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Thierfelder, H., glycuronic acid, 235,

Thilo, E., estimation of phosphoric
aeid from the weight of the molyb-
date precipitate, 526.

estimation of small quantities of
silver in burnt pyrites, 79.

Thomas, H., estimation of hydrogen
peroxide, 862.

Thompson, C. See Wright.
Thompson, F. A., alkaloïds of gelse-
minum root, 981.

Thoms, H., ammonio-zinc chlorides,

Thomsen, J., avidity-formula, 633.
constitution of benzene, 362.

heats of combustion of organic
substances, 761.

supposed influence of multiple
bonds of union on the molecular re-
fraction of the hydrocarbons, 198.
Thomsen, T., conditions of equi-
librium in aqueous solutions: action
of aqueous soda on some normal
sodium salts, 440.

Thomson, A. See Carnelley.
Thomson, J. J., dissociation of some
gases by the electric discharge, 1013.
Thomson, J. J., and R. Threlfali,
passage of electric discharges through
pure nitrogen, 328.

production of ozone, 327.
Thomson, R. T., determination of
aluminium in presence of much iron,

estimation of alumina and iron
oxide in manures, 302.

Thomson, W., Adams' method for
milk analysis, 186.

Thorpe, T. E., and T. H. Greenall,
on morindin and morindon, TRANS., 52.
Thorpe, T. E., and A. P. Laurie,
atomic weight of gold, TRANS., 565,

Thorpe, T. E., and A. W. Rücker,
relation between the critical tempera-
tures of substances and their thermal
expansion as liquids, 429.
Thorpe, T. E., and J. W. Young,

atomic weight of silicon, TRANS., 576.
Threlfall, R., specific heats of the
vapours of acetic acid and nitrogen
tetroxide, 429.

Threlfall, R. See also Thomson.
Thümmel, K., behaviour of mercuric
chloride with hydrogen ammonium
carbonate, 774.

Tiesenhausen, H. See Dragen-

Tilden, W. A., influence of tempera-
ture on the dissolution of salts in
water, PROC., 66.

Tollens, B., behaviour of sugar to-
wards acids and phenol, 534.
Tollens, B. See also Block, Hae-

Tomlinson, C., cohesion and submer-
sion figures, 209.

Tommasi, D., and Radiguet, electric
couple with carbon elements, 756.
Tony-Garcin, detection of cane-sugar,
glucose, and dextrin in wines, 692.
Topf, G., iodometric studies, 688, 997.
Tortelli, M., synthesis of metaquino-
linecarboxylic acid, 503.

Trainer, E. See Claus.

Trampedach, H. See Seyberlich.
Traube, H., laubanite: laumontite,

Traube, J., capillary constants and the
meniscus angle, 101.

-weight of drops, and their relation
to capillarity, 210.

Trescot, T. C. See Crampton.
Trey, H., influence of some normal
salts on the hydrolysis of methyl
acetate, 102.

Troost, L., and L. Ouvrard, thorium
silicates, 1016.

thorium, sodium, and zirco-
nium sodium phosphates, 1017.
Troschke, composition of lupines, 518.
Trowbridge, J., and C. C. Hutchins,
existence of carbon in the sun, 1065.
oxygen in the sun, 1065.
Truhlar, J., thioparatoluidine, 472.
Tschacher, O., condensation of nitro-
benzaldehyde with hydrocarbons, 44.
Tschermak, G., scapolite series, 560.
Tschermak, G. See also Ludwig.
Tschirch, A., aleurone-grains in the
seeds of Myristica surinamensis,

chlorophyll, 1116.
Turner, T., estimation of silica in
iron and steel, 1140.

influence of silicon on the proper
ties of iron and steel. TRANS., 129.
Tust, P., tetrachlorobenzoic acid, 1046.


Udránsky, L. v., urinary pigments,


Ulsch, K., Kjeldahl's method for esti-
mating nitrogen, 863.
Ulzer, F. See Benedikt.
Urban, C., 1, 3 naphthylenediamine,

Urech, F., influence of temperature on
the rate of inversion of cane-sugar,

Urech, E., velocity of chemical re-
actions, 697.

Ustinoff, D., B-dimethacrylic acid,

Ustinoff, D., and A. Saytzeff, di-
propyl carbinol, 353.


Valentini, A., lecture experiments,


methyl methyldibromoparacouma-
rate, 488.

Valeur, F. See La Coste.

Vallin, K., metatoluenesulphonic acid,

Van Aubel, E. See Spring.

Van Bemmelen, J. M., recent allu-
vial deposits in the Ij and Zuyder
Zee, 224.

Van Dorp, W. A. See Hoogewerf.
Van Loo, H. See Fischer.
Van Nuys, T. C., estimation of car-
bonic anhydride in air, 300.
Van Nuys, T. C., and B. F. Adams,
carbonic anhydride in the air, 549.
Varda. See De Varda.

Varet, R., and G. Vienne, action of
acetylene on benzene in presence of
aluminium chloride, 806.

Varnholt, L., chlorosalicylic acids,

Venator, W., and E. Etienne, analy-
sis of chrome iron ore, 532.
Verneuil, A., phosphorescence of cal-
cium sulphide, 539.

preparation of calcium sulphide
with a violet phosphorescence, 2.
Verneuil. See also Fremy.
Vesterberg, A., amyrin, 733.
Vienne, G. See Varet.

Vieth, P., alcoholic fermentation of
milk-sugar, 1090.

Vignal, W., action on food-stuffs of
micro-organisms from the mouth and
from fæces, 1059.

Ville, J., action of cyanamide on ben-
zenesulphonic acids, 833.

Villiers, A., barium phosphates, 701.
detection of sulphites in presence
of thiosulphates, 749.

Villon, new method for the estimation
of tannin, 872.

Vincent, C., and Delachanal, car-
bohydrates from acorns, 909.

tannic acid in mountain-ash

berries, 950.

Vincenzi, L., chemical constituents of
bacteria, 393.

Violle, J., comparative radiation of

[blocks in formation]

Völker, O., determination of hippuric
acid in urine, 535 and 1001.
Vogdt, C. v., diabase-porphyrite from
Petrosawodsk, 454.

Vogel, A., influence of ozone on germi-
nation, 516.

Voigt, K. See Otto.

Voiry, R. See Bouchardat.
Volpert, F., gluconic acids, 127.
Vorwerk, P., determination of phos-
phorus in iron and steel, 299.
Vrij. See De Vrij.

Vulpius, G., estimation of quinine
sulphate, 404.

morphine reaction, 870,

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preparation of organic fluorides,

terpenes and ethereal oils, 595,

Wallach, O., and F. Lehmann,
action of phosphorus pentachloride on
substituted formamides and on piper-
idine-derivatives, 384.

Walter, J., apparatus for chemical
laboratories, 105.
Wanklyn, J. A., occurrence of free
iodine in a mineral water, 221.

specific gravity of lime water, 700.
Warden, C. J. H., cobra poison, 170.
Warington, R., distribution of the
nitrifying organism in the soil,
TRANS., 118.

-nature of the nitrogenous organic
matter of soils, 523.

Warington, R., study of well waters,
TRANS., 500.

Warren, H. N., action of nitrogen on
certain metals, 702.

decomposition of ammonium chlo-
ride by an alloy of zinc and iron, 443.
ferric chloride as an exciting agent
for voltaic batteries, 413.

nitrogen fluoride, 770.
phosphorised silver, 1079.
preparation of anhydrous metallic
chlorides, 702.

thallium in platinum, 702.
use of electro-dissolution in analy
sis, 531.

volatile hydrocarbons in commer-
cial alcohols, 1088.

66 zinc-eisen," 550.

Warren, T. T. P. B., detection of
adulteration in metallic nickel and
other metals by the magnet, 531.

metallic manganese, 1081.

vapour-density apparatus, 695.
Warrington, A. W. See Meyer.
Wartha, V., minerals of the serpen-
tine-chlorite-group, 783.

Watts, F., fermentation of citric acid,

titration of citric acid, 307.
Weber, C. L., conductivity of amal-
gams, 757.

Weber, E., ethereal oils, 596.

Weber, J., pyridinepolycarboxylic
acids, 1117.

Weber, R., combinations of sulphuric
anhydride with phosphoric and iodic
anhydrides, 328.

-compounds of selenious and arse-
nious anhydrides with sulphuric anhy
dride, 212.

Weddige, A., derivatives of acetyl-
orthamidobenzamide, 1043.

Weddige, A., and H. Finger, action
of nitrous acid on orthamidobenz-
amide, 667.

Wedding, estimation of phosphorus in
iron, 865.

Wehsarg, K. See v. Pechmann.
Weibull, M., crystallised compounds
of zirconium, 778.

galenobismuthite from the Falun
mine, 343.

manganese apatite; composition of
apatite, 781.

Weidel, H., reactions of quinoline,

Weidel, H., and J. Wilhelm, oxi-
dation products of 2' : 2′ diquinoline,


Weil, F., estimation of sulphides, 998.
titration of zinc powder, 1000.
valuation of zinc-dust, 301.

Weil, F., volumetric estimation of sul-

phides, 618.

Weilandt, M., free phosphoric acid
and superphosphate, 995.
Weinreich, S., mono- and di-hydroxy-
toluic acids, 669.

Weiske, H., and others, composition
of blood, liver, and flesh under vary-
ing conditions, 855.

Weiss, A., fluorescence of the pig-
ments of fungi, 314.

Weitz, L. See Michaelis.

Welch, J. C., assay of iron pyrites for
available sulphur, 180.
Weller, A., occurrence of alkaloïd-like
bases in paraffin oil, 979.
Weller, A. See also Koerner.
Weller, J., xylyl phosphorous com-
pounds, 824.

Wells, H. L., basic zinc and cadmium
nitrates, 1080.

Wells. See also Wakeman.
Wende, H., cresolcarboxylic acid, 45.
trimethylanthragallol, 593.

Wense, W. See Liebermann.
Wenzing, M., methylindoles, 957.
Werner, E. A., chrom-organic acids,
TRANS., 383.

Werner. See Claus.
Werner, E. See Gal.
Werth. See Osmond.
Westmoreland, J. W., determination
and valuation of copper in ores, &c., 80.
Weyl, T., chemical studies on the
torpedo, 1128.

Wheeler, H. A., artificial lead silicate

from Bonne Terre, Montana, 109.
Whitfield, J. E., indirect determina-
tion of chlorine, bromine, and iodine,

Widmann, O., constitution of glycouril,
intramolecular changes in the
propyl group of the cumene series,


reciprocal transformations of cy-
mene and cumene derivatives, 132.
Wiernik, J. See Heumann.
Wilhelm, J. See Weidel.
Will, W., naringin, 497.

sugars from hesperidin and narin-
gin, 715.

Will, W., and W. Pukall, resorcinol-
derivatives, 660.

Will, W. See also Freund, Reimer.
Willgerodt, C., acids from acetone-
chloroform, 1030.

action of yellow ammonium sul-
phide on ketones and quinones, 1045.
halogen benzene haloïds: a-tri-
chlorobenzene hexachloride, 806.
· halogen carriers, 130, 326.

Willgerodt, C., halogen carriers in the
natural groups of the elements, 806.
indium and gallium as halogen
carriers, 326.

Willgerodt, C., and F. Dürr, tertiary
trichlorobutyl chloride and ether, 570.
Williams, H. J. See Norton.
Williams, J., preparation of aconitine,


Williamson, S. See Armstrong.
Willm, E., sulphuretted waters of
Olette, 710.

Wilsing, H., volumetric estimation of
sulphuric acid, 181.

Wimmer, H. See Fischer.
Wing, J. F. See Jackson.
Winkelmann, A., relation of the con-
ductive capacity of gases to tempera-
ture, 5.

Winkler, C., germanium, 1081.

preparation of chlorine from
bleaching powder, 442.

Wipprecht, W., absorption of ammo-
nia by clay, 1136.

Wirtz, Q. See Anschütz.

Wislicenus, J., chloro-derivatives of
crotonic acid, 655.

Wislicenus, W., action of phenyl-

hydrazine on lactones, 489.

combination of lactones with

ethereal salts, 952.

ethyl oxalacetate, 234.

synthesis of ethyl salts of ketonic
acids, 587.

Witt, O. N., action of ethyl aceto-
acetate on aromatic diamines, 247.

azonium bases, 729.

constitution of isomeric tolunaph-
thazines, 591.

constitution of the safranines, 250.
eurhodines, and Laurent's naph-
thase, 153.

induline of azophenine, 821.
manufacture of a-naphthylamine,


new method of preparing azines,

qualitative tests for the dyes found
in commerce, 91.

Witt, O. N. See also Brunner,

Wöhrle, E. See Engler.

Wohl, A., thioformaldehyde-deriva-
tives, 27.

Wohlbrück, O., action of sodium on
the ethyl salts of the higher fatty
acids, 1099.

Wohlbrück, O. See also Hantzsch.
Wolff, L., B-bromovaleric acid, 464.
Wolffenstein, R., action of phos-
phorus pentachloride on a-hydroxy-
naphthoic acid, 963.

Woll, F. W. A., butter analysis, 309.
Wollny, E., decomposition of organic
matter in soils, 523.

influence of the physical properties
of a soil on the amount of free car-
bonic anhydride present, 521.
Wolpe, hydroxybutyric acid in diabetic
urine, 857.

Wooldridge, L. C., new constituent
of blood-serum, 983.

Wright, C. R. A., and C. Thompson,
development of voltaic electricity by
atmospheric oxidation, 1008.

new class of voltaic combina-
tions in which oxidisable metals are
replaced by alterable solutions, TRANS.,
Wright, L. T., analysis of gas-coal, 84.
Wrightson, J., and J. M. H. Munro,

manurial value of basic steel slag, 176.
Wroblewski, S. v., isopycnics, 432.
Wülfing, A., separation of ortho- and
para-toluidine, 576.

Wurster, C., action of oxidising agents
on albumin, 688.

active oxygen in the atmosphere,

behaviour of hydrogen peroxide to
albumin, 607.

behaviour of sodium nitrite towards
albumin and hæmoglobin, 683.

formation of active oxygen in
paper, 211.


Griess' reaction for nitrous acid,

oxidation in the animal body, 610.
quantitative estimation of wood in
paper, 620.

reagents for active oxygen, 295.
Wynne, W. P. See Armstrong.


Yoshida, H., aluminium in the ashes
of flowering plants, TRANS., 748.
Young, J., pectolite from Kilsyth, 645.
Young, J. W. See Thorpe.
Young, S. See Ramsay.

Young, W. C., the logwood test for
alum in bread, 1143.


Zaaijer. See De Zaaijer.
Zambelli, L., colorimetric determina-
tion of nitrites in water, 533.

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