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red dye from, 793.
Chloraleyanhydrins, action of carbamide
on, 1032.

Chloralide, action of phosphoric chlo-
ride on, 915.

Chloranilic acid, action of bromine on,

constitution of, 1036.

Chlorides, compressibility of aqueous
solutions of, 696.

dissolved, effect of pressure on the
decomposition of, 697.

effect of hydrochloric acid on the
solubility of, 445.

metallic, anhydrous, preparation
of, 702.

Chlorination by means of acetic chlo-
ride, 932.

influence of light and temperature
on, 922.
Chlorine, bromine, and iodine, improved
form of apparatus for the separation
of, TRANS., 690.

indirect determination
by electrolysis of their silver salts,


liberation of, from hydrogen chlo-
ride, by the action of light in presence
of oxygen, TRANS., 802.

preparation of, using Kipp's appa-
ratus, 442.

refractive index of, 193.

Chloroform and acetone, action of pot-
ash on a mixture of, 569.

fate of, in the organism, 612.
new reaction for, 866.

post-mortem detection of, 305.
Chloroformamide, 569.

Chlorophyll, 972, 1116.

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oxalates, double, constitution of,
PROC., 4.

phosphorescence of, 1067.
potassium fluoride, 448.

volumetric determination of, 303.
Chromorganic acids, TRANS., 383.
Chromoxalates, TRANS., 383.
Chromoxalic acid, PROC., 5.

Chromyl dichloride, action of carbon
tetrachloride on, 330.

Chrysoïdine, description and measure-
ment of the spectrum of, TRANS.,

Chrysonaphthazine, 1049.

Chrysophanic acid, reactions for dis-
criminating, from santonin colouring
matters in urine, 406.

Chrysoquinone, azines of, 1049.
Chrysotoluazine, 1049.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Citrodinaphthylamide, a- and B-, 154.
Citrodi-p-toluide, 40.

Citro-p-ditoluidic acid, 40.
Citro-p-toluidic acid, 40.
Citro-p-toluidide, 40.

Citrotrimethylamide, 154.

Citrotrinaphthylamide, a- and ß-, 154.
Claret, detection of artificially coloured,
91, 187.

Clay, absorption of ammonia by, 1136.
analysis of, 1139.

pink, analysis of, 647.

Clays, action of heat on, 785.

constitution of, 785.

Coal, estimation of sulphur in, 296.
analysis of, 84.

tar colours, acid, detection of, in
wine, 405.

constituents of, 471.

relation between petroleum

and the hydrocarbons of, 648.
Coal-gas. See Gas, coal-.

Cobalt and nickel, separation of, from
iron, 1141.

salts, new class of, 220.

separation of zinc from, 182.

variations in the electric resistance

of, in a magnetic field, 760.

volumetric estimation of, in pre-
sence of nickel, 1141.

[blocks in formation]

Copper iron potassium sulphate, PROC.,


magnesium group, isomorphous
mixtures of sulphates of, PROC., 53.
potassium sulphate, PROC., 53.
microchemical test for, 300.
mineral from Sunnerskog, Sweden,


minerals, rare, from Utah, 19.
native, crystallisation of, 341.
nitride, 702.

oxide, compound of manganese-
sesquioxide with, 1081.

platinum, and iron, alloys of, 778.
polarisation of, by the extension of
the surface in contact with a liquid
conductor, 757.

salts, electromotive dilution con-
stants of, 1072.

separation of, from lead, cadmium,
manganese, &c., 530.

separation of, from mercury and
palladium, 302.

slag of bright red colour, 447.
sulphate, dissociation of, 208.

reduction of, during alcoholic
fermentation, 171.

solubility of, 772.
testing, 1139.

wet assay of, 80.

See also Cuprous.

Cordierite, altered, from Tuscany, 1086.
Corrosive sublimate solutions, stability
of, 774.

Cosmical powder which fell on the Cor-
dilleras, near San Fernando, Chili,

Cotton oil, properties of, 536.

Coumaraldehydes, nitro-, 939.

Coumaric acid, para-. See Paracoumaric


Coumarin, amido-, 939.

nitro-, 939.

Cows, amounts of nitrogen ingested and
recovered in manure, 175.

Creatines, 850.

Creatinine in urine, 513.

reactions of, 1056.

Weyl's reaction for, 1122.

Creatinines, 850.

Cresol, dinitro-, colour reactions of, 624.
ethers, heat equivalent of, 428.
Cresolcarboxylic acid, 45.
Cresylamidines, 1034.

Cresyltrichloracetamide (ortho-), 1098.
Cristobalite from Mexico, 559.

Croceïne scarlet, description and mea-
surement of the spectrum of, TRANS.,

Crocoisite, artificial production of, 781.
Croconic acid, formation of, from ben-
zene-derivatives, 805.

Croton oil, 798.

Crotonic acid series, isomerism in, 656,

acids, substituted, 797.
Crotonylcarbamide, chloro-, 1032.
Cryptopine and its salts, 1122.
Crystal beds of Topaz Butte, 452.
Crystallisation by diffusion, 101.
Cubebin, 970.

Cumene- and cymene-derivatives, reci-
procal transformations of, 36, 471.

series, intramolecular changes in
the propyl-group of, 132.

-trinitro-, reduction of, 36, 659.
Cumeneazo-8-naphtholdisulphonic acid,
description and measurement of the
spectrum of, TRANS., 187.
Cumene-o-sulphonic acid, 264.
Cumenylpropionic acid, 132.

Cumic acid, heat of combustion of,

[blocks in formation]

Cyanacetic acid, 796.

Cyanacetophenone, 826.

Cyanamide, action of, on benzenesulpho-

nic acids, 833.

Cyananiline, 928.
Cyanazobenzene, 248.

Cyanhydrins, action of carbamide on,

Cyan-m-nitraniline, 929.

Cyanobenzoic acid (meta-), and its deri-
vatives, 484.

Cyanobenzoic acids, behaviour of, on
distillation, 484.

Cyanogen, compressibility and refrac-
tive index of, 753.

estimation of, in coal gas, 86.
liquid, vapour-tension of, 764.
Cyanphenine, synthesis, 363.
Cyanphenylhydrazine, 929.

Cyanuric acid and its compounds with
ethers and alcohols, 789.

chloride, best method for pre-
paring, TRANS., 269.

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[blocks in formation]
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