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Page 203 - The owner or agent of every coal mine, whether it -be operated by shaft, slope, or drift, shall provide and maintain for every such mine an amount of ventilation of not less than one hundred cubic feet of air per minute for each person...
Page 208 - ... liable for all damages which shall be sustained by any person by reason of such neglect.
Page 200 - ... to give notice forthwith by mail or otherwise to the inspector of mines, and to the coroner of the county in which such mine is situated, and the coroner shall hold an inquest...
Page 166 - Their action is intended to be prompt and summary. They are clothed with extraordinary powers for the protection of the community from noxious influences affecting life and health, and it is important that their proceedings should be embarrassed and delayed as little as possible by the necessary observance of formalities.
Page 174 - Disinfection of Excreta, etc. — The infectious character of the dejections of patients suffering from cholera and from typhoid fever is well established; and this is true of mild cases and of the earliest stages of these diseases as well as of severe and fatal cases. It is probable that epidemic dysentery, tuberculosis, and perhaps diphtheria, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and typhus fever, may also be transmitted by means of the alvine discharges of the sick. It is therefore of the first importance...
Page 176 - ... in crevices, etc. If the room has been properly cleansed and ventilated while still occupied by the sick person, and especially if it was stripped of carpets and unnecessary furniture at the outset of his attack, the difficulties of disinfection will be greatly reduced. All surfaces should be thoroughly washed with a solution of corrosive sublimate, of the strength of one part in 1,000 parts of water, which may be conveniently made by adding four ounces of Standard Solution No.
Page 172 - ... scarlet fever. Beware of any person who has a sore throat. Do not kiss such a person. nor take the breath of such a person. Do not drink from the same cup, nor use any article that has been used by person sick with this disease.
Page 173 - The injurious consequences which are likely to result from such misapprehension and misuse of the word disinfectant will be appreciated •when it is known that recent researches have demonstrated that many of the agents which have been found useful as deodorizers, or as antiseptics, are entirely without value for the destruction of disease germs.
Page 175 - Solution, diluted with twenty parts of water, will be more suitable than the stronger solution above recommended. In all infectious diseases the surface of the body of the dead should be thoroughly washed with one of the standard solutions above recommended, and then enveloped in a sheet saturated with the same.
Page 175 - ... for the disinfection of clothing. The articles to be disinfected must be thoroughly soaked with the disinfecting solution and left in it for at least two hours, after which they may be wrung out and sent to the wash. NB Solutions of corrosive sublimate should not be placed in metal receptacles, for the salt is decomposed and the mercury precipitated by contact with copper, lead, or tin. A wooden tub or earthen crock is a suitable receptacle for such solutions.

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