsenate and calcium arsenate, 108.

colour tests for strychnine and
other alkaloids, 752.

Blümcke, A., specific gravities of mix-
tures of ethyl alcohol and carbonic
anhydride, 435.

Blum, L., detection of albumin in urine,

separation of manganese from
iron, 183.
Blumenbach, E. See Dragen-

[blocks in formation]

Boisbaubran, L. de, fluorescence of

manganese compounds, 3.

fluorescence of manganese and
bismuth, 189, 873, 1006.
fluorescence of spinel, 1005.
gallium, 1081.

new fluorescences with well-defined
spectra, 1008.

purification of yttria, 13.

red fluorescence of alumina, 191,
409, 538, 625.

red fluorescence of chromiferous
gallium, 755.

Boissieu. See De Boisieu.
Bokorny, T., reduction of silver salts
by living protoplasm, 987.
Boltzmann, L., thermochemical law

conjectured by Pebal respecting non-
reversible electrolytic actions, 1072.
Bondzynski, S., derivatives of hydro-
thiocinnamic acid, 1108.

Bonhöffer, O. See Lellmann.
Bonna, A., phenylparatoluidine, 927.
Borchers, W., galvanic element, 541.
Bordas, grain of Holcus sorgho, 519.
Bornemann, E., metamethylcinnamic
acid, 829.

Bosscha, J., meteorite of Karang,
Modjo, or Magetan, in Java, 710.
Bothamley, C. H., orthochromatic
photography, 874.

Bott, W., and D. S. Macnair, appa-
ratus for determining vapour-densi-
ties, 632.
Bouchardat, G., and J. Lafont,
active camphene and ethylborneol,

Bouchardat, G., and R. Voiry, ter-
pinol, 677.

Bouilhon, E., estimation of solid
matter in wines, 87.

Bourgeois, L., artificial production of
crocoisite, 781.


calcium silicostannate, 333.
crystallised insoluble carbonates,

Bourquelot, E., action of saliva on
starch, 354.

deterioration of diastase by the
action of heat, 608.

starch granules, 355.

Boutroux, L., gluconic acid, 468.
Bouty, E., application of the electro-
meter to the study of chemical re-
actions, 882.

conductivity of acids and salts in
dilute solutions, 758.

conductivity of mixtures, 877.
Bowman, W., acetylhydrocotarnine-
acetic acid, 1056.

action of potassium cyanide on
meconine, 586.

Boys, C. V., Bunsen's ice calorimeter,


Bragard, M., estimation of zinc as
pyrophosphate, 398.

zinc determination, 689.
Brand, A., artificial breithauptite from
the Mechernich lead furnaces, 17.

use of "solid bromine" in analysis,
Brand, C., determination of combined
carbon in iron, 866.

Braun, F., decrease of compressibility
of ammonium chloride solutions with
increase of temperature, 768.

solubility of solid substances, and
the changes in volume and energy
accompanying solution, 436.
Bréal, E., new mode of testing for
nitrates, 1138.

Bredt, J., acetyllevulinic acid; consti-
tution of y-ketonic acids, 126.
Brenstein, and T. Salzer, detection
of thiosulphate in sodium hydrogen
carbonate, 79.

Brieger, L., a new ptomaïne producing
tetanus, 284.

source of trimethylamine in ergot
of rye, 394.

Brinckmann. See Fleischer.
Brodsky, L., action of aldehydes on
ammonium thiocyanate, 580.
Brömme, W., behaviour of cyano-
benzoic acids on dry distillation, 484.
metacyanobenzoic acid, 484.
Brown, A. J., chemical action of Bac-
terium aceti, TRANS., 638.

Brown, J., theory of voltaic action,

Brown, W. G., crystallographical notes,

[blocks in formation]

Brühl, J. W., Thomsen's supposed ex-
planation of molecular refraction rela-
tions, 200.
Brugman, W. F., influence of copper
on the estimation of sulphur, 296.
Brunnemann, determination of phos-
phorus in basic slag, 527.

Brunner, J. C. A., action of isobut-
aldehyde on quinaldine, 975.
Brunner, P., and O. N. Witt, benzi-
dine-derivatives, 672.

Brunner, P. See also Skraup.
Brunswig, H., derivatives of aceto-
thiênone, 236.

Brunton, T. L., and J. T. Cash,
action of caffeïne and theïne on volun-
tary muscle, 985.

chemical constitution and
physiological action, 985.

Buchanan, J., electrical conductivity
of hot gases, 1071.

Buchka, K., formation of phenyl-
glyoxylic acid from benzoic cyanide,

[blocks in formation]

phenylhydrazine compounds, 138.
Buisine, A., amines in suint, 792.
Bulach, W., action of paranitro-
benzaldehyde on quinaldine, 976.
Bulitsch, P., analysis of the water of
a saline lake, 648.

Bunsen, R., decomposition of glass by
carbonic anhydride condensed on its
surface, 13.

Burghardt, C. A., determination of
organic carbon and nitrogen in waters,

Burton, B. S., and H. v. Pechmann,
action of phosphoric chloride on
ethyl acetonedicarboxylate, 467.
Burton, C. I. See Japp.
Busatti, L., minerals from Tuscany,


- wollastonite from Sardinia, 709.
Busch, A., manufacture of santonin,

Butler, F. H. See Kinch.


Cahn, E. L., methylanthragallols, 57.
Cahn, E., and M. Lange, action of

aldehydes on amidosulphonic acids,

Calmels. See Hardy.

Campani, G., volumetric estimation of
urea, 1145.

Campbell, E. D., estimation of sulphur
in soluble slags, 526.

Cannizzaro, S., and G. Fabris, acid
from santonin: isophosantonic acid,

Canzoneri, F., and V. Oliveri,
B-bromofurfuran, 658.

transformation of furfuran

into pyrroline, 470.
Canzoneri, F., and G. Spica, ethoxy-
lutidine, 499.

Carnegie, D. J. See Muir.

Carnelley, T., and W. Mackie, deter-
mination of organic matter in air,

Carnelley, T., and A. Thomson,
derivatives of tolylbenzene, TRANS.,

Carnot, A., reactions of vanadic acid,

vanadates, 1018.
Carpenter, K. F., solubility of silver
chromate in ammonium nitrate, 216.
Cash, J. T. See Brunton.
Castner, H. Y., production of alkali
metals, 107.

Causse, H., acetalresorcinol, 40.

action of acetaldehyde on poly-
valent phenols, 809.
Cazeneuve, P., B-chloronitrocamphor,

isomeric nitrocamphors, 842.
Cazeneuve, P., and Hugounenq,
pterocarpin and homopterocarpin,

Celli, A., and F. Marino-Zuco, ni-
trification, 858.

Cesáro, G., destinezite, 709.
Chancel, G., and F. Parmentier,
solubility of calcium orthobutyrate
and isobutyrate, 547.

variation of solubility with
variation of heat of solution, 632.
Chaperon, G. See Gouy.
Chapman, A., method for estimating
fluorine, 295.

Chappuis, J., latent heat of vaporisa-

tion of certain volatile substances,

Chappuis, J., and C. Rivière, re-
fractive index and compressibility of
cyanogen, 753.

vapour-tension of liquid cy-

anogen, 764.
Chasanowitsch, J., action of phos-
phorus pentachloride on salicylic
acid, 725.

Chatard, T. M., lucasite, a new variety
of vermiculite, 349.

Chatelier. See Le Chatelier.
Chattaway, W. See Allen.
Chauveau, A., and Kaufmann,
heat developed by the activity of
muscles, 1059.

relation between the destruc-
tion of glucose and the production of
animal heat and work, 289.
Chester, A. H., mineralogical notes,
Chetmicki, S. v., carbonylorthamido-
phenol and thiocarborthamidophenol,

Christensen, O. T., chemistry of
manganese and fluorine, 335, 448, 892.
Chroustchoff, precipitation of mix-
tures of iodates and sulphates by
barium salts, 884.

See De Chroust-

[blocks in formation]
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