Symons's Monthly Meteorological Magazine, Volumes 19-20

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Edward Stanford, 1884
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Page 81 - Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.
Page 10 - Committee to collect the various accounts of the volcanic eruption at Krakatoa and attendant phenomena, in such form as shall best provide for their preservation and promote their usefulness, and a sum of 1001.
Page 58 - Supply." This Committee was appointed to take into consideration the question of the decrease of water in springs, streams, and rivers, and also the simultaneous rise of the flood-level in cultivated countries.
Page 165 - Fell there appears a roll of cloud suspended in mid-air and parallel ¡with the helm cloud : this is the helm bar. A cold wind rushes down the sides of the Fell and blows violently till it reaches a spot nearly underneath the helm bar, where it suddenly ceases. The space between the helm cloud and the bar is usually quite clear, blue sky being visible. At times, however, small portions of thin vaporous clouds are seen travelling from the helm cloud to the bar. The bar does not appear to extend further...
Page 166 - The sunlight, which is admitted into the box by two small apertures, acts on the paper and, travelling over it by reason of the Earth's rotation, leaves a distinct trace of chemical action.
Page 166 - Following in the wake of this storm the parent cyclone reached the French coast on the 27th, its advent being marked as in Japan and America by violent gales and extensive floods over the whole of Western and Central Europe and Algeria. The. village of Grindelwald was destroyed, and in the Austrian Tyrol the damage caused by floods reached at least two millions sterling.
Page 39 - To lessen this the bulbs were first made with black glass ; moreover, originally the degree marks were put upon the supporting slab, then they were put upon the tubes of the thermometers. It was then found that in a position where two thermometers with similarly coated bulbs were exposed to the sun, but one was exposed to more wind than the other, the indicated temperatures varied greatly. To avoid this it was proposed that the thermometer should be inserted in a glass shield exhausted of air. Various...
Page 188 - The year has been a very dry one, and this has acted in such a manner on vegetation that, although the winter was mild, plants were very late in flowering, ami lasted only a short time.
Page 75 - The mean monthly temperature was above the average from January to May, then below until September. In October, November, and December it differed little from the average. The mean daily motion of the air in 1882 was 306 miles, being 27 miles greater than the average. For the month of November the mean daily motion was 449 miles, being 159 miles above the average.
Page 58 - There appear, however, to be periods when there is exceptionally low water, and these are almost immediately followed by periods of exceptionally high water. With reference to the increase of floods, it does not appear from the records that there is any great increase in the height to which the floods rise in this country. Whether or not the height to which floods have risen in recent years has been affected by river...

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