Scientific theology

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Elliot Stock, 1884 - 190 pages
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Page 91 - Amid the mysteries which become the more mysterious the more they are thought about, there will remain the one absolute certainty, that he is ever in presence of an Infinite and Eternal Energy, from which all things proceed.
Page 85 - Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen are all lifeless bodies. Of these, carbon and oxygen unite in certain proportions and under certain conditions, to give rise to carbonic acid ; hydrogen and oxygen produce water ; nitrogen and hydrogen give rise to ammonia. These new compounds, like the elementary bodies of which they are composed, are lifeJess. But when they are brought together, under certain conditions they give rise to the still more complex body, protoplasm, and this protoplasm exhibits...
Page 10 - So I prophesied as I was commanded : and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.
Page 31 - ... -If in this life only we have hope, we are of all men most miserable.
Page 97 - May we expect,' says Rymer Jones, ' as we advance from the lower types of organization to such as are more perfect, to be led on through an unbroken and continuous series of creatures, gradually rising in importance and complexity of structure, each succeeding tribe of beings presenting an advance upon the preceding, and merging insensibly into that which follows it ? A * The vermiform filaments contained in the antheridia of Charas, Mosses, and other cryptogamous plants, are by some authors called...
Page 94 - And now what may we infer will be the evolution of religious ideas and sentiments throughout the future ? On the one hand, it is irrational to suppose that the changes which have brought the religious consciousness to its present form will suddenly cease. On the other hand, it is irrational to suppose that the religious consciousness, naturally generated as we have seen, will disappear., and leave an unfilled gap.
Page 82 - ... faculties in a particular direction, by which exercise new developments of organs took place, ending in variations sufficient to constitute a new species. Thus he thought that a bird would be driven by necessity to seek its food in the water, and that, in its efforts to swim, the outstretching of its claws would lead to the expansion of the intermediate membranes, and it would thus become webfooted.
Page 81 - ... are a medium between fishes and birds ; the bat, and the flying squirrel, link birds to quadrupeds; and the monkey equally gives the hand to quadrupeds, and to man.
Page 90 - ... whether vegetable or animal ; and in whatever species or part of an individual it may be found, is identically the same in physical appearance, in chemical composition, and in its modus operandi ; and...
Page 81 - ... the anas nigra is intermediate between fishes and birds, the bat and the flying squirrel join birds to quadrupeds, and the monkey gives a hand equally to quadrupeds and man.

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