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Ice, calorimeter, Bunsen's, 1073.
refractive index of, 753.

Idrialine from Idria, 1021.
Ignatieffite, a new variety of alumnite,

Illicium religiosum, subtsances from, 497.
Indian-yellow, 498.

Indigo-blue, formation of, from o-nitro-
phenylpropiolic acid by means of
potassium cyanide, 672.

dyes on fabrics, testing, 1147.
estimation of, 1147.

estimation of, in textile fabrics, 871.
fermentation, microbe of, 1061.

Indium as a halogen carrier, 326.
Indole-derivatives, constitution of, 148.
methylation of, 588.
synthesis of, 148.

from dichlorether and aniline, 836.
intermediate products in the for-
mation of, from dichlorether and
aromatic amines, 813.

methylation of, 976.

transformation of homologues of,
into quinoline homologues, 1113.
Indoles, 956.

from m-hydrazinebenzoic acid, 149.
from methylphenylhydrazine, 149.
from a-naphthylhydrazine, 963.
from B-naphthylhydrazine, 153.
from phenylhydrazine, 149.
from tolylhydrazine, 956.
Indonaphthalene-derivatives, conversion
of B-naphthaquinone into, 728.
synthesis of, 729, 836.

ketone, 728.

Induline, 821.

Indulines, 1105.

[blocks in formation]

reduction and oxidation of, 459.
Integral weights in chemistry, 1077.
Invertase, absorption spectrum of,
TRANS., 60.

Invertin, action of, 166.

Iodates and sulphates, precipitation of
mixtures of, by barium salts, 884.

Iodic anhydride, combination of, with
sulphuric anhydride, 328.

Iodides, decomposition of, by the
stomach, 508.

Iodine, bromine, and chlorine, improved
form of apparatus for the separation
of, TRANS., 690.

indirect determination
by electrolysis of their silver salts, 525.
carrier, sulphuric acid as, 573.
detection in Laminaria, 996.
free, occurrence of, in a mineral
water, 221.

liberation of, from hydrogen iodide
by the action of light in presence of
oxygen, TRANS., 805.


occurrence of, in phosphorites, 222.
origin of, in the gases of volcanoes,

oxyacids of, 327.

refractive equivalent of, 193.
solutions, new method of standard-

ising, 618.

trichloride, action of hypochlorous
anhydride on, 106.

vapour, dissociation of, by the
electric discharge, 1013.

volumetric estimation of, 862.
lodine-green, description and measure-
ment of the spectrum of, TRANS., 174.
Iodoform, 787.

Iodometric studies, 688, 997.
Ipecacuanha, estimation of, 1147.
Iridium and tin, alloy of, 779.
Irisin, 26.

Iron, action of ammonia on, at a red
heat, 702.

action of ferric sulphate on, 703.
cast, influence of silicon on the
condition of carbon in, 220.

copper, and platinum, alloys of, 778.
determination of combined carbon

in, 866.

determination of phosphorus in,
299, 396, 527.

[blocks in formation]

sulphate, agricultural experiments
with, TRANS., 215.

telluride (emmonsite), 344.

Isethionic acid in the body, and thio-

sulphuric acid in the urine, 68.

Isoamylamine, preparation of, 652.

Isoamylphenylamine, 721.

a-Isoamylphenylhydrazine, 1104.
a-Isoaspartic acid, 801.

Isobenzal, chloro-, phthalimidine, 62.
Isobutaldehyde, action of quinaldine
on, 975.

and acetaldehyde, action of aniline
on a mixture of, 974.

and its polymeric modification,

and methylal, condensation of, with
aniline, 957.

Isobutane, tribromo-, 712.
Isobutenyldiamidotoluene, 817.
Isobutylamines, mono-, and di-, separa-
tion of, by means of ethyl oxalate,


preparation of, 356.
Isobutylbenzoylecgonine, 1126.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

spectrum of, 1070.

Lanthanum sulphate, phosphorescence
of, 1067.

Laubanite, a new zeolite, 903.
Laumontite from Striegau, 903.
Law, periodic, 211.

Laws of chemical combination, 99.
Lead calcium oxychloride, 446.

carbonate, preparation of, 446.
chloride, solubility of, in solutions
of mercuric chloride, 772.
diphenyl diiodide, 573.
dinitrate, 573.

distribution of, in the brain in
cases of lead poisoning, PROC., 71.
estimation of, in alloys, 304.
microchemical test for, 301.
nitrates, basic, 1080.

oxide, action of, on barium, stron-
tium, calcium, and magnesium chlo-
rides, 446.

oxychloride, 446.

separation of, from mercury and
palladium, 302.

silicate, artificial, from Bonne
Terre, Missouri, 109.

strontium oxychloride, 446.
sulphate, phosphorescence


tetraphenyl, 572.

tetra-p-tolyl, 573.


Leaves, absorption of carbonic anhy-
dride by, 172.



action of mercurial vapour on,

carrotene in, 859.

decomposition of silicic acid by,

Lecture experiment: continuous flame
of nitric oxide and carbon bisulphide,

[blocks in formation]

law, 698.

of Dulong and Petit's

[blocks in formation]

of the coefficient of ex-


demonstration of Avogadro's

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

and its derivatives, 359.

Liquid and gaseous states of matter, re-
presentation of the connection be-
tween, by isopyknics, 432.

to the gaseous state of matter,
continuous transition from, at all
temperatures, 763.
Liquids, nature of, 100.

as shown by a study of
the thermal properties of stable and
dissociable substances, 430.

solidification of, by pressure, 1013.
specific inductive power of, 413.
thermic expansion of, at various
pressures, 626.
Lithia micas, 347.

Lithium and sodium, estimation of, m

mixtures of their carbonates, 864.

carbonate, 1000.

solubility of, 699.

chromiodate, 777.

occurrence of, in psilomelane, 222.
salts, poisoning of plants by, 991.
vanadates, 705.

Liver, flesh, and blood, composition of,
under varying conditions, 855.

importance of ammonia in the
formation of glycogen in the, 68.

[blocks in formation]

Magnetic field, variations in the electric
resistance of antimony and cobalt in,

rotation of chloral, chloral hydrate,
and hydrated aldehydes, TRANS., 808.
rotatory power of ethyl salts of
maleïc and citraconic acids and their
isomerides, PROC., 98.

Magnetite, artificial production of, 708.
Maize, silage of, £21.

starch, absorption spectrum of,
TRANS., 59.

Malachite-green, preparation of, 580.
Malamic acid, 34.

Maleic acid, constitution of, 916.

conversion of, into aspartic

acid, 917, 1100.

heat of neutralisation of, 205.
transformation of, into aspar
tic acid and asparagine, 1100.
dianilide, 934.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Manurial experiments with various
phosphates, 1137.

value of basic steel slag, 176, 525.
of Chili saltpetre and of
ammonium sulphate, 77.

Manuring with basic slag and other
phosphates, 524.

Marble, influence of temperature on the
rapidity of the action of acids on,

Marcasite, recent formation of, 901.
Matter, continuous transition from the
liquid to the gaseous state of, at all
temperatures, 763.

Meat and fish, comparative absorption
of, in the alimentary canal, 1130.
Meconic acid, heat of neutralisation of,

Meconine, action of potassium cyanide
on, 586.

-Meconine and its derivatives, 585.
Meconine-acetic acid, 47.

[blocks in formation]
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