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Claisen, L., and L. Fischer, benzoyl-

aldehyde, 940.

Claisen, L., and O. Lowman, prepa-
ration of ethyl benzoylacetate, 583.
Claisen, L., and O. Manasse, nitroso-
ketones, 944.

Claisen, L., and N. Stylos, action of
ethyl acetate on acetone, 917.
Claisen. See also Beyer.
Clarke, F. W., lithia micas, 347.
Clarke, F. W., and J. S. Diller,
turquoise from New Mexico, 116.
Claudon, E., and E. C. Morin,
alcohols in brandy, 714.

fermentation of sugar with

elliptical yeast, 746.
Claus, A., action of concentrated sul-
phuric acid on aromatic ketones, 251.
constitution of benzene, 719.
Claus, A., and A. W. Bücher, chloro-
benzoic acids, 828.

Claus, A., and F. Collischonn,
bromoquinoline, 158.


quinoline, 60.

Claus, A., and M. Erler, bromo-
derivatives of diphenic acid, 268.
Claus, A., and P. Feist, a-naphthyl
methyl ketone, 271.

Claus, A., and E. Fickert, paraxylyl
ethyl ketone, 253.

Claus, A., and H. Hirzel, alkyl-deri-
vatives of aniline, 134.

Claus, A., and M. Kickelhayn,
cinchonic acid, 846.

Claus, A., and K. Kroseberg, para-
tolylglyoxylic, paratolylhydroxyacetic,
and paratolylacetic acids, 948.
Claus, A., and P. Küttner, quinoline-
sulphonic acids, 278.

Claus, A., and E. Piesz cek, ortho-
ethyltoluene, 240.

Claus, A., and O. Schmidt, B-naph-
thol-B-disulphonic acid, 269.

Claus, A., and J. A. Schulte im Hof,
cumeneorthosulphonic acid and ortho-
cumic acid, 264.

Claus, A., and A. Stiebel, metanitro-
parachloraniline, 810.

Claus, A., and E. Trainer, action of
hydrogen chloride on mixtures of
aldehyde with alcohols, 231.
Claus, A., Werner, Schlarb, and
Murtfeld, aromatic ethylene di-ke-
tones and alkylated benzoyl-B-propi-
onic acids, 827.

Cleminshaw, E. See Japp.
Clermont, A., normal quinine hydro-
chloride, 980.

Cléve, P. T., action of chlorine on
acet-a-naphthalide, 494.

action of chlorine on aceto-ẞ-
naphthylamine, 961.

Cléve, P. T., chloronaphthalenesul-
phonic acids, 374.

compound of quinaldine with form-
amide, 381.

sulphimido-compounds, 834.

Cloez, C., chloracetones, 109 1.
Cloez, C. See also Grimaux.
Cloizeaux. See Des Cloizeaux.
Cohen, E., pallasite from Campo de
Pucará, 904.

talc, pseudophite, and muscovite
from South Africa, 561.

Cohen, J. B., note on some double
thiosulphates, TRANS., 38.

Cohn, R. See Jaffé.

Cohn, S., solubility of gypsum in solu-
tions of ammonium salts, 333.
Colasanti, G., reactions of creatinine,

Colby, C. E., and C. S. McLoughlin,
action of sulphurous anhydride on
benzene, 371.

Coleman, J. J., liquid diffusion, 440.
Collie, N., action of heat on triethyl-
benzylphosphonium salts, 1106.

condensation product of ethyl
amidoacetoacetate with hydrochloric
acid, 501.

Collins, J. H., minerals from Porthalla
Cove, Cornwall, 1022.

Collischonn, F. See Claus.
Colman, H. G., and W. H. Perkin,
jun., distillation of calcium tetra-
methylenecarboxylate with lime,


- synthetical formation of closed
carbon-chains. Part II-cont. Some
derivatives of tetramethylene, TRANS-,

Colson, A., erythrol, 353.

isomerism of position, 420.

products from the residues of com-
pressed gas, 787.

Combemale. See Mairet.

Combes, A., homologues of acetyl-
acetone, 653.

-- new reaction of aluminium chloride:
synthesis in the acetic series, 127.

synthesis in the paraffin series by
means of aluminium chloride, 656.
Comey, A. M. See Jackson.
Comstock, W. J., and W. Koenigs,
cinchona alkaloids, 281, 1122.
Coninck, O. de, alkaloids, 58, 603,

Conrad, M., and W. Epstein, luti-
dine-derivatives from lutidinecarbo-
xylic acid, 501.

Conrad, M., and M. Guthzeit,
action of ammonia and primary amines
on ethyl dimethylpyronedicarboxylate,


[blocks in formation]

xylate, 502.

formation and composition of
humous substances, 229.
Conrad, M., and L. Limpach, synthe-
eis of quinoline-derivatives by means
of ethyl acetoacetate: y-hydroxyquin-
aldine, 679.

Constantinidi, A., wheat gluten as a
food, 511.

Cornu, M. A., distinction between
spectral lines of solar and terrestrial
origin, 313.

Cornwall, H. B., examination of butter
colours, 621.

Cornwall, H. B., and S. Wallace,
Reichert's method of butter analysis,

Cossa, A., ammoniacal platinum com-
pounds, 642.

columbite from Graveggia, Val
Vigezzo, 645.

Cousins, A. C., relations of mercury to
other metals, 1080.

Cownley, A. J. See Paul.
Crafts, J. M. See Friedel.
Cramer, A., glycogen, 1127.
Crampton, C. A., analyses of sugar-
cane and beet juices, 751.
Crampton, C. A., and T. C. Trescot,
estimation of carbonic anhydride in
beer, 1144.

Creydt, R., estimation of melitose, 306.
Cronander, A., new method of esti-
mating fat in milk, 308.

Crookes, W., crimson line of phospho-
rescent alumina, 1006.

new elements in gadolinite and
samarskite, 334.


radiant matter spectroscopy:
amination of the residual glow, 1066.
sharp line spectra of phosphorescent
yttria and lanthana, 1070.

sharp line spectrum of phospho-
rescent aluminium, 1069.
Crosa, E. See Fileti.

Cross, W. J., and W. F. Hillebrand,
elpasolite, a new mineral, 344.
Cuisinier, L., glucose and the saccha-
rification of starch, 354.

Cundall, J. T. See Shenstone.
Curtius, T., hydrazine (diamidogen),

Curtius, T., and F. Koch, derivatives
of diazosuccinic acid, 33.

Curtius, T., and G. Lederer, benzyl-
amine, 40.

Curtman, C. O., detecting aniline
colours in wines, 1147.

detection of salicylic acid, 185.
See Kelbe.

Czarnomski, N. v.


Daccomo, G., and V. Meyer, density
of nitric oxide at -100°, 887.
Dafert, F. W., estimation of moisture
in starch, 1143.

Dahl, A., preparation of benzylros-
anilinedisulphonic acids, 579.

Dahm, C., and K. Gasiorowski, con-
densation products from carbo-imides
and orthodiamines, 247.

Daimler, C., action of ethyl iodide and
zine on ethyl malonate, 360.
Daimler, C. See also Fittig.
Dambergis, A. K., analysis of mineral
springs in Aegina and Andros, 23.
Damour, A., a pink clay, 647.
Damour, A. See also Des Cloizeaux.
Damsky, A., isomerism of the thio-
phenic acids: derivatives of B-thio-
phenic acid, 237.

Dana, E. S., brookite from Magnet
Cove, Arkansas, 116.

[blocks in formation]

mineralogical notes, 343.

Dana, E. S., and S. L. Penfield,
two hitherto undescribed meteoric
stones, 120.
Dannenberg, E., detection of blood
stains in presence of iron-rust, 408.
Darapsky, L., Chilian alums, 558.
Dathe, E., kersantite from Wustewal-
tersdorf, in Silesia, 562.

Daubrée, meteorite at Djati Pengilon,
Java, 1024.

note on a meteorite in a tertiary
lignite, 22.

Deane, L. M., estimation of manganese
and of phosphorus in iron and steel,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

heats of formation of potassium
alcoholates, 318.

heats of formation of potassium
methoxide and ethoxide, 204.

heats of formation of sodium alkyl
oxides, 319.

potassium glycerolate, 320.
sodium glycerolate, 8.

Degen, J., indoles from methylphenyl-
hydrazine, 149.

Dehérain, P. P., production of nitrates
in arable soil, 993.

valuation of manures, 174.
Dehérain, P. P., and Maquen ne, ab-
sorption of carbonic anhydride by
leaves, 172.

Deike, W. See Jacobsen.

De Koninck, L. L., detection of am-
monia, nitric or nitrous acids, and
thiosulphuric acid, 297.

new reaction of thiosulphates, 297.
Delachanal. See Vincent.
Delacharlonny, P. M., volatilisation
of dissolved substances during the
evaporation of the solvent, 211.
De Lacre, M., dichlorethyl alcohol,

De Landero, C. F., tellurium-silver-

bismuth from Jalisco, Mexico, 1084.
De Landero and R. Prieto, some
laws of chemical combination, 99.
Delépin, S., calcium urate, 469.
De Lesseps, water from artesian well

in the Tunisian Chotts, and from the
spring at Oued Ref, 455.
Delisle, A., action of sulphur dichlo
ride on ethyl acetoacetate, 915.
Demant, B., glycogen in the liver of
new-born dogs, 167.

Demarçay, E., action of carbon tetra-
chloride on metallic oxides, 329.
cerite earths, 551.

spark-spectra from coils of low ten-
sion, 537.

spectra of didymium and sama-
rium, 1008.

De Mondésir, P., artificial production
of trona or urao, 771.

particular case of the formation of
sodium hydrogen carbonate, 699.
Demuth, R., and V. Meyer, sulphu-
ranes, 906.

Denaro, A., decomposition of silicie
acid by leaves, 70.

dichloropyromucic acid, 34.

Denigés, G. See Blarez.

Dennstedt, M., and J. Zimmer-
mann, action of acetone on pyrro-
line, 598, 1052.

action of propionic anhydride

on pyrroline, 844.
Dennstedt, M. See also Ciamician.
De Rego, J. H., detection of acid coal-
tar colours in wine, 405.

De Saint Gilles, L. P. See Haute-

Des Cloizeaux, monoclinic form and
optical properties of arsenious anhy-
dride, 1015.

Des Cloizeaux, A., and A. Damour,
chemical composition of herderite,


Des Cloizeaux, A., and F. Pisani,
oligoclase, 20.

Des Cloizeaux, A. See also Hidden.
De Varda, G. See Spica.

De Vrij, J. E., quinine chromate in
analysis, 404.

Dewar, J. See Ansdell.

De Zaaijer, H. G., andromedotoxim,


Diakonoff, N. W., molecular respira-
tion of plants, 988.

Dieff, W., action of silver acetate on
tetrabromodiallyl carbinol, 353.
Dieff, W., and A. Reformatsky.
oxidation of ricinoleic and linoleic
acids, 716.

Diehl, L., and A. Einhorn, deriva-
tives of orthamidophenylvaleric acid,

Dietrich, E., opium testing, 310.
Dietrich, F., and C. Paal, pyrotri-
tartaric acid-derivatives, 658.

Dieudonné, H., estimation of tannin,

Diez, R., quantitative estimation of
glycerol, 750.

Diller, J. S. See Clarke.

Dingwall, J. See Frankland.
Ditte, A., compounds of stannic oxide,


estimation of vanadic acid, 691.
metallic vanadates, 639, 705, 898,

Divers, E., the formation of hypo-
nitrites, PROC., 119.

Divers, E., and T. Haga, reduction

of nitrates to hydroxylamine by hy-
drogen sulphide, TRANS., 48.
Divers, A., and T. Haga, relation be-
tween sulphites and nitrites of metals
other than potassium, TRANS., 659.
Dixon, H. B., preservation of gases
over mercury, 105.

Dixon, W. A., constitution of acids,

Dobreff, N., orthodibenzyldicarboxylic
acid, 958.

Doebner, O., a-alkylcinchonic acids,

Donath, E., barium manganate, 552.
decomposition of chrome-iron ore,


Donath, E., and R. Jeller, detection
and determination of traces of chro-
mium, 531.

Donath, E. See also Schöffel.
Dott, D. B., acid morphine acetate,

Dragendorff, G., physiological action
of convolvulin and jalapin, 291.
Dragendorff, G., and E. Blumen-
bach, thallin, 871.

Dragendorff, G., and W. Jacobson,
isolation and detection of phenol, 867.
Dragendorff, G., and H. v. Rosen,
alkaloïds of lobelia, 854.
Dragendorff, G., and S. Salomon-
owitsch, myoctonine, 858.
Dragendorff, G., and H. Tiesen-
hausen, chloral hydrate, 866.
Drake, D., and J. M. Graham, elec-
tric accumulators, 418.

Draper, C. N., solubility of lithium
carbonate, 699.

Draper, H. N., silver ammonio-nitrate,

Draper, H. N., and C. Draper, be-
haviour of alkaline solutions of phenol-
phthalein in presence of alcohol, 618.
Drasche, E., analysis of Persian erup-
tive rocks, 223.

Drechsel, E., argentous compounds,

formation of complex inorganic
acids, 703.

nitrous acid, 698.

Dubourg, E. See Gayon.
Duclaux, E., actinometry, 189.

butter from various districts, 996.
chemical changes produced by sun-
light, 93.

comparative action of heat and
solar radiation, 411.

preparation of valeric acid, 1028.
Dürkopf, E., preparation of pyridine
bases, 499.

Dürkopf, E., and M. Schlaugk, con-
stitution of aldehyde-collidine, 737.

[blocks in formation]

Ebeling, A., electromotive force of
some thermo-elements, 414.
Eberhardt, L. A., black pepper oil,

Edeleano, L., derivatives of phenyl-
methacrylic acid and of phenylisobu-
tyric acid, 583.

Eder, J. M., practical methods of
photographing the spectrum, 93.
Effront, J., estimation of starch and
sugars, 867.
Ehrenberg, A., formation of nitrogen
during putrefaction, 746.

is free nitrogen formed during
putrefaction? 172.

sausage poisoning, 392.


substituted methylenediamines,

Eigel, F., trachytic rocks from the
Island of San Pietro, 904.

Eigel, G., paracoumaric acid, 1109.
Eijkman, F. J., cinnamic acid in
plants of the Ericaceae family, 517.
hydrastine, 505.

substances from Illicium religio-
sum, 497.

Einhorn, A., ecgonine, 741.

Einhorn, A., and A. Liebriecht,
action of chloral on a-picoline, 845.
Einhorn, A. See also Diehl.
Eisele, F., action of paraldehyde on
quinaldine, 975.

Eisenmann, R., galvanic element,

Ekstrand, Å. G., naphthoic acids,

373, 840.

Elbel, K., derivatives of normethyl-
nitro-opianic acid, 49.

Elborne, W., strophanthus, 991.

strophanthus and strophanthin,


Elbs, K., aromatic ketones, 940.
formation of substituted stilbenes,


Elbs, K., and F. Bauer, substituted
stilbenes, 151.

Elbs, K., and H. Eurich, 2:3 di-
methylanthraquinone, 841.

Elbs, K., and M. Günther, 1 : 3 di-
methylanthraquinone, 841.
Elkan, T., isomeric aldehydophenoxy-
acetic acids, 258.

vanilinoxyacetic acid, 259.
Ellenberger and Hofmeister, di-
gestion and digestive secretions in the
horse, 744.

digestion in the pig, 512.

nitrogenous contents of the

digestive juices, 1129.

period required for digestion

in the pig, 684.

Ellis, C., J., Maumené's test for oils,

Elsas, A., Nobili's rings and allied
electrochemical phenomena, 759.
Emden, R., vapour-tensions of saline
solutions, 764.

Emerson, W. H., oxidation of nitro-
mesitylene, 132.

Emerson, W. H. See also Remsen.
Emery, W. O. See Anschütz.
Emmerling, A., fermentation of
albumin in plants, 615.

Engel, R., action of ammonia on chlor-
ethanes direct union of ammonia
with unsaturated compounds, 793.

- condensation of acetone with chloro-
form, 569.

conversion of fumaric and maleïc
acids into aspartic acid, 917.

effect of hydrochloric acid on the
solubility of chlorides, 445.

eflect of nitric acid on the solubility
of nitrates. 632.

- effects of sulphuric acid on the solu-
bility of sulphates, 546.


hydrochloride of ferric chloride,

solubility of calcium and mag-
nesium chlorides in water at 0°, 771.
Engelhardt, E. See Otto.
Engelmann, F. See Schmitt.
Engler, C., and M. Boehm, vaselin,

Engler, C., and C. Schestopal,
action of acetone on paramidoazo-
benzene, 479.

Engler, C., and E. Wöhrle, prepara-
tion of mandelic acid and its deriva-
tives, 948.

Epstein, W. See Conrad, Guthzeit.
Erb, L. See Janovsky.
Erban, F. See Schmidt.

Erben, B., Bohemian minerals, 644.
Erlenmenyer, E., jun., constitution
of phenyl-a- and phenyl-a-ß-hydroxy-
propionic acids, 1046.

Plöchl's phenylglycidic acid, 142.
Erlenmeyer, E., and J. Rosenhek,
phenyliodohydracrylic acid, 45.

Erler, M. See Claus.

Ernst, F., reduction of a-thiophenic
acid, 471.

reduction of aa-thiophendicar-
boxylic acid, 237.

synthetical investigations in the
thiophen series, 238.

Errera, G., chloropropylbenzene, 35.
decomposition of mixed ethers by
nitric acid and heat, 1103.

ethyl parabromobenzoate and
parabromobenzoic acid, 1107.
reaction of stilbene, 53.

Escales, R., and E. Baumann,
disulphones, 123.

Étard, A., solubility of copper sul-
phate, 772.

Etienne, E. See Venator.
Eurich, H.

See Elbs.

Evershed, F. See Green.

[blocks in formation]

Fabre, C., heat of formation of crystal-
lised tellurides, 1010.

selenium alums, 1014.

Fabre, C. See also Berthelot.
Fabris, G. See Cannizzaro.
Faè, G., variations in the electrical
resistance of antimony and cobalt in a
magnetic field, 760.

Fahlberg, C., and R. List, ethyl
benzoic sulphinide and ethyl ortho-
sulphaminebenzoate, 835.

Fairley, T., estimation of sulphur and
impurities in coal-gas, 297.
Fasbender, H., compounds of alde-
hydes and ketones with mercaptan,

Federer, E. C., test for oil of pepper-
mint, 1001.

Feer, A. See Graebe.
Feist, P. See Claus.

Ferko, P., pyrogenic reactions, 572.
Fick, R., formation and properties of
inosite and its occurrence in the
vegetable kingdom, 1089.
Fickert, E. See Claus.

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