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Michaelis, A., and L. Weitz, triani-
sylarsine and its derivatives, 367.
Miers, H. A. See Kinch.
Miesler, J., electromotive dilution
constants of silver and copper salts,

Miles, F. P., formation of potassium
silicide, 450.

supposed meteorite from Highland
Co., Virginia, 455.
Miles, M., nitrifying microbes, 1134.
Miller, A. K, compound of amylene
with nitric oxide, PROC., 108.

recent papers by A. v. Baeyer and
J. Thomsen on the constitution of
benzene, TRANS., 208.

Miller, A. K., and T. Baker, compo-
sition of shale spirit, PROC., 97.
Miller, A. R., preserving standard
tartar-emetic solutions, 403.
Miller, N., ferment organisms of the
alimentary canal, 288.
Miller, N. H. J. See Japp.
Miller, W. v., action of aniline on
mixtures of fatty aldehydes, 974.

condensation of quinaldine with
aldehydes, 975.

nitrosalicylaldehydes, 938.
Miller, W. v., and F. Kinkelin,
action of aniline on a mixture of prop-
aldehyde and acetal, 975.

condensation of isobutalde-
hyde and methylal with aniline,

oxyquinoline and its derivatives, 978.
nitrocoumaraldehydes, 939.
Mills, E. J., action of heat on potassium
chlorate and perchlorate, 767.
Mills, T. W., urine of the tortoise,

Miuria, M., melanin, 855.
Mixter, W. G., acid propionates and
butyrates, 231.

Mixter, W. G. See also Dyer, Mat-
thieson, Osborn.

Möhlau, R., and C. Hoffmann, alkyl
hypochlorites from isonitroso-com-
pounds, 795.

Möller, G., Eggerzt's method of esti-
mating sulphur in iron, 296.
Mörner, K. A. H., pigments of mela-
notic sarcomata, 168.
Mohr, C., estimation of phosphoric

acid, 864.

Moinè, F., action of bibasic acids on

Moissan, H., phosphorus pentafluoride,


Molisch, H., new test for coniferin,

relations between inorganic salts
containing nitrogen, and plants, 989.
Moll, J. W., microchemical detection
of tannin, 311.

Monari, A., formation of xanthocrea-
tinine in the organism, 613.
Mondésir. See De Mondésir.
Moore, G. D. See Anschütz.
Moore, R. W., carrot colour in butter,

Moore, T., direct precipitation of
nickel oxide in presence of iron, 1141.
estimation of nickel in ores, mattes,
and slags, 303.

modified ferric chloride cell, 1071.
peculiar formation in nickel regu-
lus, 1081.

Moos, F., condensation products of
ethylene-aniline with aldehydes, 577.
Morawski, T., and J. Stingl, fat
of the soja bean, 687.


sugars of the soja bean,

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thiocarbimide, 489.

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hydrates of barium and strontium
hydroxides, 765.

rate and vapour-tension of disso-
ciation, 696.
Münchmeyer, F., action of hydroxyl-
amine on diketones, 373.

action of hydroxylamine and
phenylhydrazine on dialdehydes and
ketones, 482.

Muhlert, F., action of acetamide on
orthochloroquinoline, 848.

Muhlert, F. See also Bernthsen.
Muir, M. M. P., and D. J. Carnegie,
contributions from the laboratory of
Gonville and Caius College, Cam-
bridge. No. VIII. On bismuthates,
TRANS., 77.

Muller, J. A., influence of temperature
and pressure on the action of potas-
sium chloride on crude methylamine
carbonate, 771.

new class of ferrocyanides and
ferricyanides, 649.

Muller, H., action of diastase and in-
vertin, 166.

Munk, J., formation of fat in the dog
from carbohydrates, 288.
Munro, J. M. H., influence of the

ferric oxide in basic cinder on the
growth of plants, 178.

Munro, J. M. H. See also Wright-


Muntz, A., distribution of the nitric
ferment and its function in the disin-
tegration of rocks, 1135.

ripening of seeds, 173.
Muntz, A., and C. Girard, production
of farmyard manure, 175.
Murtfeld. See Claus.

Muthmann, W., argentous com-
pounds, 636.

- lower oxides of molybdenum, 553.
Muthmann, W., and J. U. Nef, cin-
chonic acid, 598.

Mylius, E., red coloration of phenol,

thalleïoquinine reaction, 311.
Mylius, F., cholic acid, 606, 982.
iodide of starch, 568.

Pettenkofer's reaction, 1149.


Nägeli, E. See Schulze.

Nagamatsz, A., functions of chloro-
phyll, 516.

Nasini, R., molecular refraction of car-
bon compounds, 626.

Nasini, R., and A. Scala, allyl trisul-
phide, 1088.

molecular refractive energies
of derivatives of carbon bisulphide,

molecular refractive energies
of thiocyanates and thiocarbimides,
Natanson, E., cooling of carbonic an-
hydride on expansion, 880.
Nautier, A., superphosphate manuring
for sugar-beet, 295.

Nef, J. U., benzoquinonecarboxylic
acids, 255.

nitranilic acid from chloranil, 926.
Nef, J. U. See also Muthmann,

Negreano, specific inductive power of
liquids, 413.

Nettlefold, F., absorption of nitric
oxide by sulphuric acid, 526.
nitrocellulose, 792.

- sodium nitrate in gun-cotton, 715.
Neumann, C. v., nickel and carbon
element, 757.

Neumann, G., determination
metallic iron in slags, 1140.


nitrophenylbenzoates and nitro-
benzoates, 254.

preparation of oxygen and of sul-
phurous anhydride with Kipp's appa-
ratus, 769.

Neumann, G. S., sulphuric acid as an
iodine carrier, 573.

Neumeister, R., albumoses, 285.
vitelloses, 286.

Neure, K. See Meyer.

Nickel, O., quantitative estimation of
oxalic acid in urine, 401.

Nicol, W. W. J., expansion of sait solu-
tions, 760.

supersaturation of salt solutions,
TRANS., 389.

vapour-pressures of water from
salt solutions, 321.

Niedschlag, W., decomposition of
saccharose by boiling with lime,


pounds, 937.

S., anhydro-com-

Niementowski, S., and M. Obrem-
ski, metaformotoluide and its deriva-
tives, 935.

Nietzki, R., constitution of nitranilic
acid, 134.

constitution of safranine, 250.

formation of croconic acid from
benzene-derivatives, 805.

[blocks in formation]

Olivieri, V. See Canzoneri.
Olszewski, K., absorption spectrum of
liquid oxygen and of atmospheric air,


boiling point of ozone: solidifica-
tion of ethylene, 634.

density of liquefied methane,
oxygen and nitrogen, 694.

Osborne, T. B., higher oxides of
copper, 334.

Osborne, T. B., and W. G. Mixter,
paranitroformanilide, 250.

Osmond, heating and cooling of cast
steel, 14.

heating and cooling of melted steel,


Osmond, F., colorimetric estimation of
phosphorus, 999.

effect of manganese, &c., on the
properties of steel, 639.

Osmond and Werth, residues ob-
tained from steel and zine by the
action of acids, 894.

Ost, H., and A. Mente, oxalimide, 234.
Ostwald, W., coefficients of affinity of
bases, 324.

Ott, A., separation of globulin from
albumin in urine, 406.

Otto, H., tetracalcium phosphate and
basic slag, 415.

Otto, R., action of cyanuric chloride
and chlorocyanuricdiamide on phenols,

synthesis of aromatic polysul-
phides, 923.

Otto, R., and E. Engelhardt, phenyl-
sulphinacetic acid, 263.

Otto, R., and A. Rössing, action of
potassium hydroxide on mixed alkyl
bisulphides, 371.

action of potassium hydroxide
on phenylenemetadiphenylsulphone,

aromatic sulphonates con-
taining bivalent alcohol radicles, 953.
behaviour of aromatic-sul-
phinic acids towards hydrogen sul-
phide, 1047.

bisulphides with mixed
organic radicles, 242.

reaction of organic bisulphides
with potassium sulphide, 226.

reduction of aromatic thio-
sulphonates containing alkyl radicles
by means of hydrogen sulphide, 954.

acid, 263.
Otto, R., and K. Voigt, solid a-di-
chlorethyl cyanide and its conversion
into triethyl cyanuride, 1024.
Otto, R. See also Fromme, Gabrie
Ouvrard, L. See Troost.


Paal, C., constitution of pyrotritartaric

acid, 657.

Paal, C., and A. Püschel, 1:3 methyl-
phenylthiophen and 1:2 thioxen,


Paal, C., and C. W. T. Schneider,
synthesis of pyrroline-derivatives,

Paal, C. See also Dietrich, Kues.
Padé, L., analysis of coffee, 1002.
Pagnoul, A., manurial experiments
with sugar-beets, 748.

Palla, E., recent formation of marcasite
at Marienbad, 901.
Palm, R., detection and determination
of lactic acid, 307.

detection of traces of albumin, 407.
determination of milk constituents,


Palmer, C. S. See Remsen.
Palmquist, A. See Petterson.
Pampel, O., and G. Schmidt,
aromatic ketones, 252.
Panajotow, G., 1: 3 dimethylquinal-
dine, 381.

Parmentier, F., a particular case of
solution, 547.

Parmentier, F. See also Chancel.
Paul, B. H., and A. J. Cownley,
amount of caffeïne in various kinds of
coffee, 394.

coffee, 1002.

Pauly, C., detection of potassium by
means of sodium bismuth thiosul-
phate, 1138.

Pearce, R., goslarite from Montana,

Pebal, conjectured thermochemical
law respecting non-reversible electro-
lytic actions, 1072.
Péchard. See Debray.
Pechmann, H. v., isonitroso-deriva-
tives, 1103.

Pechmann, H. v., and K. Wehsarg,
diisonitrosoacetone, 28.

Pechmann, H. v. See also Burton,

Pellat, H., absolute electro-dynamo-
meter, 200.

Pellizzari, G., oxidising action of
alloxan, 1100.

Penfield, S. L., phenacite from
Colorado, 452.

vanadinite from Arizona and New
Mexico, 347.

Penfield, S. L., and D. N. Harper,
chemical composition of ralstonite, 345.
Penfield, S. L., and F. S. Sperry,
pseudomorphs of garnet, 117.
Penfield, S. L. See also Dana.

Penzoldt. See Fischer.

Peratoner, A., constitution of di-
bromosalicylic acid, 487.

oxidation of the methyl ethers of
mono- and di-bromorthoisopropyl-
phenols, 472.

substituted mono- and di-bromo-
salicylic acids, 486.

Perkin, A. G., and W. H. Perkin,
jun., kamala, 272.

Perkin, W. H., sen., magnetic rotation
and densities of chloral, chloral
hydrate, and hydrated aldehydes,
TRANS., 808.

magnetic rotatory power of the
ethyl salts of maleïc and citraconic
acids and their isomerides, PROC.,

tartaric and racemic acids and the
magnetic rotation of their ethereal
salts, TRANS., 362.

Perkin, W. H., jun., action of tri-
methylene bromide on ethyl aceto-
acetate, benzoylacetate, and acetone-
dicarboxylate, 32.

dehydracetic acid, TRANS., 484.
derivatives of hydrindonaphthene
and tetrahydronaphthalene, PROC., 92.
synthetical formation of closed
carbon-chains. II (cont.) Action of
trimethylene bromide on the sodium
compounds of ethylic acetoacetate,
benzoylacetate, paranitrobenzoyl-
acetate, and acetonedicarboxylate,
TRANS., 702.

synthetical formation of closed
carbon-chains. Part III. Some de-
rivatives of pentamethylene, TRANS.,

synthetical formation of closed
carbon-chains. Part II. On some
derivatives of tetramethylene, TRANS.,

synthetical formation of closed
carbon-chains Part I (cont.) Tri-
methylenedicarboxylic acid, TRANS.,


Perkin, W. H., jun., and P. C. Freer,
ethyl acetotrimethylenecarboxylate,


Perkin, W. H., jun. See also Colman,
Freer, and A. G. Perkin.
Perry, J. See Ayrton.

Pesci and Betelli, terebenthene-de-
rivatives, 272.

Peters, K., linoleïc acid, 126.
Peterson, F. See Ladenburg.
Pettersson, O., air analysis on a new
principle, 180.

apparatus for gas analysis, 179.
Petterson, O., and A. Palmquist,
nortable apparatus for the estimation

of carbonic anhydride in the atmo-
sphere, 999.

Petterson, O. See also Nilson.
Pfeffer, W., absorption of aniline
colours by living cells, 747.
Pfeiffer, G., preparation of halogen-
derivatives of pyridine bases from the
pyridinecarboxylic acids, 844.
Pfeiffer, T., natural and artificial di-
gestion, 167.

Pfeiffer, T., and F. Lehmann, addi-
tion of sugar to cattle-foods, 511.
Pflüger, E., and K. Bohland, esti-
mation of urea in human urine with
sodium hypobromite, 90.

urea, 90.

Hufner's method of estimating

Pfordten, O. v. d., the lowest com-
pounds of silver, 699.

titanium, 14, 337.

Pfülf, A., hydrazinebenzenesulphonic
acids, 933.

indoles, 956.

Philip, M. See Bamberger.
Philips, B., unsymmetrical secondary
hydrazines, 1085.

Piccini, mineral associated with the
columbite of Val Vigezzo, 1085.
Pickering, S. U., decomposition of
sodium carbonate by fusion, TRANS.,72.
determination of the constitution
of carbon compounds from thermo-
chemical data, 423.

- heat of hydration of salts, TRANS.,

influence of temperature on the
heat of dissolution of salts, TRANS., 290.

thermal phenomena of neutralisa-
tion and their bearing on the nature
of solution and the theory of residual
affinity, TRANS., 593.
Pieszeck, E. See Claus.
Piggot, C. See Morse.

Pinner, A., action of carbamide on
phenylhydrazines, 1042.

pyrimidines, 1053.

Pinner, A., and J. Lifschütz, action
of carbamide on the chloral cyan-
hydrins, 1032.

action of carbamide on cyan-
hydrins, 1054.
Pionchon, specific heats and changes
of state at high temperatures, 201.
Pisanello, G., hydrogenation of pro-
pionitrile, 457.

Pisani, F. See Des Cloizeaux.
Piutti, A., reciprocal transformation
of the optically active asparagines, 802.
synthesis of ethereal salts of tri-
mesic acid, 491 and 587.

Platz, P., estimation of sulphur in
iron, 1141.

Plöchl, J., phenylglycidic acid, 254.
synthesis of pyridine bases, 598.
Plugge, P. C., composition of papave-
rine, 852.

opium alkaloids, 280, 851.

test for narceïne, 870.

volumetric estimation of acids in
salts of the alkaloïds, 621.
Podwyssozki, W., method of pre-
paring extracts of pepsin, 65.
Polikiev, H. See Berlinerblau.
Polis, A., aromatic lead compounds,


Polis, A. See also Michaelis.
Polonowska, N. See Goldschmidt.
Pomey, E., compound of orthotolui-
dine with cupric chloride, 472.

compound of paratoluidine with
cupric chloride, 472.

compound of propyl alcohol and
phosphoplatinous chloride, 458.
Posner, C., albumin in normal urine,

Preis, K., and B. Ray man, decompo-
sition of sodium thioarsenate by silver
nitrate, 444, 889.

Preusser, J. See Nietzki.
Pribram, R., specific rotation of opti-
cally active substances in very dilute
solution, 755.

Prieto, R. See De Landero.
Pringle, A., some probable new ele-
ments, 107.

Pringsheim, decomposition of car-
bonic anhydride by chlorophyll, 685.
Prior, E., estimation of the acidity of
malt, 87.

Puchot, E., aldehyde resin, 1090.
Püschel. See Paal.

Pukall, W., resorcinol-derivatives, 661.
Pukall, W. See also Will.

phthalimide, 1111.

G., homo-ortho-

Purdie, T., action of metallic alkyl-
oxides on mixtures of ethereal salts
with alcohols, TRANS., 627.
Purgotti, A., tribromophenol, 573.


Quantin, H., action of carbon tetra-
chloride on chromyl dichloride and
ferric phosphate, 330.

reduction of copper sulphate
during alcoholic fermentation, 171.
- Tunisian soils, 860.

volumetric determination of sul-
phates, 181.

Quincke, F., derivatives of acenaph-
thene, 592.

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