The hand-book to the steam engine

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Page 34 - ... into the next room ; and with so great ease and geometrical symmetry, that, though it work day and night, from one end of the year to the other, it will not require forty shillings reparation to the whole engine, nor hinder one day's work.
Page 46 - ... until it had established an equilibrium ; and if that vessel were kept very cool by an injection or otherwise, more steam would continue to enter until the whole was condensed.
Page 34 - ... 98. An engine so contrived, that working the primum " mobile forward or backward, upward or downward, circularly " or corner-wise, to and fro, straight, upright or downright, " yet the pretended operation continueth, and advanceth[;] " none of the motions above-mentioned, hindering, much less " stopping the other ; but unanimously and with harmony " agreeing, they all augment and contribute strength unto " the intended work and operation : and therefore I call this " a semi-omnipotent engine,...
Page 35 - ... to keep them sweet, running through several streets, and so performing the work of scavengers, as well as furnishing the inhabitants with sufficient water for their private occasions...
Page 14 - ... a melting state; and so penetrating, that it would soften the marrow-bone of an ox, in a few minutes. There is an instrument contrived for the foregoing purposes, called Papin's Digester, from the name of its inventor, and from its digestive powers on substances exposed to its action. It is a very strong vessel, made of copper, fitted with a thick close cover, and fastened down by several strong screws, so as to render It steamtight in great degrees of heat. To render it safe, while being used,...
Page 32 - ... may be made. I shall here give the description of one. Take a ball of copper marked A, well soldered at every part. It must have a vent hole marked D by which water may be introduced ; and also a tube marked C, soldered into the top of the ball, and the end C reaching nearly to the bottom, but not touching it.
Page 54 - From the lever over the aperture of the tube, a rod descends, having a plug attached, which closes the tube. At the other extremity of the lever, weights may be attached at different distances from the fulcrum, which will possess the power of keeping down the valve or plug, in proportion to their distance from the fulcrum. The force of the steam will tend to push up the plug or valve, and permit the escape of the steam. The atmospheric pressure, and the weight attached to the lever, will tend to...
Page 81 - ... forms a hinge, as on a common pump valve. The other edge of the valve, when it covers the opening, forms, with a ridge cast on the pipe, a channel or trough, on its whole extent. This trough is filled with a composition of bees-wax and tallow, which, when melted and cooled, adheres to the side of the valve, and keeps it air-tight. As the travelling piston is forced along the pipe, one side of the valve is raised by four small wheels fixed behind the piston, so as to admit the connecting rod to...
Page 67 - Gorgon variety of engine than any we have yet mentioned. It involves the use of a large paddle-wheel by the elevation of the shaft, rendered necessary to afford room for the stroke ; and the largeness of the wheel gives too great a velocity to the float boards, by which means a considerable proportion of the engine power is dissipated.
Page 34 - Primum mobile forward or backward, upward or downward, circularly or cornerwise, to and fro, streight, upright or downright, yet the pretended Operation continueth, and advanceth none of the motions abovementioned, hindering, much less stopping the other; but unanimously, and with harmony agreeing they all augment and contribute strength unto the intended work and operation : And therefore 1 will this A Semi-omniIKttnt Engine, and do intend that a Model thereof be buried with me.

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