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[blocks in formation]

Diazoamido-o-toluene, 819.
Diazoamidoxylene, 819.

Diazoazotoluene (ortho-), action of a-
naphthol and B-naphthol on, 731.
action of B-naphthylamine on,

Diazoazotoluene salts (para-), 732.
Diazoazotoluenimide (para-), 732.
Diazobenzene chloride, decomposition of,
by hydrochloric acid, TRANS., 106.
Diazobenzeneanilide, relation of, to
amidoazobenzene, PROC., 26.
Diazobenzylamidobenzene, m-dinitro-,
TRANS., 113.

p-dinitro-, TRANS., 112.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Diethylthionine, 667.

Diethyltrichloracetamide, 1098.

Diffusion, liquid, 440.

Diffusion-residues, 521.
Difurfuran, 262.

Digestive juices, nitrogenous contents of,

Digestion and digestive secretions in the
horse, 744.

animal, versus pepsine, 513.
artificial, 388.

comparative absorption of fish and
flesh in the alimentary canal, 1130.
gastric, a first product of, 609.
in the pig, 512.

intestinal, in the horse, 610.
natural and artificial, 167.

of fibrin by trypsin, 1130.

period required for, in the pig, 684.

Digluco-o-diamidobenzene, 930.
Diglycerylmethylal, 905.
Dihexine, 566.

Dihydrazophenine, 1106.

Dihydrocamphene-derivatives, 676.

Dihydrocoumaric acid and its salts,
TRANS., 68.

Dihydrocoumarin, TRANS., 70.
Dihydroethyldimethylquinoline, 976.
Dihydrohydroxylepidine, 278.
Dihydronaphthalene, 719.

Dihydrosparteïne and its derivatives,

Dihydroterephthalic acid, 371.
Dihydrotoluquinoxaline and its deriva-
tives, 383.

Dihydroxyamidopyridine, dichloro-, 156.
Dihydroxybenzophenone (ortho-), and
its derivatives, 152.


amine, 493.

Dihydroxydihydroquinolinelactone, 48.
Dihydroxydurylic acids, 255.
a-Dihydroxymethylcoumarilic acid
(meta-), 263.



7-Dihydroxynaphthalene, PROC., 43.
Dihydroxyphenylquinoline, 847.

Dihydroxypiperohydronic acids, a-B-

and B-y-, 488.
Dihydroxyquinoline, 973.

[blocks in formation]

Diketones, action of hydroxylamine on,

preparation and hydrolysis of
hydrocyanides of, TRANS., 29.
Diketonic acids, two new, 261.

Dilution constants, electromotive, of
silver and copper salts, 1072.
B-Dimethacrylic acid, 359.
Dimethamidomethylphenazine, 139.
Dimethamidophenyl hexyl ketone, 815.
lactone, 48.

Dimethoxyhydrocarbostyril-lactone, 48.

amine, 493.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

TRANS., 689.

carbinol, 353.

Dipseduocumyl ethylene ketone, 827.
Dipyr from Connecticut, 903.

Diquinoline, oxidation products of, 979.
B-Diquinoline ethiodide, 64.

peculiar formation of, 63.
B-Diquinolinedisulphonic acid, 64.
Diquinolyl and its derivatives, 848.
Diquinolyls, a-4'- and B-4'-, 600.
Diquinoyltetroxime, anhydride of, 809.
Diquinoyltolazine, 473.

Dispersion formulæ, experimental exa-
mination of the older and more recent,

influence of, on molecular refrac-
tive power, 191.
Dispersion in rock salt, 754.
Dis-phenyldimethylpyrazolone, 601.
Dis-phenylmethylethylpyrazolone, 602.

[blocks in formation]

of ammonium hydrogen carbonate,
10, 11.

of copper sulphate, 208.

of hydrated oxalic acid, 915.
of iodine and bromine vapours by
the electric discharge, 1013.

of salts containing water of crystal-
lisation, 207.

rate and vapour-tension of, 696.
- velocity of, 100.

Dissolution, changes in volume and energy
accompanying, 436.
laws of, 548.

nature of, TRANS., 593.

of salts, heat of, influence of tem-
perature on, TRANS., 290.

theory of, TRANS., 779.

Dissolved substances, volatilisation of,
during the evaporation of the solvent,

[blocks in formation]

Dithiocresolsulphonic acid, 492.
Dithiodiethylaniline, 723.

Dithioethyldimethylmethane, 126.

Dithiophenyldimethylmethane, 126.

Dithio-p-tolyldicarbamide, 473.
Dithymyl carbonate, 38.
Dithymylamine, 721.

Ditolane-azotide, TRANS., 101.
Ditolyl carbonate (para-), 38.
ethylene ketone (para-), 827.
ketone, 940.

Ditolylnaphthylenediamine (para-), 839.
Di-m-xylyl ethylene ketone, 827.
Di-p-xylyl carbinol, 942.

ethylene ketone, 827.
ketone, 941.

Di-p-xylylphenylmethane, 941.
Di-xylylphenyl-8-pinacoline, 941.

Dog, formation of fat from carbohy-
drates in, 288.

Dogs, new-born, glycogen in the liver of,

Drops, weight of, and their relation to
the constants of capillarity and the
capillary meniscus angle, 210.
Drosera Whittakeri, colouring matters
of, TRANS., 371.

Duboisine, 740.

Dufrenite, new variety of, from Corn-
wall, 457.

[blocks in formation]

of gases and vapours, 4.

of solid substances at high

pressure, 5.
Electricity, atmospheric, connection of,
with the formation of ozone in the
air, 211.

silent discharge of, TRANS., 622.
voltaic, development of, by atmo-
spheric oxidation, 1008.
Electrochemical investigations, new ap-
paratus for, 200.

Electrodes, carbon, used for the electro-
lysis of acids, alteration of, 1009.
Electro-dissolution and its use in ana-
lysis, 531.

Electrodynamometer, absolute, 200.
Electrolysis, application of, to the
standardising of electric currents and
potential meters, 315.

of carbon compounds, 94.

of silver and copper, 315.

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Electrolytic actions, non reversible,
thermoelectric law respecting, 1072.
polarisation produced by small
electromotive forces, 317, 541.

Electromotive dilution constants of
silver and copper salt, 1072.

force of a constant voltaic cell with

moving plates, 314.

of thermo-elements, consisting
of metals and solutions of their salts,

of voltaic cells having an
aluminium plate as electrode, 315.

Electromotive force produced by light
in selenium and the consequent after
action, 693.

forces, small, electrolytic polarisa-
tion produced by, 317, 541.
Element, new secondary, 314.

Elements, existence of certain, in the
sun, 1065.

occurring in rare earths, 890.
some probable new, 107.

Elpasolite, 344.

Emetine, 980.

Emmonsite, 344.

Enargite from Montana, 707.
Endlichite, 347.

Energy, changes in, accompanying solu-
tion, 436.

Ensilage, experiments with, in Holland,


Eosin, dichloro-, 832.

group of dyes, action of, as photo-
graphic sensitisers, 874.

Epidote, white, from the Beagle Canal,
Terra del Fuego, 350.
Epsomite from Poland, 1021.
Equilibrium, conditions of, of two sub-
stances in the three states, solid,
liquid, and gaseous, 629.

Equivalents, thermodynamic, 99.
Erbium and thulium, phosphorescence
of, 1068.

Erebodium, 107.

[blocks in formation]
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