Episodes of the sea in former days, records of suffering and saving

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Blackie, 1880 - 256 pages

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Page 219 - Notwithstanding the roughness with which I was treated, the remembrance of past kindnesses produced some signs of remorse in Christian. When they were forcing me out of the ship, I asked him if this treatment was a proper return for the many instances he had received of my friendship ? he appeared disturbed at my question, and answered, with much emotion, " That, Captain Bligh, that is the thing ; — I am in hell...
Page 247 - They lay like carcasses ; and hope was none, Save in the breeze that came not : savagely They glared upon each other — all was done, Water, and wine, and food, — and you might see The longings of the cannibal arise (Although they spoke not) in their wolfish eyes.
Page 228 - At dawn of day, some of my people seemed half dead : our appearances were horrible; and I could look no way, but I caught the eye of some one in distress. Extreme hunger was now too evident, but no one suffered from thirst, nor had we much inclination to drink, that desire, perhaps, being satisfied through the skin.
Page 209 - Where none contest the fields, the woods, the streams: — The goldless age, where gold disturbs no dreams, Inhabits or inhabited the shore, Till Europe taught them better than before; Bestow'd her customs, and amended theirs, But left her vices also to their heirs.
Page 220 - It will very naturally be asked, what could be the reason for such a revolt? In answer to which, I can only conjecture that the mutineers had flattered themselves with the hopes of a more happy life among the Otaheitans than they could possibly enjoy in England; and this, joined to some female connections, most probably occasioned the whole transaction.
Page 224 - ... then turning to the other officers, he said, * God d — n you, you scoundrels, you are all thieves alike, and combine with the men to rob me : I suppose you will steal my yams next ; but I'll sweat you for it, you rascals — I'll make half of you jump overboard before you get through Endeavour Straits.' This threat was follbwed by an order to the clerk
Page 216 - The mutineers having forced those of the seamen whom they meant to get rid of into the boat, Christian directed a dram to be served to each of his own crew. I then unhappily saw that nothing could be done to effect the recovery of the ship: there was no one to assist me, and every endeavour oil my part was answered with threats of death.
Page 239 - ... do honour to the most virtuous nation on earth; their teeth, like ivory, were regular and beautiful, without a single exception ; and all of them, both male and female, had the most marked English features.
Page 218 - Come, Captain Bligh, your officers and men are now in the boat, and you must go with them; if you attempt to make the least resistance you will instantly be put to death...

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