The Rothamsted Memoirs on Agricultural Chemistry and Physiology, Volume 6

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Rothamsted Experimental Station, 1890

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Page 46 - I propose to take up the subject of the feeding of animals, for the production of meat, milk, and manure, and for the exercise of force — that is, for their labour.
Page 23 - The amount of tissue metamorphosed in a given time, may be measured by the quantity of nitrogen in the urine. "The sum of the mechanical effects produced in two individuals, in the same temperature, is proportional to the amount of nitrogen in their urine; whether the mechanical force has been employed in voluntary or involuntary motions, whether it has been consumed by the limbs, or by the heart and other viscera.
Page 34 - I shall be happy if I succeed in attracting the attention of men of science to subjects which so well merit to engage their talents and energies. Perfect agriculture is the true foundation of all trade and industry — it is the foundation of the riches of states.
Page 34 - Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, ' ' Vol. 22, says : "The greatest practical obstacle in the way of agricultural organization is generally the difficulty of finance. A very large number of those who might benefit most by co-operation are prevented from taking advantof it because they deal on long credit with the merchants who supply them.
Page 22 - ... growth and its power of resistance. We find that this change of properties is accompanied by the entrance of a foreign body (oxygen) into the composition of the muscular fibre...
Page 15 - West Australian to victory, triumphing over a field of twenty,eight starters. In the able essay upon ' Half-bred Horses for Field or Road,' contributed by Lord Cathcart to the last number of the ' Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society...
Page 13 - In our earlier papers we had concluded that, excepting the small amount of combined nitrogen annually coming down in rain and the minor aqueous deposits from the atmosphere, the source of the nitrogen of...
Page 34 - Perfect agriculture is the true foundation of all trade and industry — it is the foundation of the riches of states. But a rational system of agriculture cannot be formed without the application of scientific principles ; for such a system must be based on an exact acquaintance with the means of nutrition of vegetables, and with the influence of soils and actions of manure upon them.

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