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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ore-veins, investigations on, 224.
Organic compounds, liquid, specific
heats of homologous series of, 6.

matter, determination of, in natural
water, 533.

estimation of, in water, 1000.
in air, determination of, 532.
substances, ferric chloride as a
test for, 400.

Organism, fate of certain chlorine com-
pounds in the, 612.

fate of lactic acid in the, 508.
formates in the, 513.
Orthobenzoquinone, derivatives of, 808.
Orthoclase, artificial production of, 559.
Orthocumic acid, 264.

Orthoquinone, tetrabromo-, 808.

tetrachloro-, 808.

Osmotic equilibrium, 1013.

Oxalates, ethereal, action of alcohols
and metallic alkyl oxides on, TRANS.,

Oxalethyl-cnanthyline, 911.

Oxalic acid, decomposition by sunlight,

estimation of, in urine, 401.
from the residue of Spiritus

atheris nitrosi, 360.

[blocks in formation]

Oxychlorisoquinoline, 62.
Oxydihydrotoluquinoxaline, 383.
Oxygen absorbed in respiration, estima.
tion of, 507.

absorption of, by carbon, TRANS,


action of animals on, 855.

action of light on the hydrides of
the halogens in presence of, TRANS.,

active, formation in the atmo-
sphere, 211.

formation of, in paper, 211.
reagents for determining

minimal quantities of, 295.

amount of, in the atmosphere, 634.
and ozone, volumetric relations of,
TRANS., 625.

atomic weight of, 1078.

chemical structure of, and its disso-
ciation in the sun's atmosphere, 1070.
"devitalised," 855.

exhalation of, by fleshy-leaved
plants in absence of carbonic anhy
dride, 988.

[blocks in formation]

Ozone and oxygen, volumetric relations
of, TRANS., 625.

boiling point of, 634.

connection of the formation of,
with atmospheric electricity, 211.
from pure oxygen, TRANS., 610.
- influence of, on germination, 516.
production of, 327.



Palladium, separation of mercury,
copper, and bismuth from, 302.
Pallasite from Campo de Pucará, 904.
Papaverine, 280.

composition of, 852.
derivatives, 163.
salts, 164.

Paper, formation of active oxygen in,


[blocks in formation]

Pettenkofer's reaction, 1149.
Phellandrene, 967.

Phenaceturic acid, synthesis of, 368.
Phenacite from Colorado, 118, 452.
Phenanthraquinone dihydrocyanide,
TRANS., 32.

Phenazine-derivatives, 139.

pyrogenic formation of, 249.
Phenazoxine, 665.

Phenethylamine, preparation of, 245.
Phenetoïl, heat equivalent of, 428.
Phenol, action of phosphorous chloride
on, 947.

action of sulphur dichloride on, 807.
o-amido-, action of chloracetic
chloride on, 814.

cause of the red colour of, 807.
chloracetamido-, 814.
m-chloro-, 946.

o-chloro-p-brom-o-nitro-, deriva-

tives of, TRANS., 791.


tives of, TRANS., 788.


p-chloro-p-brom-o-nitro-, deriva-

tives of, TRANS., 790.


p-chloro-o-nitro-, action of bromine
TRANS., 787.
dibromo-, 242.

dichloro-o-nitro-, TRANS., 782.
dichloro-p-nitro-, TRANS., 786.
higher homologues of, conversion
of, into amines, 721.

homologues of, oxidation of, 241.
isolation and detection of, 867.
monobromo-, a fourth, 134.

occurrence of, in human sweat,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Phenoxyacetic-m-carboxylic acid, 259.
Phenoxyacetic-p-carboxylic acid, 258.
Phenyl, o-amido-, mercaptan and di-
sulphide, 823.

benzoate, m-nitro-, 254.
diphenylcarbamate and its nitro-
and amido-derivatives, 936.

ethyl ketone and its derivatives,

group, negative nature of the, 572.
mercaptan, o-amido-, and its deri-
vatives, 1039.

methyl ether, chlorine-derivatives
of, 923.

- m-nitrobenzoate, nitro-, 254.
paratolyl bisulphide, 242.


propyl ether, heat equivalent of,

[blocks in formation]

Phenyldehydrohexonecarboxylic acid,
p-nitro-, TRANS., 736.
Phenyl-y-d-dibromovaleric acid, o-amido-
dibromo-, 486.


penta-, and hepta-iodides, 910.
Phenyldimethylpyrazolecarboxylic acid,


Phenyldimethylpyrazolone, 601.
Phenyldimethylpyrroline [1: 2 : 5],


[blocks in formation]

Phenylenediamine (meta-), dinitro- and
diacetodinitro-, 477.

Phenylenedibromacetylene ketone, 729.
Phenylene-m-diphenylsulphone, action
of potash on, 372.

Phenylglucosazonecarboxylic acid, 150.
Phenylglutaric acid, 672.
Phenylglycerosazone, 651.

Phenylglycidic acid, 254.

Plöchl's, 142.

Phenylglycine phenylamidoacetic acid,


Phenylglycollic acid, o-nitro-, reduction
of, 948.

Phenylglyoxylic acid, formation of,
from benzoic cyanide, 487.

preparation of, from aceto-

phenone, 483.

Phenylhydrazine, 138.

action of carbamide on, 1042.
preparation of, 1042.
titration of, 1042.

Phenylhydrazineamidoxalacetic acid,467.
Phenylhydrazinebenzal acetone, 678.
TRANS., 494.


Phenylhydrazine-ethyl oxalacetate, 235.
B-Phenylhydroxypropionic acid,
iodo-, 45.

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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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