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Page 294 - Reports upon the survey of the boundary between the territory of the United States and the possessions of Great Britain from the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains.
Page 65 - Before these fields were shorn and tilled, Full to the brim our rivers flowed ; The melody of waters filled The fresh and boundless wood ; And torrents dashed and rivulets played, And fountains spouted in the shade.
Page 77 - ... to furnish what more is needed. It is not good economy to pay' high prices for materials which the soil may itself yield, but it is good economy to supply the lacking ones in the cheapest way. The rule in the purchase of costly commercial fertilizers should be to select those that supply, in the best forms and at the lowest cost, the plant-food which the crop needs and the soil fails to furnish.
Page 21 - Give fools their gold, and knaves their power ; Let fortune's bubbles rise and fall ; Who sows a field, or trains a flower, Or plants a tree, is more than all.
Page 344 - Maps showing the location of the diplomatic and consular offices of the United States of America, March 1, 1888.
Page 337 - Black Rot of the Grape Vine, with a chapter on the apparatus for applying remedies for these diseases.
Page 212 - Committee further recommended that this report be entered upon the records of the Society and that a copy be sent to the family of the deceased.
Page 328 - The Earth, Plants, and Man. And Sketches from the Mineral Kingdom, by Francis von Kobell. Translated and edited by Arthur Henfrey, FRS, FLS, etc.
Page 147 - Chairman of the Committee appointed at the last Meeting to prepare a report drawing the attention of the Privy Council to the interruption of highways through the North West Territories, presented the report of the Committee which was received and adopted, and is as follows : The Committee appointed to report on Highways through the North West Territories respectfully...
Page 335 - A Catalogue of the Flowering and Fernlike Plants Growing without Cultivation in the Vicinity of the Falls of Niagara.

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