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Kupferschlaeger, titration of zinc
powder, 865.


La Coste, W., and F. Valeur, de-
rivatives of a-quinolinedisulphonic

acid. 973.

-quinolinedisulphonic acids and

their derivatives, 379.
Lacre. See De Lacre.
Lacroix, A., critical examination of
some minerals, 350.

lammelar thomsonite, 350.
-plumbocalcite from Wenlock Head,


white epidote from the Beagle
Canal, Terra del Fuego, 350.
Ladd, E. F., pepsin versus animal
digestion, 513.

Ladenburg, A., cinnamene of the
pyridine series, 737.

constitution of benzene, 362.
constitution of tropine, 740.
formation of pyrrolidine, 1052.

identity of cadaverine with penta-

methylenediamine, 125, 1057.
piperidine bases, 64.

piperidine series, 740.
pyridine bases, 59.
pyrrolidine, 499.

specific rotation of piperidine bases,
164, 282.

synthesis of active conine, 160.
Ladenburg A., and F. Peterson,
duboisine, 740.

Ladenburg, A., and C. F. Roth,
bases from animal oil, 157.
Lafont, J., action of glacial acetic acid

on lævogyrate camphene, 969.
Lafont, J. See also Bouchardat.
Laible, estimation of phosphoric acid,

Landero. See De Landero.

Landsberg, L., preparation of vanil-
lin, 483.

[blocks in formation]

Langeli, T., trimethylpropylammo-
nium iodide and hydroxide, 461.
Langlois, M., specific heats of liquids,


Lasser-Cohn, sodium and potassium
ethyl tartrates, 918.

Latschinoff, P., bile acids, 682.

crystalline form of choleic acid,

Laube, G., decolorising power of bone-
black, 619.

Laugier, P., action of selenious acid
on manganese dioxide, 775.
Laurent, E., the bacillus of panary
fermentation, 70.

Laurie, A. P., electromotive force of a
constant cell with moving plates, 314.
electromotive force of a voltaic cell
having an aluminium plate as elec-
trode, 315.
Laurie, A. P. See also Thorpe.
Lawson, A. T. See Zincke.
Le Bel, J. A., Russian petroleum, 225.
Lebensbaum, M., amount of oxygen
taken up in the decomposition of
hæmoglobin into albumin and hæma-
tin, 854.

Lechartier, G., cider ash, 520.

Le Chatelier, H., action of heat on
clays, 785.

constitution of clays, 785.
laws of solution, 548.


thermodynamics and chemistry,

Lederer, G. See Curtius.

Ledroit, J. M., so-called trachyte-
dolerites of the Vogelsberg, 904.
Legler, L., estimation of glycerol in
fermented liquids, 1142.

Lehmann, F. See Pfeiffer, Wal-

Leighton, G. W., crystalline scale
formed in the manufacture of sodium
hydrogen carbonate, 108.

mica from Leon Co., Texas, 119.
Leitgeb, H., crystalline deposits in
dahlia tubers, 1136.

Leko, M. T., thiophen in aniline, 471.
Lellmann, E., existence of two series
of 4 (ana) derivatives of quinoline,

phenylpiperidine, 604.

preparation of B-nitronaphthalene,
Lellmann, E., and H. Alt, quinoline,
Lellmann, E., and O. Bonhöffer,
introduction of carboxyl into aro-
matic derivatives by the action of
diphenylcarbamide chloride, 935.

introduction of carboxyl into
aromatic hydrocarbons, 254.

[blocks in formation]

Leone, T., changes induced in water by
the development of bacteria, 615.
Leone, T., and A. Longi, properties of
olive, sesame, and cotton oils, 536.
Lepetit, R., pyridine-derivatives from
metanitrobenzaldehyde, 1053.

reaction of nitrobenzaldehydes with
ethyl acetoacetate and ammonia, 845.
Lerch, J. Z., red dye from chloral
hydrate, 793.

Le Royer, A., B-dichlorophthalic acid,

Lescoeur, H., dissociation of hydrated
oxalic acid, 915.

hydrates of barium chloride, 766.
hydrates of sodium arsenate, 698.
the relation between the efflor-
escence and deliquescence of salts
and the maximum vapour-tensions of
their saturated solutions, 208.

vapour-tension of sodium acetate,


velocity of dissociation, 100.
Lesseps. See De Lesseps.
Leuckart, R., carveol, borneol, and
menthol, 376.

Leuckart, R., and E. Bach, bornyl-
amine, 376.

Leuckart, R., and A. Herrmann,
nitrotolylglycine and oxydihydrotolu-
quinoxaline, 383.

Levallois, A., characteristics of olive
oil, 535.

Levi, L. E., thiophen-green, 481.
Lévy, L., colour reactions of arsenic,
arsenious, vanadic, and molybdic an-
hydrides, and of antimony and bis-
muth oxides, 305.

colour reactions of titanic, niobic,
tantalic, and stannic anhydrides, 304.

estimation of titanic acid, 1064.
Levy, S., and K. Jedlička, action of
bromine on bromanilic and chlor-
anilic acids, 1106.

Lewy, L.. aniline and its homologues,

Leybold, W., burette jet, 688.
L'Hote, L., detection and estimation
of aluminium in wine and in grapes,

detection and estimation of vana-
dium in minerals, 690.

L'Hote, L. See also Girard.
Liborius, P., bacterial life in relation
to oxygen, 291.

Liebermann, C., constitution of azo-
opianic acid, 257.

derivatives of opianic acid, 45.
isomeride of hemipinimide, 258.
Liebermann, C., and O. Bergami,
cocceryl alcohol and coccerylic acid,

ruberythric acid, 1051.
Liebermann, C., and A. Gimbel,
preparation of anthranol and di-
anthryl, 965.

Liebermann, C., and S. Kleemann,
etherification of opianic acid, 584.

opianic acid-derivatives, 47.
Liebermann, C., and S. v. Kosta-
necki, spectra of the methyl-deriva-
tives of hydroxyanthraquinone, 1.
Liebermann, C., and M. Römer,
alkannin, 1051.

Liebermann, C., and P. Seidler,
opiaurin, 580.

Liebermann, C., and W. Wense,
hydroxyanthraquinone dyes, 593.
Liebermann, C., and O. N. Witt,
azines of chrysoquinone, 1049.
Liebermann, L., detection of albumin
in urine, 1150.

Liebmann, A., and Studer, detection
of rosaniline salts, 405.

Liebrecht, A., reduction of nicotine,

Liebrecht, A. See also Einhorn.
Lifschütz, J. See Pinner.
Limpach, L. See Conrad.
Limpricht, H., sulphazides, 728.
Linck, G., crystallography of cadmium
borotungstate, 334.

Linde, O., estimation of hydrocyanic
acid, 1143.

Lindet, L., action of alcohols on auro-
phosphorous chloride, 227.

Lindo, new sugar reactions, 751.
Lindström, G., copper mineral from
Sunnerskog, Sweden, 343.

- phosphoric anhydride in felspar,347.
Ling, A. R., isomeric change in the
phenol series, TRANS., 147, 782.
Linn, F. See Morse.

Linossier, G., compound of hæmatin
with nitric oxide, 854.
Lintner, C. J., diastase, 165.

Lipp, A., para- and ortho-nitrophenyl-
oxyacrylic acid, 142.

Lipp, A., tetrahydropicoline, 277.
Lippmann, E., dehydrogenation by
means of benzoic peroxide, 151.
Lippmann, E., and F. Fleissner,
synthesis of hydroxyquinolinecarboxy-
lic acid, 63, 1119.

Lippmann, E. O. v., a new galactan:
properties of galactose, 652.
Lipski, A. A., comparative estimation
of preparations of pepsin, 66.
List, E., organic and inorganic con-
stituents of grapes, 860.

List, R., action of thiocarbamide on
ethyl acetoacetate, 127.
List, R. See also Fahlberg.
Livermore, W. D. See Norton.
Liweh, T.,conyrine platinochloride, 383.
26 dimethylpyridine platino-
chloride, 378.

Lloyd, J. V., asiminine, 981.

Lloyd, R., conversion of the higher
homologues of phenol into amines, 721.
Locher, M. See Ziegler.
Lodter, W. See Bamberger.
Loeb, M., amidine-derivatives, 42.
Loebisch, W. F., and P. Schoop,
strychnine, 282.

Lösch, A., theïne estimation, 1002.
Lösch, A. A., brucite from the Ural, 345.
Loew, O., catalytic actions, 440.

diastase, 387.

[blocks in formation]

of phos-

phoric acid in basic slag, 527.
Lommel, E., phosphorescence, 410.
Longi, A. See Leone.

Lopatine, N., action of aniline on
ethyl dibromosuccinate, 1046.
Lory, C., microscopic crystals of albite
in calcareous rocks of the Western
Alps, 1023.

Losanitsch, S. M., mineral waters
from Servia, 648.
Louguinine. See Berthelot.
Lowe, C. W., dibenzyl ether, TRANS.,

Lowmann, O. See Claisen.
Luckow, C., separation of metals by
oxalic acid, 529.

Ludwig, E., and G. Tschermak,
meteorite from Angra dos Reis, 1087.
Lüdecke, O., crystallography of some
polyiodides, 910.

minerals from the Stassfurt salt
mines, 1085.
Lüdeking, C., post-mortem detection
of chloroform, 305.

Lunge, G., analysis of explosives, 86.
- conversion of calcium hypochlorite
into calcium chlorate, 11.

detection of nitrogen compounds
in seleniferous sulphuric acid, 998.

Lunge, G., and J. Rosenberg, coal-tar
lutidines, 449.

Lunge, G., and R. Schoch, action of
ammonia on bleaching powder, 700.
Lunge, M. See Cahn.

Luvini, J., electrical conductivity of
gases and vapours, 4.

Luzzato, E., antimonite from Val-
dagno, 1084.

Luzzato. See also Zambelli.
Lwoff, J., fatty acids in resin, 653.


Mabery, C. F., products from the
Cowles electrical furnace, 551.

substituted acrylic and propionic
acids, 570.

Macadam, W. I., butyrellite, 17.

talc used in paper-making, 452.
Macagno, J., determination of tan-
nin in sumach, 624.

McCay, L. W., arsenic pentasulphide,


McCulloch, N., estimation of chro-
mate in the presence of dichromate,

volumetric estimation of cobalt in
presence of nickel, 1141.
MacGowan, G., dihaloïd-derivatives
of thiocarbamide, TRANS., 378.

sulphinic compounds of carbamide
and thiocarbamide, TRANS., 666.
McGregor, J. G., density of weak
aqueous solutions of salts, 209.
MacIvor, R. W. E., bismuthic gold,

minerals occurring in Australian
bat guano, 708.

New Zealand graphite, 555.
perbromic acid, 698.

Mackenzie, G. S., rare copper minerals
from Utah, 19.

Mackie, W. See Carnelley.
Mackintosh, J. B., improved form of
Elliot's gas apparatus, 1137.

separation of nickel and cobalt
from iron, 1141.

McLoughlin, S. See Colby.
MacMunn, C. A., invertebrate chro-
matology, 613.

myohæmatin, 983.

Macnair, D. S., apparatus for vapour-
density determinations, 765.

separation of acetic and formic

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


therapeutic action of methylal,

toxic action of colchicine, 515.
Malbot, H., preparation of isobutyl-
amines, 356.

preparation of normal propyl-
amines and isoamylamines, 652.
salts of di-isobutylamine, 461.
separation of mono- and di-iso-
butylamines, 357.

Mallet, J. W., silver in Cotopaxi vol-
canic ash, 454.

Malot, estimation of phosphoric acid,

Manasse, O., vanadates of the alkaline
earths, 339.

Manasse. See also Claisen.
Maneuvrier, G., formation of the
electric are without contact of the
electrodes, 626.

Mankiewicz, detection of phospho-
rus, 526.

Mannley, G., estimation of indigo,


Mansfeld, W., derivatives of di-
ethylene disulphide, 122.
Maquenne, inosite and its derivatives,
355, 459, 908.


identity of dambose with inosite,

Maquenne. See also Dehérain.
Marcacci, A., action of alkaloïds in
the animal and vegetable kingdoms,
Marcet, W., volumetric estimation of
carbonic anhydride, 528.
Marceuse, W., formation of lactic
acid during muscular activity, 508.
Mares, excretion of urea and uric acid
from the system, 856.

Margottet, J. See Hautefeuille.
Marino-Zuco, F. See Celli.
Markownikoff and J. Spady, con-
stitution of the hydrocarbon CaHan
from Caucasian petroleum, 922.
Marquardt, A., alkyl compounds of
bismuth, 802.

[blocks in formation]

Meem, J. G., limonite-pseudomorphs
after iron pyrites, 116.

Méhu, C., sugar in urine, 1060.

urea estimation, 1001.

Meineke, C., analysis of clays, 1139.
determination of manganese, 1139.
determination of phosphorus in
steel and iron, 396.

volumetric determination of man-
ganese, 531.
Meissler, A., ethyl isobutyl ether, 1088.
Meissner, F., heat evolved when pow-
ders are moistened, 9.

Meldola, R., constitution of diazo-
amido-compounds, 818.

preparation of dinitronaphthyl-
amine; metanitrophenylazodimethyl-
amidobenzene, 152.

[blocks in formation]

Meldola, R., and F. W. Streatfeild,
notes on anhydro-bases: ethenyltri-
amidonaphthalene, TRANS., 691.
Melikoff, P., constitution of chloro-
hydroxybutyric acid and dichloro-
butyric acid, 30.

derivatives of tiglic acid, 29.
Mendeléeff, D., the compounds of
ethyl alcohol with water, TRANS., 778.
Mendenhall, T. C., electrical resist-

ance of soft carbon under pressure, 315.
Menke, A. E., action of ferric sulphate
on iron, 703.

Menke, A. E. See also Scovell.
Menozzi, A., and C. Belloni, a-
methylamidovaleric acid, 797.
Menozzi, A. See also Koerner.
Mensching, J., and V. Meyer, be-
haviour of phosphorus, arsenic, and
antimony at a white heat, 888.

vapour-density of potassium

[blocks in formation]

Merck, C. E., ecgonine, 284.
Merck, E., strophanthus and strophan-
thin, 1116.

Merling, G., action of bromine on
dimethylpiperidine, 164.

Mermet, A., lecture experiments, 769.
Mertens, E., action of amines on
phthalylacetic acid, 51.

Merz, V., and P. Müller, aniline and
diphenylamine from phenol, 243.
conversion of phenols into

amines, 576.
Merz, V., and C. Ris, action of

ethylenediamine on catechol, 722.
Mettegang, H. See Bernthsen.
Meunier, S., artificial formation of
rose-spinel or Balas ruby, 707.

meteoric iron at Fort Duncan,
Texas, 647.

mineral waters from Java, 224.
Meusel, E., effects of thiocyanates on
vegetation and fermentation, 519.
Meyer, A. B., nephrite from Alaska,


Meyer, E. v., preparation of iodo-
benzene from phenylhydrazine, 1042.
synthesis of cyanphenin, 363.

Meyer, G., refractive index of ice, 753.
Meyer, L., action of carbon tetra-
chloride on oxides, 552.

apparatus for fractional distillation
under reduced pressure, 884.

[blocks in formation]

Meyer, V., and A. W. Warrington,
action of acetic chloride on amines,
TRANS., 683.

Meyer, V. See also Daccomo,
Demuth, Mensching.
Michael, A., action of ethyl sodaceto-
acetate and sodomalonate on the ethyl
salts of unsaturated acids, 672.

action of phosphorus pentachloride
on acetanilide, 481.

behaviour of acetic acid and its
derivatives to phosphorus pentachlor-
ide, 359.

behaviour of ethyl oxalate with
resorcinol, 949.

condensation of aldehydes with
phenols, 825.

constitution of trimethylenetricar-
boxylic acid, 468.

convenient method of preparing
brominated fatty acids, 358.

formation of indigo-blue from
orthonitrophenylpropiolic acid, 672.

reactions with ethyl sodacetoace-
tate and ethyl sodomalonate, 716.

reduction of the isomeric bromo-
cinnamic acids, 668.

Michael, A., and G. M. Browne,
aromatic hydroxylamines, 663.

isomerism in the cinnamic

acid series, 582.

isomerism in the crotonic

acid series, 656, 1029.

Michael, A., and J. P. Ryder, action
of aldehydes on phenols, 723.
Michaelis, A., organo-bismuth com-
pounds, 368.

tellurium dichloride, 1078.
valency of bismuth, 340.

vapour-density of tellurium te-
trachloride valency of tellurium,

Michaelis, A., and A. Polis, tri-
phenylbismuthine and its derivatives,


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