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Quinquaud. See Gréhant.


Racine, S., derivatives of orthotoluic
acid, 945.

phthalaldehydic acid, 951.
Radiguet. See Tommassi.
Rammelsberg, C., crystalline silico-
carbonate from soda liquors, 12.

occasional products in the soda
manufacture, 331.
Ramsay, W., and S. Young, con-
tinuous transition from the liquid to
the gaseous state at all temperatures,

influence of change of con-
dition from the liquid to the solid
state on vapour-pressure, 430.

nature of liquids, 100.

nature of liquids as shown by
a study of the thermal properties of
stable and dissociable substances,

[blocks in formation]

thermal properties of a mix-
ture of ethyl alcohol and ethyl oxide,
TRANS., 755.

Ramsay, W. See also Reynolds.
Ransom, F., estimation of ipecacu-
anha, 1147.

Ransom, W. B., diabetes and glycerol,

Ranvier, L., per-ruthenic acid in his-
tology, 1060.

Raoult, E., vapour-tensions of ethereal
solutions, 207.

Raoult, F. M., influence of concentra-
tion on the vapour-tension of ethereal
solutions, 631.

Raschen, J., indoles from tolylhydr
azine, 956.

Raschig, F., compounds of gold and
nitrogen, 112.

reaction of nitrous acid with sul-
phurous acid, 549, 635.

Rath, G. v., cristobalite from Mexico,

[blocks in formation]

Rayman, B., isodulcitol, 906.
Rayman, B. See Preis.

Rebuffat, O., phenylamidoacetic acid
derivatives, 1108.

Recoura. See Berthelot.

Reed, J. H., methylnaphthaquinolines
and B-naphthacridine, 681.
Reformatsky, A. See Dieff.
Reformatsky, S., synthesis of diatomic
monobasic acids, 717.

Regel, C., oxidation of a- and B-hy-
droxypiperic acids, 488.

Rego. See De Rego.

Reher, L., - and y-ethylquinolines,

Reicher, L. T., velocity of saponifica-
tion, 767.

Reidemeister, C., sodium calcium
carbonate, 12.

Reimarus, C., action of alkyl iodides
on dibenzylthiocarbamide, 43.
Reimer, C. L., and W. Will, consti-
tuents of rape-seed oil, 1030.

erucic and brassic acids, 233.
Reinitzer, F., hydrocarrotene and
carrotene, 265.

Remsen, I., and W. S. Bayley, para-
bromobenzoic sulphinide, 145.
Remsen, I., and W. H. Emerson,
oxidation by means of potassium per-
manganate, 146.

Remsen, I., and H. W. Hillyer,
methods for determining the relative
stability of alkyl bromides, 122.
Remsen, I., and A. G. Palmer, ben-
zoic sulphinide, 144.

decomposition of diazo-com-
pounds by alcohol; paradiazotoluene-
orthosulphonic acid, 136.

parethoxybenzoic sulphinide, 144.
Remsen, I., and C. S. Palmer, ben-
zoyltoluenesulphonamide, 145.

Renard, A., action of heat on heptine,

estimation of indigo in textile
fabrics, 871.

metallic propionates, 654.

Rennie, E. H., colouring matter of
Drosera Whittakeri, TRANS., 371.
phlorizin, TRANS., 634.

Reychler, A., estimation of pressure
in closed tubes, 1014.

preparation of phenylhydrazine,


Reynolds, E. J., composition of Prus-
sian blue and Turnbull's blue, TRANS.,

Reynolds, J. E., action of silicon
on thiocarbamide,
TRANS., 202.

new chlorobromide of silicon,

TRANS., 590.


Reynolds and W. Ramsay, equiva-
lent of zinc, TRANS., 854.
Rhode, G., action of aniline on a mix-
ture of acetaldehyde and propalde-
hyde, 974.

Ricciardi, L., composition of rocks
and minerals from Vulture-Melfi, 1087.
composition of volcanic rocks,


origin of hydrogen chloride, sul-
phurous anhydride, and iodine in the
gases of volcanoes, 643.
Richardson, A., action of heat on
nitrogen peroxide, TRANS., 397.

action of light on the hydrides of
the halogens in presence of oxygen,
TRANS., 801.

Richardson, B. W., action of oxygen
on animals, 855.
Richardson, C., American barley,

- variations in the chemical compo-
sition and physical properties of
American oats, 293.

Richet, C. See Hanriot.
Richter, E., a- and B-naphthenyl-
amidoxime, 374.

Ridsdale, C. H. See Stead.
Riehm, P., condensation products of

acetone and acetophenone with ani-
line and ammonia, 599.
Righi, A., conductivity of bismuth for
heat in a magnetic field, 1009.
Rimpau and others, basic slag and
other phosphates as manure for moor-
lands, 294.
Ris, C.

See Merz.
Rischbieth, P., preparation of levu-
linic acid, 799.

Rivière, C. See Chappuis.
Roberts, W., manurial experiments
with various phosphates, 1137.
Rockwood, E. W. See Atwater.
Rodatz, P. See Stohmann.
Roder, A., indoles from metahydr.
azinebenzoic acid, 150.

Röhmann, F., importance of ammonia
for the formation of glycogen, 68.
Römer, M., nitration of a-thiophenic
acid, 362.

Römer, M. See also Liebermann.
Röse, B., analysis of fats, 621.
Rössing, A. See Otto.
Rolfe, G. W. See Jackson.

Romanis, R., certain products from
teak, TRANS., 868.

gold from Burmah, 221.
Romburgh, P. v., decomposition of
the nitrates of amines by heat, 230.
dextrorotatory hexylic alcohol,


isodinitrodimethylaniline, 245.

Romburgh, P. v., methylisopropyl-
acetic acid, 232.

water from the wells of Zemzem,

Rommier, A., wine and brandy from
raspberries and strawberries, 292.
Roozeboom, H. W. B., combination
of ammonium bromide with ammonia,

conditions of equilibrium of two
substances in the solid, liquid, and
gaseous states, 629.

new hydrate of hydrobromic acid,
HBr, H2O, 631.

the hydrate HBr, 2H,O, 630.
thermal study of hydrobromic acid
solutions and hydrate, 628.

Rosen, H. v. See Dragendorff.
Rosenberg, J. See Lunge.
Rosenbladt, T., determination of boric
acid, 299.

double nitrites of cæsium and
rubidium, 12.

separation of mercury from palla-
dium, 302.


solubility of some gold compounds,

Rosenfeld, M., lecture experiment:
electrolysis of hydrochloric acid, 633.
Rosenhek, J. See Erlenmeyer.
Roser, W., preparation of paradinitro-
dibenzyl, 836.

synthesis of indonaphthene-deriva-
tives, 729, 836.

Roser, W., and E. Haseloff, isomerism
in the cinnamic acid series, 830.
Roth, C. F. See Ladenburg.
Rousseau, G., formation of manganites
from permanganates, 552.

potassium manganites, 892.
Rowland, H. A., water battery, 412.
Roy, P. C., conjugated sulphates and
isomorphous mixtures of the copper-
magnesium group, PROC., 53,
Royer. See Le Royer.
Rücker, A. W. See Thorpe.
Rüdorff, F., compound of arsenious
oxide with halogen salts, 107.
Rügheimer, L., practical thermo-
regulator, 698.

Rügheimer, L., and C. G. Schramm,
quinoline-derivatives, 738.

Ruffi, H., normal propylthiophen-de-
rivatives: glyoxylic acids of the thio-
phen series, 804.

Ruhemann, S., formation of pyridine-
derivatives from citric acid: constitu-
tion of pyridine, TRANS., 403.
Ruhemann, S., and S. Skinner,
anacardic acid, TRANS., 663.
Ryder, J. P. See Michael.


Sabatier, P., hydrochloride of ferric
chloride, 894.

Sachs, J. v., chlorosis in plants, 76.
Saglier, A., ammonium copper iodides,

Saint Gilles. See De Saint Gilles.
Salfeld. See Fittbogen.

Salkowski, E., isethionic acid in the
body, and thiosulphuric acid in the
urine, 68.

Salomon, G., xanthine-derivatives in
urine, 739.

Salomon, O., 4-meconine, 585.
Salomonowitsch, S. See Dragen-

Salzer, T., detection of thiosulphate
in sodium hydrogen carbonate, 79.
volumetric estimation of iodine,

Salzer, T. See also Brenstein.
Salzmann, S., anilic acids, 926.
Samuelson, estimation of glycerol in
wine, 86.

detection of artificial colouring in
red wine, 187.

Sanborn, J. W., animal nutrition,

Sandberger, F., graphite from Ceylon,

investigations on ore-veins, 224.
occurrence of iodine in phosphorites
and of lithium in psilomelane, 222.
percylite, caracolite, and phosgenite
from Chili, 902.

Sandmeyer, T., action of ethyl imido-
carbonate on aromatic ortho-com-
pounds, 135.


action of nitrous acid on acetone,

substitution of the amido- by the
nitro-group in aromatic compounds,

Sauer, A., amorphous carbon (graphi-
toïd) in the Saxon Erzgebirge, 341.
Saul, J. E., test for tannic acid, 406.
Saytzeff, A. See Barataeff, Us-

Saytzeff, A. C. and M., hydroxy-

stearic acids of different series, 30.
Scacchi, E., altered cordierite from
Tuscany, 1086.

minerals from Vesuvius, 17.
Scala, A., propylxanthic acid, 800.
Scala, A. See also Nasini.

Schäfer, L., estimation of cinchon-

idine in quinine sulphate, 623.
Schär, E., cubebin, 970.
Schärtler, L., diastase, 1117.
Schall, C., demonstration of Avogadro's
hypothesis, 698.

Schall, C., determination of vapour-
densities, 695.

determination of the vapour-den-
sity of high boiling substances under
reduced pressure, 882.

lecture experiment: specific heat
of zinc, 634.

- vapour-density apparatus, 882.
Schatzky, E., diallyloxalic acid, 361.
- preparation of ethyl acetate, 360.
Scheibler, A., determination of water in
the hydrates of strontium oxide, 217.
separation and estimation of meli-
tose in cane-sugar, 306.
Schertel, A.

See Stelzner.
Schestopal, C., tetramethyldiquinol-
yline from benzidine, 1120.
Schestopal, C. See also Engler.
Schiff, H., furfuraldehyde, 571.

Schiff, R., demonstration of the co-
efficient of expansion as a lecture
experiment, 1013.

heat of evaporation of homologous
carbon compounds, 9.

specific heats of homologous series
of liquid organic compounds, 6.
Schilbach, C., berberine salts, 604.
Schilbach, C. See also Schmidt.
Schlarb. See Claus.

Schlaugk, M. See Dürkopf.
Schleich. See Lellmann.
Schlickum, O., estimation of mor-
phine, 622.

testing quinine sulphate, 623.
Schlieper, A., indoles from the naph-
thylhydrazines, 153, 963.

Schluttig, E., imperfectly known
silicates, 784.

Schmidt, E., and C. Schilbach, ac-
tion of potassium permanganate on
berberine, 604.

Schmidt, F. See Michaelis.
Schmidt, G. See Gattermann and

Schmidt, M. v., and F. Erban, sepa-
ration of resins, 406.
Schmidt, O. See Claus.

Schmidt, R. E., composition of lac-
dye, 734.

Schmidt, T., comparative sweetness of
cane- and starch-sugar, 1026.
Schmieder. See Kaiser.

Schmitt, R., and F. Engelmann,

acid, 738.

Schnapauff, E., cumidic acids, 52.
Schneider, C. W. T. See Paal.
Schneider, E. A., action of sulphuric
acid on hydrazinetoluene sulphonic
acids, 146.

compound of manganese sesqui-
oxide with copper oxide, 1081.

Schneider, E. A., separation of the
two isomeric toluidinesulphonic acids,
Schneider, L., determination of phos-
phrous in iron and steel, 527.
Schneider, R., behaviour of iodine
to realgar and arsenic iodosulphide,
Schnell, A., metanitromethylsalicyl-
aldehyde and its derivatives, 140.
Schniter, K., isomeric chloro- and
bromo-thymoquinones, 720.

preparation of quinones. Halogen-
derivatives of toluquinone, 1036.
Schniter, K. See also Hantzsch.
Schoch, R. See Lunge.
Schöffel, R., and E. Donath, volu-
metric determination of manganese,

Schoeller, R., river waters of La
Plata, 786.

Schoop, P., preparation of dimethyl-
aniline, 474.

Schoop, P. See also Loebisch.
Schotten, C., bile acids, 606.
Schottlander, P., crystalline form of
potassium aurobromide, 1079.
Schramm, C. G. See Rügheimer.
Schramm, J., influence of light on the

action of halogens on aromatic com-
pounds, 807.

Schrauf, A., molecule of crystalline
benzene, 922.

Schrodt, M., presence of nitrites and
nitrates in milk as proof of adultera-
tion, 87.

Schubert, S. See Hönig.
Schürman. See Seubert.
Schulte im Hof, J. A. See Claus.
Schultess, W. See Goldschmidt.
Schultz, G. See Bender.

Schulze, B., determination of fatty
acids in soap, 307.

silage of maize, 521.

silage of vegetable matter, 521.
Schulze, C. R., amount of water of
crystallisation contained in
salts, 766.


Schulze, E., are nitrates formed in the
organisms of higher plants? 859.

presence of choline in germinating
plants, 747.

Schulze, E., and E. Nageli, phenyl-
amidopropionic acid obtained from
the decomposition of proteïds, 369.
Schulze, E., and E. Steiger, para-
galactin, 460.

Schulze, K. E., constitutents of coal-
tar, 471.

Schumann, M., compressibility of
aqueous chloride solutions, 696.
Schunck, E., chlorophyll, 972.

Schwalb, F., non-acid constituents of
beeswax, 124.

Schweitzer, H. See Bernthsen.
Scovell, M. A., and A. E. Menke,
composition of potatoes, 747.
Seegen, J., power of the liver to form
sugar from fat, 67.

sugar in the blood with reference
to nutrition, 66.

Seelig, E., chlorination of toluene,

Seidler, P. See Liebermann.
Selden, C. C. See Anschütz.
Seliwanoff, T., reaction for fruit
sugar, 459.

Sell, W. J., volumetric determination
of chromium, 303.

Semmler, F. W., ethereal oil of Allium
ursinum, 1089.

Semper, A. See Bernthsen.
Senderens, J. B., action of metals on
dilute solutions of silver nitrate, 550.

action of non-metals on solutions
of silver and copper nitrates, 331.

action of sulphur on ammonia and
metallic bases in presence of water,

Senf, A., cyananiline, cyanphenyl-
hydrazine, &c., 928.

Seubert, K., chlorostannic acid, 554.
manganese benzoate, 582.

Seubert, and Schürmann, bromo-
stannic acid, 554.

Seyberlich, A., and H. Tram-
pedach, saccharification of starch
by nitric acid, 792.

Seyfferth, E., derivatives of picolinie
and nicotinic acids, 157.

Shand, A., electrolysis of copper and
zinc, 1000.

Shapiroff, B. M., physiological action
of tertiary alcohols, 857.

Shaw, W. N., atomic weights of silver
and copper, 444.

Shenstone, W. A., safety taps, PROC.,

Shenstone, W. A., and J. T. Cun-
dall, ozone from pure oxygen: its
production and its action on mercury,
with a note on the silent discharge of
electricity, TRANS., 610.

volumetric relations of ozone
and oxygen, TRANS., 625.
Shimer, P. W., titanium carbide in
pig iron, 703.

Short, F. G., analysis of milk, 751.
Short, F. G. See also Arms by.
Sidersky, apparatus for determining
carbonic anhydride in carbonates,


Sieber, H. See Bischoff.

Sieber, N., and A. Smirnow, beha-

[blocks in formation]

Skinner, S. See also Ruhemann.
Skraup, Z. H., constitution of cin-
chonine, 164.

Skraup, Z. H., and P. Brunner,
metaquinolinecarboxylic acid, 160.
Sleenbuch, C., constant gas generator,

Smirnow, A. See Sieber.

Smith, W., and W. B. Hart, sodium
carbonate, 330.

Smith, W. B., crystal beds of Topaz
Butte, 452.

Smolka, A., action of bromine on carb-
amide, 656.

action of potassium permanganate
on dextrose in neutral solution, 566.
Sohnke, J., behaviour of micro-organ-
isms in artificial mineral water, 393.
Solereder, H. See Krüss.
Soltsien, P., essential oils, 375.
Sonnenschein, A., estimation of acetic
acid in acetates by direct titration,

Spady, J. See Markownikoff.
Sperry, F. S. See Penfield.

Spezia, G., flexibility of itacolumite, 21.
Spica, G. See Canzoneri.
Spica, M., derivatives of isopropyl-
formamide, 1028.

naphthoxyacetic acids, 495.
Spica, M., and G. de Varda, deriva-
tives of isopropyl chlorocarbonate,

Spiegel, L., determination of nitrates

in well waters, 691.

Spring, W., influence of temperature
on the rate of action of certain acids
on marble, 882.

the periodic law, 211.

reaction between barium carbonate
and sodium sulphate under the influ-
ence of pressure, 332.
Spring, W., and E. van Aubel, action
of acids on zinc containing lead,

Spüller, J. See Kalmann.
Srpek, J. O., action of furfuraldehyde
on quinaldine, 976.

Staats, G., photochemical properties of
silver chloride, 1071.

Stadelmann, E., hydroxybutyric acid
in diabetic urine, 464.

Stahl, W., analysis of copper, 529.

celestine in Nautilus aratus, 781.
Stanley, A., sodium dichromate, 110.
Stead, J. E., and C. H. Ridsdale,
crystals in basic converter slag, TRANS.,

Steche, A. See Fischer.

Stefan, J., relation between the theories
of capillarity and of evaporation, 323.
Steger, V., prophyry from Horka in
Prussia, 223.

Steiger, E. See Schulze.
Steiner, A. See Billeter.
Steinmann, T. See Nietzki.
Stelzner, A., and A. Schertel, black
zinc blende of Freiberg, 451.
Stenger, F., absorption-bands of chloro-
phyll, 693.

Stephan, R., amido-acids, 142.

Stern, H., origin of the bile colouring
matters, 290.

Stiebel, A. See Claus.

Stilwell, C. M., opium analysis, 403.
Stingl, J. See Morawski.
Stockmann, R., amorphous cocaïne,


Stoehr, C., skatole from strychnine,

strychnine, 604.

Stössner, E., effects of deep or shallow
sowing on cereals, 747.

Stohmann, F., heats of combustion of
organic compounds, 878.

heats of combustion of organic
compounds as determined by different
methods, 1011.

Thomsen's investigations, 425.
Stohmann, F., P. Rodatz, and W.
Herzberg, heat equivalents of benzoyl
compounds, 878.

heat equivalents of
ethers of the phenol series, 428.

heat equivalents of the

homologues of benzene, 427.

heat of combustion and
formation of homologous phenols, 98.
Stokes, H. N., and H. v. Pechmann,
action of ammonia on ethyl acetone-
dicarboxylate synthesis of pyridine-
derivatives, 155.

Stolba, F., action of hydrochloric acid
on sphalerite, 442.

determination of calcium and mag-
nesium in presence of manganese,

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