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[blocks in formation]

vapour-tensions of, 764.

Salts, conductivity of, in dilute solutions,

containing water of crystallisation,
dissociation of, 207.

deliquescence and efflorescence of,
in relation to the maximum vapour-
tensions of their saturated solutions,

density of weak aqueous solutions
of certain, 209.

heat of dissolution of, in water,
influence of temperature on, PROC.,
66; TRANS., 290.
Samarium, spectra of, 1008.

Samarskite, new elements in, 334.
Sanguinarine, 854.

Santonin, manufacture of, 677.
-oxidation of, 733.

Saponification, velocity of, 767.
Sapphirine from Greenland, 784.
Saprine, 386.

Sarcomata, melanotic, pigments of, 168.
Sarkinite, a new manganese arsenate,

Sativic acid, constitution of, 799.
Sausage poisoning, 392.

Scale, crystalline, formed in the manu-
facture of sodium hydrogen carbonate,

Scandium, phosphorescence of, 1068.
Scapolite series, 560.

Scheelite from the Krimlerthal, 902.
Schoolrooms, carbonic anhydride in the
air of, 888.

Schweizer's reagent, 773.

Scolezite from Striegau, 903.

Scorodite from Utah, 783.

[blocks in formation]

Serin, absorption-spectrum of, TRANS.,


Serpentine-chlorite group, minerals of,


manganese zinc, from Franklin,
New Jersey, 646.

Serpentines from Porthalla Cove, Corn-
wall, 1022.

Serum, blood, new constituent of, 983.
fibrinogen, 983.

Sesame oil, properties of, 536.
Sesquiauramine, 112.
Sesquihydraurylamine, 112.
Sesqui-magnesia alum, 558.
Sesquiterpenes, 596.

Shale spirit, composition of, PROC., 97.
tar, relation between petroleum
and the hydrocarbons of, 648.
Sheep, amounts of nitrogen ingested
and recovered in manure, 175.

grazing, quantity of fertilising
matter supplied to the soil by,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Silicon in specially pure iron, TRANS.,

phosphate, hydrated, 329.

rapid estimation of, in iron and
steel, 1140.

tetrabromide, action of, on thio-
carbamide, TRANS., 202.
Silicotungstic acid, 703.

Silkworms, feeding and development of,

Silver, action of acidified potassium
permanganate on, 1079.

ammonio-nitrate, 331.
arsenates, 215.

atomic weight of, 444.
Chaldean, 443.

chloride, photochromatic proper-
ties of, 1071.

chromate, solubility of, in ammo-
nium nitrate, 216.

containing bismuth, TRANS., 410.
electrolysis of, 315.

estimation of small quantities of,
in burnt pyrites, 79.

fused, and fused platinum, com-
parative radiation of, 1010.

hydrogen tartrate, TRANS., 370.
lowest compounds of, 699.
microchemical test for, 300.
nitrate, action of arsenic, phospho-
rus, selenium, and tellurium, on solu-
tions of, 331.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Soaps, estimation of fatty acids in, 401.
Soda liquors, a crystalline silicocarbo-
nate from, 12.

lyes, crude, examination of, 1063.
manufacture, occasional products

of, 331.
Sodium, action of, on the ethyl salts of
the higher fatty acids, 1099.

- alkyl oxides, heat of formation of,

amidohemipinate, 49.

and lithium, estimation of, in mix-
tures of their carbonates, 864.

and potassium, separation from
lithium, magnesium, and calcium, 528.
arsenate, TRANS., 95, 97.
hydrates of, 698.

benzoic sulphinide, 835.

calcium carbonates from the soda
manufacture, 12.

carbonate, an alleged reaction for
preparing, 330.

anhydrous, heat of dissolu-

tion of, TRANS., 73.

decomposition of, by fusion,

TRANS., 72.

chromiodate, 777.

copper chromate, basic, 111.

nate, 666.

dichromate, 110.


cell, 412.


glyceroxide, alcoholates of, 426.
heat of solution of, 8.
hydrogen carbonate, detection of
thiosulphate in, 79.

particular case of the

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Solids, electrical conductivity of, at high
pressure, 5.

Solubility of chlorides, effect of hydro-
chloric acid on, 445.

of solid substances, 436.

of sulphates, effect of sulphuric
acid on, 546.

variation of, with variations in the
heat of solution, 548, 632.

Solution, a particular case of, 547.
Solutions, aqueous, conditions of equili-
brium in, 440.

ethereal, influence of concentration
on the vapour-tension of, 631.

vapour-tensions of, 207.

nature of, TRANS., 779.

Sorbus aucuparia, tannic acid in the
berries of, 950.

Sorghum, fermentation of, 519.
Sparteïne, 162, 1056.

ethiodide, 163.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


iodide of, 568.


saccharification of, 354.

constitution of, 604.

distillation of, with zinc, 282.

ferrocyanides and ferricyanides, 852.
separation of, from fatty matters,



saccharification of, by nitric acid,

[blocks in formation]

skatole from, 682.

- sulphonic acids of, 853.

Stüvenite, 558.

Styrolene alcohol, hydrocarbon C16H127
from, 959.

Styryl-m-pyrazole, 1055.
Styryl-m-pyrazolone, 1055.
Submersion figures, 209.

Substitution, an explanation of the laws
which govern, in benzenoid com-
pounds, TRANS., 258, 583.
Succinanil, dibromo-, 934.
a-Succinylphenylhydrazine, 671.
Sugar, action of nitric acid on, 567.
addition of, to cattle foods, 511.
beet-, colour reactions of, 534.
behaviour of, towards acids and
phenol, 534.

cane-, action of sunlight on, 93.
and starch, comparative sweet-

ness of, 1026.

detection of, in wines, 692.

juice, analysis of, 751.
specific rotation of, 756.

compounds of, with metallic oxides,

Stilbene bromide, p-dinitro-, 151.

diamido-, 268.

reaction of, 53.

tetrazo-, dyes from, 268.

Stilbenes, substituted, formation of, 151


formation of, in grapes, 517.
formed in the inversion of lichens,


from fat, power of the liver to
form, 67.

[blocks in formation]
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