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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


behaviour of, with ethyl
acetoacetate and ammonia, 845.
Benzaldi-a-naphthol, 270.

Benzaldinaphthyl oxide, 270.

Benzaldoxim-o-carboxylic acid, 951.
Benzalglycoldinaphthylacetal, 270.
Benzalhomo-o-phthalethylimide, 1111.
Benzalhomo-o-phthalimide, 726.
Benzal-B-naphthylamine, 494.

Benzamide, o-amido-, action of nitrous
acid on, 667.

Benzene, action of acetylene on, in pre-
sence of aluminium chloride, 806.

action of methylene chloride on, in
presence of alminium chloride, 1102.
action of sulphurous anhydride on,

and ethylene, action of heat on the
mixed vapours of, 572.

bromo-, action of sodium meth-
oxide on, 242.

compounds, constitution of, 1005.
constitution of, 362, 370, 719;
TRANS., 208.

crystallised, molecule of, 922.
diamidodiimido-, nitrate, 930.
o-dichloro-, 1101.

action of methyl chloride on,

in presence of aluminium chloride,


p-dinitroso-, 575.
fluoro-, 130.
p-fluoronitro-, 131.

halogen-, haloïds, 806.

heat equivalents of homologues

of, 427.

hexachloride, a-trichloro-, 806.
hexa-derivatives of, 929.

iodo-, preparation of, from phenyl-

hydrazine, 1042.

isomeride of, 1033.

monobromo-, a second, 134.

nitro-, action of light on alcoholic
solutions of, 240.

nucleus, substitution in the,
TRANS., 579.

tetramido-, and its derivatives, 476.
Benzene-m-azodimethylaniline, acetami-

Beet, sugar, superphosphate manuring
for, 295.

do-, 41.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Benzoylpyruvic acid, 944.

Benzoyltoluenesulphonamide and its de-
rivatives, 145.
Benzoyltrimellitic acid, 942.
Benzoyltrimethylenecarboxylic acid, se-
tion of water on, TRANS., 837.
Benzyl and benzoyl compounds, 951.
chloride, o-cyano-, 1035.
cyanide, o-cyano-, 1035.
o-nitro-, 131.

ethylether, p-bromo- and p-chloro-,
and their decomposition by heat and
nitric acid, 1103.

isoamyl ether, decomposition of, by
heat and nitric acid, 1103.

isobutyl ether, decomposition of,
by heat and nitric acid, 1103.
Benzylacetone-o-carboxylic acid, 144.
Benzylamine, 40.

o-amido-, 1037.
o-nitro-, 1037.'

preparation of, 245, 249.
Benzylbenzenylamine, 246.

Benzyl-derivatives of hydroxylamine,
246, 813.

Benzylethylacetic acid, p-nitro-, 490.
Benzylidene ethylene bisulphide, 462.
Benzylidene-acetoxime, action of dehy
drating agents on, 666.
Benzylidene benzoyl



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Blood analysis, new method of (hæma-
toscopy), 312.

causes of the alteration of, in con-
tact with air, oxygen, and carbonic
anhydride, 609.

colouring matter of, behaviour of
sodium nitrite with, 683.

formation of methæmoglobin in,
by the action of alloxantin, 508.
human, sp. gr. of, 608.

liver and flesh, composition of,
under varying conditions, 855.
peptones in, 188.

stains, detection of, in presence of
iron rust, 408.

sugar in the, with reference to
nutrition, 66.

Blood-serum, new constituent of, 983.
Bohemian minerals, analyses of, 644.
Boiling point, influence of change of
atmospheric pressure on, 206.

points of the fatty acids, C2H4O2
to CH1002, 207.

of the monatomic alcohols
and their constitution, relation be-
tween, 879.

Bone-black, decolorising power of, 619.
Borates, microchemical test for, 300.
Boric acid, conductivity of, 758.
determination of, 299.

separation of, 299.

Borneols, inactive, yielding active cam-
phors, 1050.

Bornyl phenylamidoformate, 376.
Bornylamine and its derivatives, 376.
Bornylcarbamide, 377.

Bornylphenylcarbamide and thiocarb-
amide, 377.

Boron, detection of, in milk, &c., 864.
Botryogene, 21.

Brain, distribution of lead in, in cases of
lead poisoning, PROC., 71.

Brandy from raspberries and straw-
berries, 292.

normal butyl alcohol and higher
alcohols in, 714.

Brassamide, 233.

Brassic acid-derivatives, 233.

- anhydride, 233.

Braunite from Jakobsberg in Werm-
land, 643.

Bread, logwood test for alum in, 1143.
Breithauptite, artificial, 17.

"Brilliant-green," preparation of, 580.
Brochantite from Chili, 783.

[blocks in formation]
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