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Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1835 - 237 pages

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Page 2 - THE NATURAL HISTORY OF SELBORNE. By the late Rev. GILBERT WHITE, AM, Fellow of the Oriel College, Oxford, with additions, by Sir William Jardine, Bart. FRS EFLSMWS, author of " Illustrations of Ornithology." ' ' White's History of Selborne,' the most fascinating piece of rural writing and sound English philosophy that has ever issued from the press."— Athenaum.
Page 237 - THE HISTORY OF THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Comprising a View of the Invasion and Settlement of the Barbarians. By JCL DE SISMONDI.
Page 11 - Languagef of America, must prove highly interesting to the reader in this country; and it is at once remarkable as a specimen of history and philology. The work altogether, we may again be permitted to observe, reflects distinguished credit upon the literary and scientific character, as well as the scholarship of our country.
Page 233 - The Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man, by the Rev. THOMAS CHALMERS, DD, Professor of Divinity in the University of Edinburgh.
Page 5 - We again most strongly recommend this little unprelending volume to the attention of every lover of nature, and more particularly of our country readers. It will induce them, we are sure, to examine more closely than they have been accustomed to do, into the objects of animated nature, and such examination will prove one of tile most innocent, and the most satisfactory sources of gratification and amusement.
Page 8 - ... be, if possible, more extensively read, than the most popular work of fiction, by the same prolific author, and for this obvious reason : it combines much of the brilliant coloring of the Ivanhoe pictures...
Page 11 - The variety of topics is of course vast, and they are treated in a manner which is at once so full of information and so interesting, that the work, instead of being merely referred to, might be regularly perused with as much pleasure as profit.

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