The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 71

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Cupples, Upham & Company, 1865

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Page 308 - DIPHTHERIA; its Nature and Treatment, with an account of the History of its Prevalence In various Countries. Second and revised edition.
Page 327 - ... others. For if such nostrum be of real efficacy, any concealment regarding it is inconsistent with beneficence and professional liberality ; and if mystery alone gave it value and importance, such craft implies either disgraceful ignorance or fraudulent avarice.
Page 275 - I prescribed the oil totally divested of all prejudice in its favour, and I have always been reluctant on imperfect grounds to refer results to the operation of medicines. If ozonized oil can reduce the rapidity of the circulation — a feature of great prominence in phthisis, — this remedy possesses a most valuable property, rendered still more valuable by its contributing at the same time to improve the general health.
Page 459 - If future researches should prove that a similar condition occurs in the kidneys and other parts, it will be necessary to look upon the structural changes produced as resulting from increased physiological rather than from pathological action ; and that the primary effect of the scarlatina poison is suddenly and violently to stimulate the natural cell-growth of the various secreting organs.
Page 27 - At first its vapor increases the force of the heart's action, an effect which is both greater and of longer duration than that observed with chloroform. The stimulation is followed by a depression of the force of the heart's action, but, at the same degree of insensibility, ether does not depress the action of the heart to the same extent...
Page 184 - For supper, three or four ounces of meat or fish, similar to dinner, with a glass or two of claret. For nightcap, if required, a tumbler of grog — (gin, whisky, or brandy, without sugar) — or a glass or two of claret or sherry.
Page 458 - In the first, in which the patient died after a few days' illness, the only morbid appearance in the cutis was an occasional minute extravasation of blood in the neighbourhood of the sudoriferous ducts. The rete mucosum was greatly thickened, and numerous round cells with large nuclei were everywhere visible, intermixed with the natural cells. The basement membranes of the sweat-glands were thickened, and the epithelium lining them was so much increased that in most cases it obstructed their channels....
Page 308 - A System of Surgery; Pathological, Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Operative, by SAMUEL D. GROSS, MD, Professor of Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia; Surgeon to the Philadelphia Hospital; Member of the Imperial Royal Medical Society of Vienna
Page 107 - States; but nothing in those sections shall be construed to prevent any officer, soldier, sailor, or marine from exercising the right of suffrage in any election district to which he may belong, if otherwise qualified according to the laws of the State in which he offers to vote.
Page 118 - The part of any solid body remaining after the rest is taken away," is a flattering description of one of our stumps of the thigh. It is in reality with us barely more than a peg whereon to hang an artificial limb. In youth, in middle age, in advanced years, it never improves. It never can be more than a shortened bone, with shortened and shrivelled materials around; and this even with the perfection of a stump. The defective results of excision I am disposed, in accordance with what I have said...

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