Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London: From Their Commencement, in 1665 to the Year 1800, Volume 11

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C. and R. Baldwin, 1809

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Page 462 - Suppose a large cloth, or carpet (spread upon a floor) to be raised at one edge, and then suddenly brought down again to the floor, the air under it being by this means propelled, will pass along, till it escapes at the opposite side, raising the cloth in a wave all the way as it goes.
Page 460 - The heat of the metal of the first gun drove so much damp into the mould of the second, which was near it, that as soon as the metal was let into it, it blew up •with the greatest violence, tearing up the ground some feet deep, breaking down the furnace, untiling the house, killing many spectators on the spot with the streams of melted metal, and scalding many others in tue most miserable manner.
Page 365 - ... 2. The load at the maximum is nearly, but somewhat less than, as the square of the velocity of the wind ; the shape and position of the sails being the same.
Page 357 - ... which is equal to the difference of level between the surface of the water in the...
Page 246 - He was now relieved from his fears of being distressed through want of water; yet thought it necessary to advise his people not to be too free in the use of this, while they had any of their old stock remaining; and told them, he would make the experiment first himself; which he did, by drinking a few glasses every day without any ill effect whatever. This water was equally light with the other, and lathered very well with soap. They had expended their old stock of water before they reached England...
Page 44 - On the sixth day the boy sickened, and six days after desired his mother, who all this time had held him in her lap, to lay him at his length in the manger. She did so, and taking him by the hand, felt it was very cold...
Page 43 - ... bed, or use her feet from the intense cold she had endured, and the uneasy posture she had been in. The sister, whose legs had been bathed with hot wine, could walk with some difficulty, and the daughter needed no further remedies.
Page 365 - The load at a maximum that sails of a similar figure and position will overcome at a given distance from the centre of motion, will be as the cube of the radius.
Page 462 - ... between one stratum and another. The part of the earth that is first raised, being bent from its natural form, will endeavour to restore itself by its elasticity, and the parts next to it beginning to have their weight supported by the...

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