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Fileti, M., and F. Crosa, chloro-
cymene and bromocymene
thymol, 37.

Finger, H. See Weddige.
Fink, R., affinity of certain bivalent
metals for sulphuric acid, 885.
Finkener, distinction of castor oil
from other fatty oils, 402.

Finkener, R., action of carbonic an-
hydride on the dihydrate of stron-
tium, 217.

Firth, R. H., poisonous ptomaïne in
milk, 389.

Fischer, B., dimethyl ethyl carbinol,

Fischer, B., and H. Wimmer, diazo-
amido-compounds, 819.

hydroxyazo-compounds, 819.
Fischer, E., action of aldehydes, an-
hydrides and diazo-compounds on the
three methylindoles, 265.

carbamide-derivatives of dibromo-
pyruvic acid, 918.

compounds of phenylhydrazine
with sugars, 567.


hydrazines, 138, 932.

indoles from phenylhydrazine, 149.
synthesis of indole-derivatives,

Fischer, E., and O. Knoevenagel,
compounds of phenylhydrazine with
aldehyde, mesityl oxide, and allyl
bromide, 932.

Fischer, E., and F. Penzoldt, sensi-
tiveness of the sense of smell, 983.
Fischer, E., and A. Steche, methyla-
tion ofindole, 976.

methylation of indole-deriva-

tives, 588.

Fischer, E., and J. Tafel, oxidation of
polyatomic alcohols, 651.
Fischer, E., and P. Wagner, rosin-
doles, 588.

Fischer, F., composition of generator
gas and water gas, 1078.

Fischer, H., working up of Stasfurth
potash liquors containing a large
excess of sodium chloride, 1079.
Fischer, L. See Claisen.

Fischer, O., ortho- and meta-quinoline-
sulphonic acids, 601.

Fischer, O., and E. Hepp, action of
alcoholic hydrogen chloride on nitros-
amines, 244.

Fischer, O., and E. Hepp, azophe-
nines and indulines, 1105.

-nitrosamines, 729, 1114.

Fischer, O., and H. van Loo, forma-
tion of B-diquinoline, 63.

Fisher, J. H., corrosion of zinc by
ammonium chloride and potassium
nitrate, 889.

Fittbogen and Salfeld, manuring
with basic slag, 524.

Fittica, F., a fourth monobromophenol
and a second monobromobenzene, 134.
Fittig, R., and C. Daimler, action of
ethyl chloracetate and zinc on ethyl
oxalate, 361.

Flawitzky, F., conversion of dextro-

rotatory terpene from Russian tur-
pentine by means of hydration and
dehydration, 968.

relation between the boiling points
of the monatomic alcohols and their
constitutions, 879.

Fleck, H., colour reactions of picric
acid and dinitrocresol, 624.
Fleischer, M., Brinckman, and
others, manuring with basic slag
and other phosphates, 524.
Fleissner, F. See Lippmann.
Flink, G., långbanite, 782.
Flückiger, safrole, 990.

Flückiger, F. A., iodine determina-
tion in Laminaria, 996.

- lithium carbonate, 1000.
reaction of thiosulphates, 689.
Flug, K. K., ignatieffite, 1085.
Focke, separation of morphine and
strychnine from fatty matters, 187.
Focke, H., estimation of alkaline
chlorides in potash, 1138.

Fokker, fermentation by protoplasm
from recently killed animals, 984.
Folkard, C. W., bacteriological exa-
mination of water, 619.

Forcrand. See De Forcrand.
Formánek, J., solubility of lead
chloride in solutions of mercuric
chloride, 772.

Forsling, S., Brönner's B-naphthyl-
aminesulphonic acid, 375.
B-naphthylaminesulphonic acids,


Fossek, W., carbonic anhydride in the
air of schoolrooms, 888.

Foussereau, G., decomposition of
acetates by water, 767.

decomposition of thiosulphates by
acids, 883.

effect of pressure on the decompo-
sition of chlorides, 697.

Fowler, G. J. See Bailey.

Franchimont, A. P. N., action of
nitric acid on bibasic acids, 466.

Franchimont, A. P. N., and E. A.
Klobbie, amides of ethylsulphonic
acids, 468.

Franke, B., action of sulphuric acid on
potassium permanganate, 893.

hydroxylated solid hydrogen
phosphide, 635.

manganese-compounds, 1016.
new gas burette, 687.

Frankland, P. F., and J. Dingwall,
decomposition of potassium chlorate
and perchlorate by heat, TRANS.,

Fraser, T. R., strophanthin, 1115.
Freer, P. C., and W. H. Perkin, jun.,
action of ethylene bromide on the
sodium-derivatives of ethyl aceto-
acetate, benzoylacetate, and acetone-
dicarboxylate, TRANS., 820.

attempt to synthesise hepta-
methylene-derivatives, PROC., 96.

synthesis of hexamethylene-

derivatives, PROC., 96.

Freer, P. C. See also Perkin.
Fremy, artificial formation of rubies,


Fremy and Verneuil, action of
fluorides on alumina, 556.

Fresenius, H., analysis of the
Schützenhof Quelle, Wiesbaden, 647.
Fresenius, R., hot springs at Wies-
baden, 352.

preparation of hydrogen sulphide
free from arsenic, 885.

Freund, M., and W. Will, hydrastine
and its derivatives, 383, 1057.

substances contained in the

roots of Hydrastis Canadensis, 174.
Fricke, determination of sulphuric
acid in water, 862.

Frick hinger, H., oxalic acid from the
residue of spiritus ætheris nitrosi,

Friedel, C., crystalline form of quercin,

Friedel, C., and J. M. Crafts, action
of methyl chloride on o-dichloro-
benzene in presence of aluminium
chloride, 1101.

action of methylene chloride
on methylene benzene in presence of
aluminium chloride, 1102.

Friedheim, C., v. d. Pfordten's silver
suboxide, 1079.

Weil's method for determining
sulphides, 396, 749.

Friedlander, P., and F. Müller,
derivatives of pseudocarbostyril, 977.
Friedrich, A. See Hazura.
Friswell, R. J., and A. G. Green,
relation of diazobenzeneanilide to
amidoazobenzene, PROC., 26.

[blocks in formation]

Gabriel, S., and R. Otto, orthocyano-
toluene, 1035.

Gal, H., and E. Werner, heats of
neutralisation of glyceric and cam-
phoric acids, 205.

heats of neutralisation of
homologous and isomeric acids, 95.
heats of neutralisation of malic

and citric acids, 205.

heats of neutralisation of ma-
lonic, tartronic, and malic acids,

heats of neutralisation of me-
conic and mellitic acids, 206.
Gallois, E. See Adrian.
Garnier, L., estimation of albuminoids
in liquids from cysts, &c., 872.
estimation of nitrogen in urine,

Garrod, A. B., place of origin of urie
acid in the animal organism, 388.
Gasiorowski, K. See Dahm.
Gassaud, organic nitrogen in chemical
manures, 863.

Gatenby, R., volumetric estimation of
alumina, 865.

Gattermann, L., and G. Schmidt,
chloroformamide: synthesis of aro-
matic acids, 569.

preparation of alkylamido-
formic chlorides and alkyl isocyanates,

Gaunersdorfer, J., poisoning of
plants by lithium salts, 991.

Gautier, F., influence of silicon on
the condition of carbon in cast iron,
Gautier, H., chlorine-derivatives of
acetophenone, 141.

Gautier, H., influence of light and
temperature on chlorination, 922.
Gawalovski, A., filters with greased
edge, 295.

separation of mineral oils from
saponifiable fats, 1001.
Gayon, U., and E. Dubourg, alcoholic
fermentation of dextrin and starch,

Gayon, U., and G. Dupetit, method
of preventing secondary fermentation,

Gedölst, L., preparation of picrocar-
mine, 1117.

Gehring, G., aniline sebate and di-
phenylsebacamide, 822.
butyl sebate, 801.

octyl mono-, di-, and tri-chlorace-
tates, 653.

perchloramyl and perchlorobutyl
perchlorosebates, 801.

sebaceodinitranilide, 935.

Genth, A., mineralogical notes, 342.
Georges, peptones in the blood and
urine, 188.

Gerlach, G. T., boiling points of salt
solutions, 1012.

Gerland, C. See Zincke.

Gernez, D., rotatory power of com-
pounds formed in solutions of tartaric
acid, 540.

Gerrard, A. W., strophanthus and
strophanthin, 970.

Gerson, G., derivatives of pyruvic
acid, 260.

Gessner, A. See Goldschmidt.
Geuther, A., arsenic, 888.

- bitter principle of calamus root,

constitution of ethyl propio-
propionate, 915.

polyiodides, 910.

Gibbs, W., complex inorganic acids,

Gill, J. M., citric acid derivatives of
paratoluidine, 40.

Gimbel, A., derivatives of dianthryl,

nitrosoanthrone, 675.

Gimbel, A. See also Liebermann.
Gintl, W., and L. Storch, ecgonine,

Girard, A., destruction of the nema-
toïds of beetroot, 617.

estimation of starch in potatoes,

Girard, C., and L. L'Hote, combina-
tion of aniline with chromic acid,

Girard, C. See Muntz.

Giraud, H., physical peculiarity of tri-
phenylguanidine, 366.

[blocks in formation]

water of crystallisation of sodium
monosulphide, 331.

Göttig, J. See Nietzki.

Götz, J., andalusite from Marabastad,
Transvaal, 562.

Goldmann, F., action of bromine on
anthranol, 1049.

Goldschmidt, H., absorption in the
stomach of the horse, 743.

camphoroxime-derivatives, 496.
-intestinal digestion in the horse, 610.
reduction of aldoximes and acet-
oximes, 249, 568.

Goldschmidt, H., and A. Gessner,
cumylamine, 1039.

Goldschmidt, H., and M. Hönig,
nitrochlorotoluene and chlorotolui-
dine, 363.

Goldschmidt, H., and E. Kisser,
carvole-derivatives, 475, 923.

Goldschmidt, H., and N. Polo-
nowska, anisamine, 1041.

diphenylhydroxethylamine, 492.
Goldschmidt, H., and W. Schul-
thess, thienethylamine, 718.
Goldschmidt, H., and J. Strauss, di-
nitroso-orcinol and dinitrosoresorcinol,

[blocks in formation]

Gossart, the spheroidal state, 768.
Gossels, W., nitrates in animals and
plants, 389.

Gouy, standard galvanic cell, 541.
Gouy and G. Chaperon, osmotic
equilibrium and the concentration of
solutions by gravitation, 1013.
Gowland, W., and Y. Koga, silver
containing bismuth, TRANS., 410.
Gozdorf, G. A., assay of minute quan-
tities of gold, 184.
Graebe, C., acenaphthene, 592.

boiling points of diphenylamine
and its homologues, 812.

formula of diphenic acid, 589.
tetrachlorophthalic acid, 832.
Graebe, C., and C. Aubin, condensa-
tion of diphenic and orthodiphenyl-
carboxylic acids, 589.

Graebe, C., and A. Feer, euxanthone-
group, 152.

Graebe, C. See also Bohn.

Graetz, L., electrical conductivity of
solids at high pressures, 5.
Graham, J. M. See Drake.
Gram, C., active principles of Asclepias
currassavica, A. incarnata, and Vin-
cetoxicum officinalis, 377.

origin of ptomaïnes, 387.
Grassmann, P., loss occasioned by
improper methods of pickling wheat,

Gravill, E. D., estimation of ammo-
nium carbonate in spiritus ammoniæ
aromaticus, B.P., 398.

Gray, T., electrolysis of silver and cop-
per application of electrolysis to the
standardising of electric current and
potential meters, 315.

Green, A. G., and F. Evershed, volu-
metric estimation of nitrous acid,

Green, A. G. See also Friswell.
Green, J. R., changes in the proteïds
of seeds during germination, 987.
Greenall, T. H. See Thorpe.
Gréhant and Quinquaud, formates
in the organism, 513.
Griess. P., diazo-compounds, 817.

meta- and para-hydroxynitroben-
zoic acids, 485.

Griess, P., and G. Harrow, action of
aromatic diamines on sugars, 475,


Griessmayer, true nature of starch-
cellulose, 686.

Griffith, A., detection of stannic sul-
phide in presence of antimonious
sulphide, 183.

Griffiths, A. B., agricultural experi-
ments with iron sulphate as a manure
during 1886, TRANS., 215.

Grimaldi, G. P., thermic expansions
of liquids at various pressures, 626.
Grimaux, E., glyceraldehyde, 794.
Grimaux, E. and C. Cloez, erythrene
bromides, 789.

erythrene-derivatives, 352.
Griner, G., isomeride of benzene,

Grocco, P., creatinine in urine, 513.
Gruber, M., culture of anaerobic bac-
teria: morphology of butyric ferment-
ation, 1135.

Grüne, H., azo-opianic acid, 48.
Grünwald, A., chemical structure of
oxygen and hydrogen and their dis-
sociation in the sun's atmosphere,
Guareschi, I., y-dichloronaphthalene
and chloronaphthalic acid, 837.
strychninesulphonic acids, 853.
Weyl's creatinine reaction, 1122.
Guareschi, I., and P. Biginelli,
chlorobromonaphthalene, 1113.

Günther, F., iodoform and bromo-
form, 787.

Günther, M. See Elbs.

Guignet, C. E., crystallisation by dif
fusion, 101.

Guitermann, A. L., orthazoxytoluene,


A. L. See also

Guntz, antimony tartrate, 657.

heat of formation of tartar emetic,

Gurlt, meteorite in a tertiary lignite,


Guthzeit, M., and W. Epstein,

action of phosphoric sulphide on
ethyl dimethylpyronedicarboxylate,

Guthzeit, M. See also Conrad.


Habermann, J., electrolysis of carbon
compounds, 94.

Haedicke, J., R. W. Bauer, and B.
Tollens, galactose from Carragheen
moss, 791.

Haedicke, J., and B. Tollens, forma-
tion of galactose and lævulose from
raffinose, 791.

Haga, T., effects of dilution and the
presence of sodium salts and carbonie
anhydride on the titration of hydroxyl-
amine by iodine, TRANS., 794.
Haga, T. See also Divers.
Hagemann, G. A., avidity formula,

Hagenbach. See Nietzki.
Hager, H., butter testing, 309.
detection of arsenic, 397.
guaiacum resin, 752.

testing aluminium sulphate, 182.
use of copper containing arsenic
for the dearsenification of hydro-
chloric acid: Reinsch's test for arsenic,

Hall, J. A., some analogous phosphates,
arsenates, and vanadates, TRANS.,

some ethereal salts of vanadium
acids, TRANS., 751.
Haller, A., cyanacetophenone, 826.
ethyl cyanacetate, 797.

inactive borneols yielding active
camphors, 1050.


isomeric camphols and camphors,

- preparation of ethyl cyanomalonate
and ethyl benzoyleyanacetate, 1030.
racemic camphol and its deriva-
tives, 1050.

Haller, A., and G. Arth, ethyl suc-
cinimidoacetate and camphorimido-
acetate, 1031.

Haller, A., and A. Held, ethyl aceto-
cyanacetate, 799, 1029.
Halliburton, W. D., muscle plasma,

proteïds of cerebrospinal fluid,

Hanriot, anemonin, 843.
Hanriot, M., and C. Richet, estima-
tion of the carbonic anhydride expired
and the oxygen absorbed in respira-
tion, 507.

relation between muscular
activity and the chemical effect of
respiration, 1058.

Hanssen, A., action of carbonyl chloride
on ethylene- and trimethylene- di-
phenyldiamine, 577.

constitution of brucine, 505.
Hantzsch, A., constitution of quinone
derivatives, 719.

furfuran-derivatives from resor-

cinol, 262.
Hantzsch, A., and K. Schniter,
action of chlorine and bromine on
pyrogallol, 925.

constitution of chlor- and
brom-anilic acids, 1036.

Hantzsch, A., and C. Wohlbrück,
ethyl propiopropionate, 717.

Hantzsch, A., and A. Zeckendorf,
derivatives of ethyl quinonepara-
dicarboxylate, 727.

Hantzsch, A., and H. Zürcher,
polycoumarins, 830.

Hardaway, H., analysis of shot, 416.


Harden, A., action of silicon tetra-
chloride on the aromatic amido-com-
pounds, TRANS., 40.

Harding, S. L., sodium dichromate
cell, 412.

Hardy and Calmels, synthesis of pilo-
carpine, 1057.

Harper, D. N. See Penfield.
Harrison, G., mirror amalgam, 447.
Harrow, G. See Griess.
Hart, W. B. See Smith.
Hartley, W. N., constitution of the
double chromic oxalates, PROC., 4.

relation between the molecular
structure of carbon compounds and
their absorption spectra. VIII. A
study of coloured substances and dyes,
TRANS., 152.

spectroscopic notes on the carbo-
hydrates and albuminoïds from grain,
TRANS., 58.

Hartog, P. J., sulphites, 886.
Harvey, S., conversion of starch into
glucose by means of hydrochloric acid,


- estimation of nitrates in water, 184.
Hasebroek, K., action of hydrogen
peroxide on bismuth salts, 340.

a first product of gastric digestion,

Haseloff, E. See Roser.
Haslam, A. R. See Anschütz.
Hausdörfer, A. See Bischoff.
Haushofer, K., microchemical tests,

microscopical analysis, 300.
Hautefeuille, P., and J. Mar-
gottet, hydrated silicon phosphate,

Hautefeuille, P., and L. P. de
Saint-Gilles, artificial production
of micas, 560.

Hazura, K., acid from hemp-seed oil,

acids from drying oils, 359, 913.
Hazura, K., and A. Friedrich,
acids from drying oils, 798.
Headden, W. P., columbite from
Colorado, 347.

Hecht, H., action of monamines on
citric acid, 154.

Hehner, O., estimation of glycerol and
its non-volatility with aqueous vapour,

estimation of methyl alcohol in
presence of ethyl alcohol, 1142.
Heidlberg, T., ortho- and para-chloro-
dimethylaniline, 474.

Heisch, C., analysis of pepper, 312.
Helbing, H., reaction of strophanthin,

Held, A. See Haller.

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