Elements of Chemistry: For the Use of Schools

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Thomas, Cowperthwait, 1850 - 383 pages
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Page 162 - ... quality. It is not a supporter of combustion ; but, on the contrary, extinguishes all burning bodies that are immersed in it. No animal can live in it ; but yet it exerts no injurious action either on the lungs or on the system at large, the privation of oxygen gas being the sole cause of death. It is not inflammable like hydrogen, though, under favourable circumstances, it may be made to unite with oxygen.
Page 39 - If a pound of water at 32D be mixed with a pound of water at 172°, the temperature of the mixture will be intermediate between them, or 102°. But if a pound of water at 172° be added to a pound of ice at 32°, the ice will quickly dissolve, and on placing a thermometer in the mixture, it will be found to stand, not at 102°, but at 32°. In this experiment, the pound of hot water, which was originally at...
Page 180 - Olefiant gas is prepared by mixing in a capacious retort six measures of strong alcohol with sixteen of concentrated sulphuric acid, and heating the mixture as soon as it is made by means of an Argand lamp. The acid soon acts upon the alcohol, effervescence ensues, and olefiant gas passes over. The chemical changes which take place are of a complicated nature, and the products numerous.
Page 73 - That when any substance has more than its natural share, it is said to be positively electrified, and that when it has less than its natural share, it is said to be negatively electrified, — that positive electricity implies a redundancy, and negative electricity a deficiency of the flnid.
Page 189 - Continent, is by burning sulphur previously mixed with one-eighth of its weight of nitrate of potassa. The mixture is burned in a furnace so contrived that the current of air which supports the combustion...
Page 203 - Davy proved that chlorine cannot bleach unless water is present. Thus, dry litmus paper suffers no change in dry chlorine ; but when water is admitted, the colour...
Page 65 - When a ray of light passes obliquely from one medium to another of different density, it is refracted or bent out of its course.
Page 278 - It occurs massive, capillary, in grains, and crystalizes in octohedrons and cubes, or their allied forms. It is sometimes found in primary mountains, but more frequently in alluvial depositions, especially among sand in the beds of rivers, having been washed by water out of disintegrated rocks in which it originally existed.
Page 122 - ... On the contrary, water shows little disposition to unite with sulphuric ether, and still less with oil; for, however intimately their particles may be mixed together, they are no sooner left at rest than the ether separates almost entirely from the water, and a total separation takes place between that fluid and the oil. Sugar dissolves very sparingly in alcohol, but to any extent in water; while camphor is dissolved in a very small degree by water, and abundantly by alcohol. It appears, from...
Page 165 - There is still one circumstance for consideration respecting the atmosphere. Since oxygen is necessary to combustion, to the respiration of animals, and to various other natural operations, by all of which that gas is withdrawn from the air, it is obvious that its quantity would gradually diminish, unless the tendency of those causes was counteracted by some compensating process.

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