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[blocks in formation]

Henzold, O., frozen milk, 745.
Hepburn, G., griqualandite, 709.
Hepp, E. See Fischer.

Hermann, A., digestion of fibrin by
trypsin, 1130.

Herrmann, O. See Leuckart.
Herz, J., detection of alum in flour,

detection of artificially coloured
red wine, 91.
Herzberg, W. See Stohmann.
Herzel, H. See Claus.

Herzfeld, A., estimation of carbon in
the organic constituents of water, 184.
estimation of invert sugar, 185.
Herzig, J., isodulcitol, 906.
Hesse, O., alkaloïds of the Berberideæ,

alkaloïds of coca leaves, 1125.
China bicolor, 76.

cinchol, 58.

estimation of quinine sulphate,


[blocks in formation]

the Mazapil meteoric iron, 564.

twin crystals of molybdenite, 116.
Hidden, W. E., and A. Des Cloizeaux,
North Carolina mineral localities, 118.
Hill, H. B., and L. L. Jackson, chloro-
pyromucic acid, 469.
Hillebrand, W. F., emmonsite, an
iron telluride. 344.

Hillebrand, W. F. See also Cross.
Hillyer, H. W. See Remsen.
Hinsberg, O., action of monatomie
aldehydes of the fatty series on meta-
paratoluylenediamine, 816.

action of orthotoluylenediamine on
dextrose, 476.

nomenclature of the quinoxaline
series, 382.

zirconium, 896.

Hirsch, R., chloro-nitro-derivatives of
the aromatic series, 834.

Hirschler, A., lactic acid in animals,

separation of nitrogenous sub-
stances by means of phosphomolybdie
acid, 310.

Hirzel, H. See Claus.
Hockauf, J., botryogene, 21.
Höland, R., substitution-derivatives
from methylene chloride, 905.
Hönig, M., nitrochlorotoluenes and
chlorotoluidines. 1034.

Hönig, M., and S. Schubert, carbo-
hydrates, 125.

Hönig, M. See also Goldschmidt.
Hötte, B., action of phenylhydrazine
on anhydrides of bibasic acids, 669.
Hoffmann, A., compound of pyro-
tartaric acid with hippuric acid, 44.

[blocks in formation]

Hoogewerff, S., and W. A. van
Dorp, benzylamine and phenylethyl-
amine, 245.

isoquinoline and its deriva-

tives, 505.
Hooper, D., ash of cinchona barks,

Hoppe-Seyler, F., estimating hydro-
gen in the presence of methane, 618.
methane fermentation of acetic
acid, 1135.
Hoppe-Seyler, G., discriminating be-
tween chrysophanic acid and santonin
colouring matters in urine, 406.
Horbaczewski, J., synthesis and con-
stitution of uric acid, 918.

Horstmann, A., molecular volumes,

Horvat, V., dry distillation of starch
with lime, 460.

Hote. See L'Hote.

Hotter, E., synthesis of phenylaceturic
acid, 368.

Howard, W. C., separation of hygrine
from cocaïne, 1126.

Hughes, J., analysis of hoofs and
horns, 408.

Hugounenq, L., chlorine-derivatives
of anisoïl, 923.

lavorotatory B-hydroxybutyric acid
in the blood of a diabetic patient, 986.
Hugounenq. See also Cazeneuve.
Hunt, T. S., integral weights in chemis-
try, 1077.

law of volumes in chemistry, 99.

[blocks in formation]

Jackson, C. L., and A. M. Comey,
action of silicon fluoride on organic
bases, 243.

Jackson, C. L., and G. W. Rolfe,
quantitative determination of hy-
droxyl, 749.

Jackson, C. L., and J. F. Wing, con-
version of aromatic sulphonates into
amido-compounds, 727.

dimethylbenzylamine, 721.

Jackson, L. L. See Hill.

Jacobsen, O., action of sulphuric acid
on pentamethylbenzene, 660.
ethylxylenes, 37.
hemellithene, 36.

hydrocarbons from tar oils boiling
between 170° and 200°, 35.

purification of hydrogen sulphide
from hydrogen arsenide, 885.
Jacobsen, O., and W. Deike, syn-
thesis of hemellithene, 659.
Jacobson, P., orthamidated aromatic
ketones, 961.

Jacobson, W. See Dragendorff.
Jaffé, M., and R. Cohn, behaviour of

furfuraldehyde in the animal organ-
ism, 1032.

Jahoda, R., papaverine salts, 164.
James, J. W., action of chlorine on
methyl thiocyanate, TRANS., 268.

formation of ethyl cyanacetoace-
tate, TRANS., 287.

Jandrier, E., nitroacenaphthene, 964.
Janeček, G., determination of atomic
weight from specific heat, 419.
Jannasch, P., heulandite, 903.

new analyses of Norwegian rocks,

strontia in heulandite, 453.
Jannettaz, E., buratite from Laurium,

Janovsky, J. V., azo-compounds, 663.
Janovsky, J. V., and L. Erb, direct
substitution products of parazoto-
luene: hydrazobromobenzenes: hydr-
azobromotoluenes, 479.

halogen-derivatives of azo-
benzene and hydrazobenzene, 478.
Japp, F. R., diphenylglyoxaline and



Japp, F. R., and C. I. Burton, anhy-
dracetonebenzil, TRANS., 420.
azines, TRANS., 98.

condensation compounds of

benzil with ketones, TRANS., 431.
Japp, F. R., and E. Cleminshaw,
constitution of glycosine, TRANS., 552.
Japp, F. R., and N. H. J. Miller,
preparation and hydrolysis of hydro-
cyanides of the diketones, TRANS, 29.
Jawein, L., crystalline compound from
Kamala, 498.

Jedlička, K. See Levy.

Jehn, C., action of polyatomic alcohols
on solutions of boric acid and hydro-
gen sodium carbonate, 790.
Jeller, R. See Donath.
Jensch, E., composition of
ancient ceramics from Brandenburg,



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Kahlbaum, G. W. A., apparatus for
measuring the tension of vapours,

boiling points of the fatty acids
C2H4O2 to CH100, 207.

influence of atmospheric pressure
on boiling point, 206.

temperature regulator, 206.
Kaiser and Schmieder, changes in
milk by freezing, 745.

Kalecsinszky, A., native gold from
Thibet, 780.

Kalischer M., new secondary element,

Kalischer, S., electromotive force pro-
duced by light in selenium, 693.
Kalmann, W., standardising iodine
solutions: estimating sulphurous acid
in presence of thiosulphuric acid, 618.
Kalmann, W., and J. Spüller, exami-
nation of crude soda lyes and red
liquors, 1063.

Kappel, S., formation of nitrites, 106.
Karcz, M., glyoxalonanthyline and its
derivatives, 911.

Kassner, G., lactucerin, 605.

solanine, 860.

[blocks in formation]

Kehrmann, F. See also Nietzki.
Keiser, E. H., action of chlorine on
pyridine, 277.

combustion of weighed amounts of
hydrogen atomic weight of oxygen,

new pyrometer, 1073.
Kelbe, W., and N., v., Czarnomski,
action of bromine and water on a-me-
taisocy menesulphonic acid: constitu-
tion of a- and 8-metaisocymenesul-
phonic acids, 147.

Kellner, O., and others, absorption by
soils, 76.

composition of tea-leaves, 73.

estimation of absorbed bases in

soils, 77.

feeding and development of silk-
worms, 68.

behaviour of urea in soils, 524.
Kerner, G., and A. Weller, testing
quinine sulphate, 1146.

Ketteler, E., dispersion in rock-salt,

Kickelhayn. See Claus.

Kiliani, H., action of sodium amalgam
on arabinose, 714.
arabinose, 229.

arabinosecarboxylic acid and ara-
binose, 465.

Kimmins, C. W., periodates, TRANS.,

Kinch, E., the amount of chlorine in
rain-water collected at Cirencester,
TRANS., 92.

[blocks in formation]

Klason, P., thio-derivatives of ethyl
carbonate, 1029.

toluenedisulphonic acids, 264, 491.
Kleemann, S., reduction of nitro-opi-
anic acid, 584.

Kleemann, S. See also Liebermann.
Klein, J., estimation of formic acid
and of organic matter in water, 1000.
Klien, composition of barley and pease,


Klobbie, E. A. See Franchimont.
Klobukoff, N. v., new apparatus for

electrochemical investigations, 200.
Klotz, C. See Knorr.

Knapp, F., formation of ultramarine
in the wet way, 110.

Kniesche, T., tungsten, 14.
Knoevenagel, O. See Fischer.
Knop, A., biotite, 646.

crystallised niobic anhydride, 642.
peridote of Schelinger Matten, 1086.
pseudobiotite, 646.

Knop, W., determination of ammonia
in arable soil, 297.

Knorr, L., cinnamylhydrazine, 665.

correction: action of ethyl aceto-
acetate on orthophenylenediamine,

pyrazole-derivatives, 678.
-synthesis of quinoline-derivatives,


synthetical experiments by means
of ethyl acetoacetate, 159, 275, 601.
Knorr, L., and C. Klotz, pyrazoline-
derivatives from ethyl benzoylacetate,

reduction of hydroxylepidine
and methyllepidone, 278.
Knorre, G. v., employment of nitroso-
a-naphthol in quantitative analysis,

Kobb, G. J., spectrum of germanium,

Kobert, croton oil, 798.

Koch, E., behaviour of tertiary amines
towards nitrous acid, 1041.

butylchloral hydrate and chloral
hydrate as antidotes for strychnine
and picrotoxin, 391.

Koch, F. See Curtius.

Koch, R., determination of the free
acid in tannin liquor by titration, 871,

Kochs, W., determination of sulphur
in albuminoïds, 396.

Kock, E., formation of haloid substitu-
tion-derivatives of amido-compounds
by the reduction of nitro-derivatives
of hydrocarbons, 810.

triphenylmethane-derivatives, 836.
Köbrich, A., determination of organic
matter in natural water, 533.

Köhler, A., nitro-derivatives of me-
thyluracil, 128.
König, G. A., manganese-zinc serpen-
tine from Flanklin, New Jersey, 646.

stromeyerite, from Mexico, 643.
König, J., composition of the inner
brown skin of the earth nut, 519.
Koenigs, W. See Comstock, Hey-


Koenigs, W., and J. U. Nef, 4'-
phenylquinoline and the derived di-
quinolyls, 599.

Köerner, G., and A. Menozzi, action
of ammonia on ethyl bromosuccinate,

a-amidoisosuccinic acid, 801.
transformation of fumaric
and maleïc acids into aspartic acid
and asparagine, 1100.
Körner, M., derivatives of benzoylor-
thamidobenzamide, 1044.

Koga, Y. See Gowland.

Kohner, A., determination of cadmium

and its separation from copper, 398.
Kokscharoff, N. J. v., turquoise from
the Kirghis Steppes, 1021.

Koláček, F., alteration of freezing
points, 879.

Koninck. See De Koninck.

[blocks in formation]

Kostiurina, S., action of pepsin on
amyloïd, 506.

Koto, B., glaucophane, 1086.

Japanese rocks, 564.

Kowalewsky, N., formation of methæ-
moglobin in blood by the action of
alloxantin, 508.

Kraemer, G., and W. Böttcher,
the relation between petroleum and
the hydrocarbons of coal-tar and
shale-tar, 648.

Krafft, F., benzene-derivatives of
high molecular weight, 252.
Krasser, F., presence of albumin in
vegetable tissues: microchemical test
for albuminoïds, 407.

Kraus, J., so-called soluble starch,

Kraut, K., oxidation of ammonia in

presence of platinum or palladium,

Krekeler, K., action of sulphuric acid
on aromatic ketones, 141.

pentathiophen-group, 239.

Kremp, manurial experiments with
various phosphates, 1137.
Kretschmar, M., detection of boron
in milk, &c., 864.

Kretschmar, M., estimation of fat,

estimation of potassium in ashes
and minerals, 864.

Kreusler, U., amount of oxygen in the
atmosphere, 634.

is nitric acid formed in the organ-
ism of higher plants? 686.

observations on the growth of pota-
toes, 71.

Krosberg, K. See Claus.
Krouchkoll, polarisation of copper,

Krüger, F., absorption of light by oxy-
hæmoglobin, 1126.

Krüss, G., atomic weight of gold, 340,

gold, 450, 554, 778.
gold oxides, 15.

sublimed auric chloride, 341.
universal spectroscope, 179.
Krüss, G., and L. F. Nilson, com-
ponents of the rare earths yielding
absorption spectra, 890.

earths and niobic acid from

fergusonite, 706.

equivalent and atomic weight

of thorium, 704.

[blocks in formation]
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